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Thousands Of Nintendo Fans Come Out To Pay Respects At Iwata’s Funeral

Nintendo employees such as Reggie Fils-Aime, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen have paid their respects to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s final resting place. Iwata has been buried at a Japanese temple in Nintendo’s home city of Kyoto. 3000 people have attended the site over the past few days. Visitors include Shigeru Miyamoto, former Sonic Team boss Yuji Naka and Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert. Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai also attended along with The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya. Veteran Nintendo director Genyo Takeda says that the company will continue complete the work that Satoru Iwata started and that the seeds that Mr. Iwata planted would one day grow into flowers “that will make people around the world smile.”

47 thoughts on “Thousands Of Nintendo Fans Come Out To Pay Respects At Iwata’s Funeral”

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>There is nothing beyond life, only the void that every single lifeform will fall into once they are exterminated>>>

          1. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

            I still really wish this was a bad dream… I’m gonna lose it when the next Nintendo Direct airs. I guess I’m not so tough after all…

          2. Rest in peace. Mr. Iwata. You did the best you could with Nintendo. Now your soul can finally find peace.

          3. It just sucks that he won’t be able to reveal the NX, that he was so excited to reveal. R.I.P Mr Iwata.

          4. Yea I know what you mean sucks but his legacy will continue and the future for Nintendo will grow bigger

          5. .


            This still feels so unreal to me. I wish my laughing at the news because I thought it was some lame prank, laughing at the guy that started the rumor, when I first heard it could still be laughing as it turned out this was nothing but some lame joke from some lame internet troll. Sadly, this isn’t the case. I hope they don’t do anything with the name “Nintendo Direct” in it for awhile because it will be painful to watch one without seeing Iwata pop up in it this soon after his passing. :/

          6. The legend is gone to a better place. May he watch over Nintendo in the future while he gets to game with Yokoi and Yamauchi in Heaven.

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          8. I don’t think the gaming world truly understands what they’ve lost yet. Nintendo fans do, the rest don’t.

          9. I still can’t figure out why they kept his cancer a secret? Why were they sugar-coating it? He HAD TO have known he was dying. Nintendo also HAD TO know. His death was even harder to take than it normally would have been because of nobody having a clue that he was dying. It was a low-blow to the entire gaming world.

            1. This is just how most of Japan is. They try to keep their private lives private. Which sadly also includes their health if they actually have something like cancer. We just have to accept this is how it works for the most part in Japan.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>And most of the none western world, why the west have to be in everyone’s business is disgusting>>>

            2. “…I wish to relay to you words that I recorded many times over the course of (y)our journey. Many have said them to you thus far, but I now wish to say them for myself… Thank you, Master Iwata. May we meet again in another life…”

              I feel bad that my tears are only coming now, almost a week later, but at least they have.

              Thank you, Satoru Iwata- your games truly were a labor of your love.

              It’s gonna be depressing to not see his name at the end of Nintendo game credits for quite some time now…

              1. Well we still have some time before his name is no longer at the end of game credits. There were still tons of projects being done even before his death.

                1. I know, but when it *does* start happening… I’m probably gonna do a double-take the first few times at seeing a different name under Executive Producer.

              2. I as well hope all of the seeds Iwata plants will blossom into flowers of prosperity for Nintendo.

                …except that mobile game shit. That is a useless weed that should be pulled out from the roots.

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