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Wall Street Journal: Shigeru Miyamoto Tipped To Lead Nintendo

We heard last night about the tragic death of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata who passed away on July 11th. All eyes are now turning to his successor with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is now tipped to lead the company. However, Nintendo has yet to say who will take the role.

A number of Nintendo representatives have commented on the passing away of Satoru Iwata including Nintendo Europe president Satoru Shibata and also Mr Minamoto. Here’s what they had to say.

“I am surprised at this sudden news and overcome with sadness. The entire development team at Nintendo will remain committed to our development policy which Mr. Iwata and we have been constructing together and to yield the development results which Mr. Iwata would appreciate.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto

“It is difficult to put into words the sadness we feel at this time. Mr. Iwata was a strong leader, a unique figure in the gaming indsutry and an important part of Nintendo’s history. He was a visionary in every sense of the word and we will miss him dearly.”

“Just as Mr. Iwata challenged us to always push forward, we will ensure his legacy lives on through our ongoing work to always surprise and delight our fans. At this time our thoughts are with his family.”

– Satoru Shibata


108 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal: Shigeru Miyamoto Tipped To Lead Nintendo”

  1. Just IMO, Miyamoto is a game dev. Not a president. I don’t think he has the capabilities of running a giant corporation. Just my thoughts, I can definitely be wrong!

    1. Sure you could be right, but remember that Iwata was just a game dev too before he was promoted to President of Nintendo.

      1. He’s the only best temporary fit the company can find for now and it’s not like he’s inexperienced. Miyamoto is Nintendo’s top veteran employee for so many years so odds are that he’ll have some business experience as well. Keep in mind that he’s not permanent CEO, the board is still looking for someone.

      2. Iwata started off as a dev….As for Miyamoto I believe it would be best if Miyamoto took over for the SHORT term, like the rest of the year until Nintendo can find an actual replacement. Miyamoto says they want to stick Iwata’s plan, and if he is in charge he can guarantee that, some random guy in charge can simply change all that.

    2. You could be wrong. But….I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY!! This is the time to have some young & fresh ideas. I love Miyamoto but I don’t know about this move.

        1. He said he has no thoughts of retiring yet, he said people took what he said before the wrong way. He still continues to have fun and wants to continue making games, he is just doing a few less things.

          1. Yeah. He actually wants to start being a mentor & director of other teams when they need the help, taking a backseat to development, so to speak. With Splatoon, he started the team off & pointed them in a direction then stepped back. I’m sure he did the same with Star Fox Zero & is letting Platinum do most of the work & only stepping in when they need him or ask for his help. Probably has done the same with Project Robot.

                    1. I doubt Miyamoto would accept this job even if it was offered to him. Simply because, he already stepped back from doing the usual things he used to do. And there was already talk about his eventual retirement. But it sure would be cool to have him be the new president. But I’d rather not think about that right now. I’m still in shock about Iwata. Been working on a tribute video all night.

                    2. Miyamoto has stated before that he doesn’t want to head the company. He could have already if he wanted to. However given the circumstances he might take charge for a little while but I doubt it. I feel he’s more at home developing games

                      1. This shouldn’t make me laugh but it is. I need a good laugh & a good cry, to be honest. Maybe I’ll rewatch Nintendo’s E3 2015 Direct. I might hate one of the games mentioned in it but least I can get a laugh out of the stuff Iwata’s muppet is doing. *sigh* I’m down again…

                    3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                      It feels so wrong to speak about ugh “replacing” Sir Iwata-san
                      (Such an ugly word since he cannot simply be replaced)

                      But at the same time, Iwata would not want the company he spent so long building up to simply be neglected for any period of time, even for his own mourning period.
                      He was a humble man that way.
                      And I hope the next heir to the Nintendo throne will honor Iwata’s legacy and too will value others as was Iwata’s and Nintendo’s motto.

                      I believe Mr. Miyamoto would be a fitting man for this role but alas he is getting on in age to handle such a big responsibility.

                      1. However, they do need a temporary leader to fill the gap left until an official leader is decided. Miyamoto-san is the best choice as one of Iwata-san’s best friends and colleagues. We know he would much rather not do it, but he knows that it is needed of him in this trying time.

                    4. WORD! Now I think about it. Miyamoto wouldn’t take the job. He’d rather stick to game development. & the direction he’s going in Miyamoto’s about to do some cell phone game design.

                      1. Fuck off. Your kind is not welcome here at this current time. Would you quit the trolling for just one day…

                        1. This is the reason I’m boycotting Sony and Microsoft. I can’t stand the horseshit community. They can stick their plastic and multiplats up their ass. These corporate sheep need to get fucked.

                              1. As Shuhei Yoshida said, this is not the time to be talking shit about other companies right now. You do know Sony & Microsoft are most likely also mourning the death of Iwata, right? Keep the fanboy talk away, too. Please?

                                    1. Sony is just like Microsoft dude if not worse. Our network goes down all the time and it’s no better than the network on ps3? Too bad, we’re broke so pay up.

                                      Microsoft giving bakwards compaitability? Don’t care, buy our games again knobs

                                      Yours sincerely,


                                    2. Is the only website you visit to read Nintendo news or something? Because you clearly haven’t paying attention. Sony, MS, Nintendo, PC fans, all of them are mourning over Iwata.

                                      1. And you are the worst person ever, by the way your lotion and tissues are waiting for you.
                                        Everybody check how the king of HD and hardcore gaming exposed his fap addiction!

                                    3. I love the man and the games he has helped create. I don’t think he wants to be president though.

                                    4. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                      Don’t make me slit your throat Obinna

                                      You are in no position to disrespect Mr. Iwata or Miyamoto during this time.

                                      May I remind you Miyamoto created legendary IPs and Mr Iwata lead not just a company, but society of gamers.

                                      You cannot afford an Xbox One or proper English lessons .
                                      Contemplate on who is the true failure you Nigerian dog and avoid disrespecting the dead further.


                                      1. Welcome back NIMBR, i am still working on Obinna’s ED article but those stupid admins and Obinna keep deleting it.

                                      2. Mr Iwata was a man of true compassion, not laying anyone off when the company was low on money. He cares about the people working with him.

                                      3. Nintendo is my Blood – Try not to worry too much. Just put it this way.. Iwata is burning in hell but at least he gets to spend time with your worthless Dad who died of cancer… Ah the satisfaction!….

                                        1. *sigh* I was hoping Sasori was giving up his life as a troll but it looks like old habits die hard for this specimen.

                                      4. They gotta pick a replacement quickly, they’re a publicly traded company.

                                        Reggie is the man for the job.

                                          1. I’m not recommending a person who did marketing for little Cesar’s pizza to become a president of a billion company.

                                          2. I’d say one, don’t trust Wall Street Journal and two, it’s too soon to find a president for Nintendo

                                          3. Sony Emperor Xperia

                                            Wow Nintendo is my blood just came out the closet and Cut Sasori up with a chainsaw,damn son,This Nigerian Monkey got Knock the F up

                                          4. R.I.P.Satoru Iwata, aged 55 president CEO of Nintendo overseeing everything from the Gamecube, to Wii, to the DS to Wii U & programmer of many an influential game back in the day. Thoughts are with his friends & family :( ‪#‎RIPSatoruIwata‬

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                                            1. That’s why the board is still searching for somebody, but they need somebody to take charge and fill the gap that Iwata-sama left until a new CEO and President can be found.

                                          6. If this is true then nothing won’t change for a while unless if things were already in place and it will remain the same if someone else is chosen who has been working for nintendo for a long time so it will be nice to read the comments on people calling out all of the same bs that iwata did or supposedly did and there will be a lot of hypocrisy

                                          7. Who’s Minamoto?

                                            “A number of Nintendo representatives have commented on the passing away of Satoru Iwata including Nintendo Europe president Satoru Shibata and also Mr Minamoto. “

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                                          9. Its way to early to tell. Miyamoto is suited to be the next president. He’s the only one who’s been there, longer then anyone…Remember Iwata was a dev before he was president. So who knows only time will tell.

                                          10. Of course the sub-human money-grubbing leeches of wall Street started their succession pool the second Iwata’s death was announced. If they hadn’t delayed the announcement until today they wouldn’t have waited for his body to grow cold, even.

                                            North Korea, if you have nuclear weapons as you so claim, do us a favour and take out these guys first?

                                            1. They probably also have a Dead Pool going on at their office & Iwata’s name was probably one of them. I bet they got Miyamoto in there, too, since he isn’t exactly young. Oh god! I hope Miyamoto doesn’t die! I just made myself worry for Miyamoto now. :/

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                                          12. pink0crystal0midbus

                                            I hope he doesn’t take over. He is more of an “innovation over power” kind of thinker. He will definitely not make a new and powerful Nintendo console any time in the future as long as he is president.

                                            He is a good game designer and that is it. He is not a business man and he is not a console developer. Just let him make games.

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