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Mega Man Replica Helmet Available For Preorder


If you have dreamed of having your own official Mega Man replica helmet then you are in luck. The helmet is available to pre-order on the Capcom store and if you want it, it will set you back $150. There’s a ton of interesting features adorning the helmet including working LED lights. You can either wear the helmet, display it in your home or office, or alternatively use it as a role play accessory. The Mega Man replica helmet ships this Christmas.

Thanks, Nintendork

8 thoughts on “Mega Man Replica Helmet Available For Preorder”

  1. Why do they not explain what size this helmet is? I see no size written anywhere on the site. All it says is the height and width. Who would want to spend that much money not knowing what size it is?

  2. I don’t really think it’s made to be worn. You can wear it, as the picture shows, but it’s more of a collectable than a piece of clothing. Thats probably why there isnt any sizes. If your a small child with a small head, you can probably wear it. Otherwise you should clear a spot on your shelf.

  3. The helmet actually opens up, kind of like a clamshell, so just about any person’s head can fit inside.

    Also, this news is a solid week old.

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