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New Nintendo 3DS Bundles Target Females In Japan


Nintendo Japan has opened a brand new website which recommends games that may appeal to female gamers. The Kyoto based company feels that titles such as Rhythm Heaven: The Best+, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Girls Mode 3, The Great Ace Attorney and Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons will all appeal to girls that are enjoying games on smart devices. As well as recommending games, the company has revealed two New Nintendo 3DS bundles that should prove appealing to females. The two systems are New Nintendo 3DS consoles which come bundled with ‘Madras Check’ and ‘Pastel Dot’ cover plates. You can purchase the Madras Check New Nintendo 3DS bundle today in Japan, but you will have to wait until July 30th for the Pastel Dot New Nintendo 3DS bundle.

26 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Bundles Target Females In Japan”

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        No need.
        His unwillingness to reveal a true identity proves he is hiding behind the internet.
        He wouldn’t dare say that if we knew who he was, purely cowardly.

        Don’t take what he says to heart, if he can’t man up to reveal any information about himself

        1. Golden Years of Nintendo

          A transgender friendly 3ds would be a brilliant seller my love!! Don’t let Nintendoake you pic boy or are neither but a god!!

          1. It would have rainbow rhinestones on it and it should be a “creamy white” color. what is your phone number Golden boy?? call me 1-315-885-1934

          2. nintendo: lets start marketing to girls. what do thay like?

            someone at nintendo: PICNICK BLANKETS AND POKA DOTS!

            nintendo: (slams hands on table) GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL!

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          6. Chinetti received his American citizenship in 1946. I keep these items in a bin in the back of my Jeep as a sort of “emergency kit”. This just means that they are cutting corners somewhere along the line that allows them to offer lower rates.

          7. I wish Nintendo would stop stereotyping their customers. First they imply in their pre E3 video that their fans are all kids who can’t come up with great game ideas. And now they’re suggesting because I’m a girl I’ll like all these games that I don’t actually like.

            Just make me an online F-Zero with a sandbox storymode already!

          8. See, now I feel conflicted. I wanna get angry, and call it sexist….but I love all those games, and I think the designs are cute. If I wasn’t into video games, then this would probably hook me in.

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