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Nintendo Wins Patent Case Filed Against 3DS And Other Hand-Held Systems

On July 17, 2015, Nintendo won a patent case in federal court in Oakland, California. Judge Saundra Armstrong found that eight of Nintendo’s popular hand-held systems, including the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance systems, do not infringe a patent asserted against those products by Quintal Research Group, Inc. Judge Armstrong therefore dismissed the case. Quintal is a patent-assertion company run by the named inventor of the asserted patent, who is also a patent lawyer.

“We are very pleased to have this case dismissed,” said Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Business Affairs. “The result in this case continues to prove that Nintendo will vigorously defend its innovations against patent lawsuits and will not pay to settle cases simply to avoid litigation. Nintendo continues to support patent reform efforts that reduce the unnecessary and inefficient burden cases like this one place on technology companies in the United States.”

32 thoughts on “Nintendo Wins Patent Case Filed Against 3DS And Other Hand-Held Systems”

      1. xD Oh burn! “We lost the right to the WWF abbreviation even though there are countless organizations that share a similar abbreviation with other organizations. But don’t worry! We can just change our name to WWE, no biggie… least til we get our asses handed to us again by some group calling themselves the WWE!”

  1. Another patent troll bites the dust. One of the main problems for smaller companies that get these ‘cease and desist’ letters by such trolls is that they don’t have the money to fight it in court, so they just pay some fee, which is exactly what the troll was going for. Instead of companies being afraid to go to court, there should be a rule that if the patent troll loses, they are required to pay all lawyer/court fees, including the defending party. Then maybe we wouldn’t see such blatant bullshitting and abuse of patents and copyrights.

  2. imagine if Nintendo sued sony for making their psp 9and vita) have a similar look to the Gameboy advance, or even just Microsoft for using ABXY on their controller, these lawsuits are so stupid

  3. Nintendo is a lot of things, but dishonest is not one of them…well, ok, their not thieves tho. And whrn their dishonest, it’s out of stupidity, not because they were trying.

    Nintendo has a good heart. More than most for-profit companies, and I dare say better than many non-profit (which is the path their on! ;) )

    They may be blind, stupid, marketing nightmare business blunders who thought time stopped a bit over 10 years ago, but they ARE innovative.

    I love my two-screen handheld.
    I love 3D
    I love my gamepad (you guys need to get off the gamepad’s ass. Should Nintendo have put more power in the box? YES. But thr gamepad is still awesome.)
    I Love the few Amiibo I have. (dumb fuckers totally fucked up Amiibo logistics, Ugh!!)
    I even enjoyed the Wii for the first 4-5 years…before they drug that dead, tired ass horse through the mud, and tried to reaurrect it)

    So yeah. People need to stop trying to sue Nintendo over innovation. Unless they like burning money on lawyers for nothing.

    1. I’m not saying you are wrong here, but remember those red binocular looking things that you would put some sort of disc with images ontop? It had a yellow lever that you would pull on to switch the slide?

      The 3D on the 3DS reminds me of those little crappy things. It looks almost identical. Lol I do agree with what you said but for some reason I felt like bringing that up.

      1. Lol. The concept has been around even wayyy before that. Nearly 100 years ago, people put these cardboard or wooden panels in a wooden view-box. So yeah, the idea has been understood a long time, but the N3DS has really made it a usable technology! ;D

    2. I agree. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. As far as the current situation with the wiii, I think its a bad idea that Nintendo is coming out with this nx. All they need to do is pump up the wiiu (wiiu2?) and keep the game pad. The game pad is what makes it so awesome. Especially for families.

  4. I can only think of one time that Nintendo lost a lawsuit. And that was when Nintendo was trying to sue Galoob/Codemasters for making the Game Genie back in the NES and SNES days. *sigh* I miss the good ol’ Game Genie. Action Replay just isn’t the same.

  5. With Disney getting into mobile game apps & Nintendo heading into it soon, the days of King pushing everyone around will be at an end. Nintendo & Disney will fucking crush those thieving scumbags!

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