Nintendo Goes On A Social Media Blackout To Mourn Satoru Iwata

The entire gaming industry is in mourning over the death of the legendary Satoru Iwata, including Nintendo of America. In response of the tragedy, the American headquarters for Nintendo has decided to go dark, halting all social media posts for the day. Check out the Facebook and Twitter posts below:

Satoru Iwata passed away July 11 due to ongoing medical troubles. He is being fondly remembered across the industry as an innovator, a friend, and a gamer.

UPDATE: Nintendo of Europe has also taken the same steps to mourn the loss:


      1. Their boss died. Of course they will mourn. I was talking more about if I worked at Nintendo. Also, you’re a bloody insensitive piece of trash.

        1. I don’t know what in the hell it said but I’m assuming it wasn’t good so I liked your comment.

  1. WORD!!!
    Much respect to Mr Iwata & the house he helped create: NINTENDO.

    Rest in Peace/ Rest in Peach my friend
    P.S. Tell Gunpei Yokoi up in heaven I said “whats up”.

  2. >>>Sickr, give me the power to erase these imbeciles once and for all>>>

      1. Mod Edit: I clearly don’t understand that free speech is guaranteed by the government, not by private websites!

        1. No you don’t, but it is okay! Maybe they will teach you when you leave primary school :)

        1. I’m glad he’s editing your posts. Least he’s actually being funny with the edits, unlike whatever the original content is you made in them.

  3. Glad that someone is moderating some of these posts, I remeber Yamauchi passing away a while ago and some of the comments there were disgraceful.

    1. I don’t have site-wide mod powers, but I can mod my own articles. I feel like I am keeping my modding abilities in line with the website’s audience in mind. Thanks for your input

      1. >>>Sickr, with me and Imcontaldi’s powers if I’m given them, we can erase the nonsense once and for all as he is almost as merciless as I am towards the garbage>>>

        1. No. You’d abuse those powers. You’re not ready to take responsibility yet, I’m afraid. (Nah, I’m kidding. I don’t really care)

        2. Could you go a day without acting like a robot? You’re an idiot, you keep acting like Nintendo is an empire and you’re part of the empire.

          Nintendo doesn’t know who you are, and they don’t care about you.

          1. >>>Nintendo means more to me than it does for most of you so no>>>

          2. Ugh. He’s not hurting anyone. It’s not like he’s some troll celebrating the death of Iwata.

  4. Man, Iwata transitioning so soon has left a big hole in the community. He even had a cool catchphrase from hi Nintendo Direct. What’s going to happen now..?

      1. I fear nintendo’s next leader shall transform them into a pure-mobile gaming company! That would be fucked up!

        1. Unknown who, but Genyo Takeda & Shigeru Miyamoto are running things until a new president is picked. So that’s a no on going pure mobile.

  5. Reggie now can take the reigns, cant wait for the Pizza Hut themed Mario game that’s launching With the NX.

    1. Damn man where you come up with these awesome jokes? I’m so jealous, link me to the site please.

    2. If Reggie takes over I’m joining Iwata because Metroid would forever be space sports >.> …

  6. I don’t want to be a dick or anything but wasn’t they’re supposed to be Amiibo news today?
    But in all seriousness R.I.P Satoru Iwata

  7. Time to move on now and look to the future of nintendo but it may be a while until something big happens or maybe not we have to wait and see

    1. Just watched the video and you’ve just earned yourself a new follower. Well done good sir.

  8. Rest in peace. And while normally I’m all for free speech, I personally believe that there are certain circumstances where this right should be waived, that is, for example, funerals or articles on Websites that are mourning the death of someone. You should just be respectful for the deceased.

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