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3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Will Feature Local Co-Op; New Trailer

While the gaming community anxiously awaits a good new Sonic game, Japanese gamers will be able to download the classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 3D form on Nintendo 3DS next week. In order to celebrate, SEGA released a trailer (below) showing off the game and introducing co-op play. When playing in co-op, other friends who also have a copy of the eShop title can join along as Tails and help take down Dr. Robotnik. The Western release of the game is confirmed, with no official date set.

49 thoughts on “3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Will Feature Local Co-Op; New Trailer”

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>And useless unless you are a civilian as the game is too easy if you are a warrior>>>

    2. Seeing as Tails is *mostly* useless in single player mode, however, who will truly utilise this feature?

        1. Unless you have a direct source saying online specifically, that does not mean it is online multiplayer. Needing another copy doesn’t automatically make it online multiplayer, it is quite arbitrary. Some games can use download play and some can’t, has nothing to do with how they work multiplayer wise.

          Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for instance, has download play and those people can also play online if they want. There are also plenty of games that require you to have two copies, that offer local multiplayer only.

          3D Streets of Rage needs two copies, and it has no online multiplayer, just local. So it is pretty safe to assume this will only be local multiplayer.

          Do you have a source that says otherwise? As the video in no way implies it is online.

              1. Sonic Mega Collection had an unlockable title called “Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2”.
                So it’s a possibility that it could happen in this.
                Only if they implemented it in of course.

            1. This would be awesome if you could play as Knuckles along side Sonic. But
              Tails will be sufficient.

            2. Western release will be sometime in September. I’m also really hoping there will be local co-op. I’m just not sure if both players will be looking at the same screen (Sonic’s movements) or they’ll each get a separate screen. The latter would be more preferable but the former is stil more plausible.

            3. Awesome! THAT’S how you do a re-release (update local co-op to be online co-op). It feels like there’s so many missed opportunities for online co-op in older games nowadays, that would be easy to implement.

              1. It’s damn sad that even Sega can pull of online co-op for its classic games unlike Nintendo. It’s like what Sega once said ages ago: Sega does what Nintendont. It’s happening all over again in this case. lol

                1. To be fair, they also don’t have to develop/upkeep hardwate anymore. I’m sure Nintendo on any given day has much more on their plate.

                  1. I’m sure Sony and Microsoft have far more on their plates’ than Nintendo does, yet they still offer voice chat, party chat, achievm

                    1. the PS and XB divisions are there own divisions with full resources, and unlike Nintendo they don’t produce 10-20 games a year themselves, even most of their exclusives are 2nd or 3rd party and not 1st

                        1. And you don’t think Nintendo is aiming to do the same? They’re repeating exactly every negative and dumb move Sega, EA, and many other flopping companies have done combined. Make another console that’s poorly handled in a way that many felt it was merely an add-on of the Wii, buried and ruined some of their key fan favorite IPs they refuse to acknowledge and use properly. Now comes the going mobile part, Microtransactions like the Amiibos now and ill third party support (while half of that blame is also the third party’s)

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>You’re way out of line, in no way are they worse than the Segans and don’t even compare the empire to the disgusting Electrons>>>

                            >>>Mobile Infantry is only an extension that I will never care about, Amiibos are nothing that is forced upon you unless you are stupid believing it is and the majority of the Third Class problem is due to the Ubisiand and Electrons>>>

                            1. “Mobile Infantry is only an extension that I will never care about”. in other words: do not like, don’t support. that’s the mind!
                              cheers :)

                              1. Sigh, pretty sure lmcontaldi is misinformed again, as it appears to be local only. Where he got online from is beyond me, cause I can’t find it anywhere else but here.

                            2. I’m pretty certain this is local multiplayer only.

                              You are getting a lot of peoples hopes up by not doing a little research, you’re the only person reporting this game as online, when every other place has reported this to be local multiplayer.


                              I feel if it had online co-op, your article wouldn’t be the only one on the internet implying so.

                                1. Fair enough, I will change the article accordingly. Thanks for the internet sluething, it is always incredibly appreciated that we have such dedicated fans who take an active interest in double checking the stories and holding us to proper standards. I hope we, otherwise, live up to your expectations.

                                  1. It is kind of my thing around here. Lol.

                                    Random thought… Sleuthing is such an odd word don’t you think? For what it means.

                                  2. Okay, so this website used a clickbait headline here. The multiplayer is local, requiring a copy on each system. Wouldn’t be the first time MNN has been irresponsible w/ its headlines.

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                                  4. Knowing how much my cousin and I loved playing Sonic 2/3 co-op, we will not pass this up. This is gonna be pretty fucking tight, to be honest. Let’s hope Sonic 3 & Knuckles actually gets ported over, as well.

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