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Here’s A New Trailer For Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third will be making its debut in Japan and Europe very soon, so it is encouraging that Nintendo has uploaded a brand new trailer for the game to get those who are considering purchasing the game reasonably hyped. We heard yesterday that the game will also be coming to the United States but not until the fourth quarter of 2015, which is the holiday season. Anyway, be sure to watch the action-packed trailer for the game in the video embedded below.

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61 thoughts on “Here’s A New Trailer For Devil’s Third”

  1. Graphically it looks as good as any other team based online shooter on my eyes,but going off this trailer the framerate looks fixed….

    1. My only high hope is that since Nintendo is publishing this game, they have this big mouth creator of the game go back and fix the frame rates. Bayonetta 2 is very fast pace and has a lot of shit going on in the game. If they can get that at 1080P at 60 FPS, I’m sure this can do so as well.

    1. The Red Steel vibe I’m getting is what draws me to this game. Too bad Ubisoft are being assholes & not giving us a 3rd game.

  2. For a game that pushes Wii U to the limit. its truly a wack lookimg game,looks like Itagaki was drunk and was working on a ps2 devkit when he made this game.

    1. Thank you for your comedy. Your statement will not stop people from buying and enjoying the game. Nice try though.

      1. He’s right though. The game looks like crud for a system that pushed the system to its limits. I’ve seen better looking games that have barely scratched the Wii’s power.

        1. What are you talking about? It looks fine? Seriously, what the fuck is your complaint?

          Looks good, and the WiiU needed this game a year ago. The only thing I see wrong with it is it may be too late to save the Ninte do fans who already migrated to other consoles in hopes to find more than Yoshi, DK, Mario, etc…

        2. Truthfully nine of that matters for me and most people who will be buying and enjoying the game. I rather speak on what’s good about the game instead of what’s bad. The bad as been spoken a lot of and there is more to the game than what has been said.

  3. No one will be buying this game except for the 66 retards who are starving to wipe the dust off the Wii U


    1. The game is going to sell close to 100 or more. Won’t be a million game, but it will capture interest for the hardcore gamer. It just needs fixing for frame rates, because if I play this shit online and it drops like crazy, it won’t be wise to buy.

  4. Sold for me! I’ve been worried about Devil’s Third for a while. But knowing it’s still coming to North America gives me hope!

  5. I’m sold… besides Fatal Frame 5… this is basically the only other M rated title on Wii U this year.

      1. Umm… You have Bayonetta, Blacklist, Mass Effect 3 – All great on the WiiU, ZombiU was fun. Some complained about graphics, but it was one of the best Survival Horror games since RE4, most of those came out a long time ago…so like he said, serious adult game drought, so this and Fatal Frame will be quite welcome!

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                      >>>Whoever agrees and likes you are just as much of a disgrace as a life-form (dead or alive) and any world is better off without things like you>>>

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Supporting Ubisians after their insults, betrayal and not to mention delays and lies, zero tolerance at this moment towards them and anything they make or say until they change>>>

                  1. Ubisoft provided the best support of any third party. I have at least 5 of the games they brought to the system. They have my respect but not my loyalty.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Yes, for 2 months until they made a u-turn and started delaying, gimping and insulting the fanbase and the Wii U for not meeting their “demands”>>>

                    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>I’ll give you and them some credit for their efforts though if I’ll be honest with you, but only to a limited point>>>

          1. I forgot AC3&4, most of the others have been out quite a while…Revelations was a port, I had already played the hell out of that game on the 3DS, but technically yeah, you could count it.

            Given out Adult(ish) nintendo IP, Metroid has been changed into a family party game, we better hope Devil’s 3rd does well, because we’re not getting any from Nintendo like we used to.

  6. Looks awesome and people are saying this new trailer graphically looks better then the last I’m getting it END OF….

  7. Lots of scared people trying to downgrade the game if COD was 3rd person it would look the same as this….this is 3rd person 16 players so very taxing on hardware compared to COD…

  8. I was already interested in this game. But now after watching this trailer I’m even more hype. Can’t wait.

  9. I expect to buy this and I expect to enjoy playing it. What I don’t understand is why N hasn’t promoted it at all? Were NOA really not going to publish it and then did an about face due to backlash? Why wouldn’t you pump this up at E3? Oh…and the graphics look fine.

    1. I think they just did an about face because of the backlash. Everything leading up to them finally telling us it’s coming to the US points to it, even though the Nintendo defenders & fanboys believe otherwise. They could be right, but I doubt it. Even if Nintendo of America says they were always going to publish this game in America, I still wouldn’t believe it since they’ve been lying to us a lot this generation. “There won’t be a game drought for 2015.” Yeah, right!

  10. I guess he did have a point when he said that the reviewers didn’t know how to play it right… the gameplay in this trailer looks good.

    Using their in-house port of Unreal Engine 3 must have been the culprit in the quality of the game. Anyway, releasing it earlier in other regions could also mean bug fix before the NA release…

  11. Watched several video’s on the yahTube and I have to say it looks enjoyable as hell. It doesn’t look bad, I mean this isn’t top tier graphical output here but it looks fine. Some of the characters remind me of one’s from Suda51 game’s, which is a good thing for me personally.

  12. to be honest I don’t know if due to the bad press about that game but I feel more reassure about the game. I never been interested in that game in the first place but I have more hope in that game then Xenoblade Chronicle X.

  13. Everything is effing 4th quarter in the US wtf. Now would be a good time since all we got is splatoon sad really sad

    1. Yeah? Imagine those that don’t own or care for Splatoon… :/ All I’ve been playing are launch window games.

      1. Splatoon won’t be truly finished til sometime in August which has taken too long to come, so I’ve lost what little interest I had left in the game.

  14. Looks like a fun game, and that’s what should matter. The complaints about graphics and so on and so forth are ridiculous…
    But most people who play games now days are idiots anyhow.
    You’re either a casual, or an idiot obsessed with realism..

    1. IDR? Everyone can have their opinion, but to say the graphics look “horrendous” (as stated in a comment below, that just boggles my mind… They can’t have been gaming more than 6-7 years.

      1. Exactly. Then again i been playing games since i was 5, back when the NES first came out.
        So anything that has a quality higher than the atari 2600 put out looks good to me.(BTW i hated how games looked on the 2600..)

  15. This looks absolutely horrendous. Both graphically and gameplay wise. I really don’t see how any sane person could be legitimately interested in buying it. I think I’ll stick with Mario Maker and Star Fox when it comes to Wii U games this year.

  16. Amazing. I was wondering how any sane person wouldn’t want to get this for some good old fast pace fun. Looks great.
    Get your phone checked mate!

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