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Here’s 14 Minutes Of Star Fox Zero Footage

NWR has managed to go hands on with presumably a recent build of Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. It is not the best footage, or even the best audio recording, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect when the game is released later this year. In case you didn’t already know, the game is in development by Platinum Games and those talented individuals are known for creating great action titles, so we should hopefully be in safe hands.

47 thoughts on “Here’s 14 Minutes Of Star Fox Zero Footage”

        1. People down on the use of the wii remotes, although it is still very useful and optimal in many cases when playing games… Even not in this instance, in platformers like DK, putting it sideways is very NES, and that is cool too in a minimalist way

      1. The concept of your team chatter coming from the game pad is great but dang it’s impossible to hear in these videos…

        1. It might be an update because Miyamoto-sama stated that he knew fans really wanted online multiplayer, so I think he will deliver at some point with a mega update like we have been getting for Splatoon, but for now, just solo and local.

          1. Yea he said he thinks that they will put in online multiplayer after the game releases, but wanted to focus on the single player (and I think there is local) mode before the game comes out.

        2. Like several people have said before the game looks like an hd version of star fox 64 and as we know star fox has an arcade style and I think the game looks good for what it is

          1. Cause Starfox 64 had the transforming Arwing….right… Starfox has it’s art style, it for the most part always sticks with it’s art style, unlike say Zelda which changes it up. It’s not that Starfox Zero looks like Starfox 64 HD, it’s that Starfox Zero LOOKS LIKE STARFOX in HD.

        3. Props go to producer Miyamoto and Bayonetta 2 director Hashimoto for making Star Fox Zero possible. Looking forward to the final product from Nintendo and Platinum Games.

        4. Looks solid. Sucks there’s no multiplayer. I’ll probably wait to pick it up. Without multiplayer I should be abke to get it used within a month or so on ebay for half the new price.

          Can’t wait! Looks like a polished Classic!

          1. Ugh, I can’t stand having a used game. I don’t care how perfect they say it still is, I can’t stand the feeling of it not being new! I’m always worried it will break!

            1. I’ve been buying and trading games for 20 years. You wouldn’t imagine how much money I’ve saved. Omg, you wouldn’t imagine. Lol.

              Especially the way discs are these days? Gotta be pretty fucked up to not work. And Nintendo carts are practically indestructible.

              Totally getting this used. ;)

            2. This is a Nintendo title. Value hardly ever goes down. I doubt very seriously you’ll get it for half price. For a used game you shave off $5. I’d just get new and be done plus Nintendo sees a bit of that money.

              1. I’m not getting it used from gamestop, because as you said, I’d save maybe $5. Ebay, There will be quite a few more. Without multiplayer, replay value is drastically reduced. Even with various flight paths and endings, people will 100% the game or just tire of playing by themselves, and I’ll save $$$. I mean, fuck, even Starfox 64 had local multi – those were fun times!

            3. Galactus The Planet Devourer

              this looks like star Fox 64 in HD.
              I don’t like that.
              If it were Mario 64 in HD I’d buy that but for Star Fox was hoping for something drastically different. But yeah I’m definitely interested.

              1. Looks totally modernized. Prolly have great Platinum Boss battles. :D

                But I’m not paying for the game straight up. I’m done supporting Nintendo’s stupidity with my wallet.

                1. The first boss was fun in the demo (played at the Nintendo World Store). It had multiple way to beat it though. I didn’t even realize you could go inside the boss and blow it up that way so it didn’t escape, until I saw someone else do it. The rep was saying the way I beat it changed the path and I would have had to fight the boss later if it was the actual game instead of the demo build.

                  1. It’s not a remake it’s a reimagining, it’s gonna have new levels, old levels with different types of fights, new bosses, new story and more. Nintendo said that back at E3.

                    1. Miyamoto is basically rebooting Starfox, starting it over but taking all the best parts of Starfox (SNES) Starfox 2 (SNES that never released), Starfox 64 (N64) , and Starfox Assault (Gamecube).

                      1. I’m still not fond of SF getting a second reboot… I wanted to see how the hell things would have progressed past Command.

                        1. Haha, keep telling yourself that. Zelda U says hi from a double-release on the NX and the Wii U in a best case scenario where most people won’t even buy it on the latter in that regard. So in principle, based on what Nintendo currently is saying (as if that means anything), then yes – you’re correct. But going on principle doesn’t hold much weight these days. I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to simply dump the Wii U version entirely. They released Twilight Princess on GC and Wii because there was still a decent install base on the former, but the Wii U is even farther behind than GC in that regard, and people are ready to move past the failure that is the Wii U – as well as the fact that the end of development for TP coincided nicely with the release of the Wii, so their wasn’t as much risk in adding in the simplistic motion controls. The same situation could certainly happen for Zelda U, but again – the Wii U is no GC by a long-shot, so there’s far more risk involved, especially since the Wii U has not proven itself and Nintendo has been slowly letting the system die. The Wii also had Wii Sports to sell the system, and that’s why so many casuals and non-gamers picked up the system as well. Having TP on it was just a bonus for the hardcore gamers.
                          It would be silly of them to make a version tailored to the Wii U version because there are 2 scenarios here. They release both versions and 1) some people decide to buy the Wii U version, thereby cutting off some sales of the game for the NX and thereby dis-incentivizing people not to buy the NX, or 2) people don’t buy the Wii U version at all because they want it on the NX and Nintendo wastes a shitload of money making the Wii U version. They could certainly just make a very small amount of units for the Wii U version of the game so as to hold back the cost, however. But that would be the final nail in the Wii U coffin. The best thing they could do from a business standpoint is to focus entirely on having Zelda be a launch title for the NX, and only the NX.

                            1. The NX is a Handheld/Home Console combo. Don’t you remember them saying it would replace the 3DS and Wii U?

                            2. Twilight princess was released on the gamecube and Wii right as they were transitioning systems. So what you said isn’t 100% accurate.

                            3. Yeah, and you know that how? Considering Reggie already implied that the NX is the next console. But sure, keep spouting random bullshit that you can’t back up at all, please.

                            4. I know that’s only one more game that I added for after Starfox Zero, but still, the principle is still there.

                              1. That and who knows when the NX comes out. If it releases 2017 then there will still be a few more great titles for the Wii U.

                                1. You can bet that they’re working on getting the NX out quickly given that they want to move away from the Wii U. Early winter 2016 would be their best option.

                              2. This is the same build that they had at e3 and Nintendo World Store to Demo. Its an early build, so the final build should be a bit more polished.

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                              6. Love starfox but not buying until it gets online multiplayer. Hate how miyamoto has the attitude like Its my game I made it. Well we buy it so guess wut no buy until then.

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                              9. Looking forward to this. My nostalgia factor helps because I think what I didn’t like about the 3DS version was the small screen. This brings me back to my SNES days.

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