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Here’s A Nintendo UK Developer Interview For Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third may have received a mixed reaction from the press, but it does seem like one of those games you really need to play yourself to make up your mind. To give a little bit of insight into the long development process the game has been through, Nintendo UK has uploaded a developer interview with the game’s creator Tomonobu Itagaki who talks you through the manic world of Devil’s Third. Devil’s Third is due for release in Europe on August 28th.

Thanks, Peanut Butter Kit Kat

64 thoughts on “Here’s A Nintendo UK Developer Interview For Devil’s Third”

      1. Sickr, no disrespect to you or any other reviewer out there, but personally, I don’t buy a game cause of people’s good and bad reviews. If I like it, I’ll buy it. Simple as. I’ll judge it for myself. When I saw this for the first time, I wanted to play it as quick as I could. It looks like a ton of fun!

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Don’t go against Sickr again, it’s not good for your “health insurance”>>>

        2. It depends who’s doing the reviewing.
          I don’t just waste money on every game that’s released, I check out miiverse, and MNN has some of the most solid game reviews around.

          I personally can’t wait for the review, this site has saved me from a few games I was on the fence on.

  1. Looks like the online may be solid. I hope it is, if it’s better than or just as good as Splatoon then I’ll buy it. Still haven’t finished Splatoon’s single player and bought it at launch. The focus is Multi, so I expect the single player to be boring.

  2. Graphics look amazing in MP wow this trailer is crisper and gives me a better impression on the graphics which i find very impessive….considering 3rd person and all the intricate combat this is looking amazing the multi player online maps are more detailed the BLACKOPS2 wiiu and that had so called pc textures so I’m happy…

  3. Who ever says this has bad graphics are just a joke show me another 3rd person/fps that has 16 players and combat this amazing in them graphics…..

    1. Are you blind? Or just a delusional Nintendo fanboy?… or both. CoD, Battlefield, Halo shit on this game.

  4. If you look at COD online when you see the other players running about it doesn’t look even remotely close to DevilsThird in COD they look like little stiffs running about on Devils the characters look more realistic in there movements and reaction to getting hit ect I’m getting this day1….

      1. I’m on about the movements of the characters in general there way way above COD i mean try watching it properly in fact on the 4th july watch a MP Online match and you will see what i mean…..oh no 1 jumps 30ft in Devils Third you plum he jumped off a ledge ?? plus you have to have the gameplay slightly over the top or it would be boring and so far Ive seen much more over the top gameplay on WiiU,can ps4 do over the top fast gameplay ?? like Bayonetta2/DevilsThird because ive just seen corridor shooters and games that are just COD clones that are less taxing on hardware in terms of action on screen,oh COD is less taxing on hardware then DEVILSTHIRD due to 3rd person and customisation oh and it’s much bigger then COD i mean building bases ect and destroying each others wow ive not seen this in COD…..

        1. Movement of the character? That’s retarded. Also just to let you know, CoD is 60fps while Devil’s Third is 30fps and drops frequently; So No it’s not more smoother, that cancels out all your points. All your other points are ridiculous, and am not even going to go into, because they’re just so retarded. CoD is a fast paced game so i don’t know what you’re talking about over the top. From what i’ve seen from the MP gameplay i don’t see anything that’s ”over the top”.

          1. Smoother animation just like physics in car games has jack to do with framerate oh and who said the online has a bad framerate ?? the story in the preview build did but no1 has seen or reviewed a final copy in stoty or online so ?? stop defending COD it has the worst textures of any online shooter….

            1. Yes it does you idiot, that’s pretty much what frame rate is. Watch Youtube videos on 30fps and the 60fps, if you don’t agree that the 60fps is so much more smoother, then you’re lying and don’t want to admit you’re wrong. Yes they have, you’re arguing points, when you don’t even know nothing yourself. Unseen64 already proved it, so you have zero points. Why do you think NOA didn’t want to publish the game, until unseen64 found out it were because NOA doesn’t like the game? I’ll even send a link of someone playing the review copy. I’m not defending CoD, just correcting your lies, and no CoD looks way better than this.

            2. They are Youtube videos though… copies of copies… that is hard to judge the framerate or drop rate of any game, so this is ignorant. Unless you have played it, you can’t say for sure concerning the frame rate

              1. Nope. I can tell the difference easily. Also everyone who has the final build, said the frame rate sucks, so i don’t see why you lot are still damage controlling.

                1. I just don’t see what they are talking about and I think you are just repeating what you hear like a parrot, so what’s the difference… I’m not gonna say it looks better than PS4 COD games, because it probably doesn’t (don’t own a PS4 yet, haven’t played them) but you are being silly with the video posts and trying to make an objective decision based on these youtube videos and the “damage creating” clowns in the videos who talk about things I am not even seeing.

  5. I don’t understand how you Nintendo fanboys, can still support this game, when it’s clearly proven to be horrible…

      1. He’s trying to hard to put the game down,Ive done comparions with Advance warfare ps4 and it looks just as good if not better in Online maps ect plus DevilsThird is doing alot of things COD just isnt….

      2. LMAO!!! the ”it’s not out yet” excuse again. Yet you Nintendo fanboys, downplay all PS4 and X1 games that aren’t release yet, goddamn hypocrites. Also i’m referring to people ho HAVE play the game and HAVE the full copy, so your point is invalid.

          1. Nope, and i don’t want one. How do i sound sour LMAO? The game is horrible, according to everyone who’s played it, even Nintendo LMAO. Which is why they aren’t showing it off at Gamescom. And they decided to publish the game, because they got caught out by Unseen64.

          2. He is very sour and he’s trying his best to convince himself DevilsThird is crap so his ps4 feels more valuable,the fact of the matter is the ps4 is not as good as ps3 as the ps3 just has better games by far with better reviews basically,and WiiU destroys ps4 in game reviews from critics and actual users….

            1. It is crap, and you’ll look stupid when reviews come out. Nope I’m already looking forward to playing all these games this year on my PS4…

              – Black Ops 3
              – Fallout 4
              – Hitman
              – God of War 3: Remaster
              – Dishonored: Definitive Edition
              – Mad Max
              – Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection
              – Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
              – FIFA 16
              – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
              – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
              – WWE 2K16
              – Need For Speed
              – Star Wars: Battlefront
              – Just Cause 3
              – Madden NFL 16
              – Tony Hawk: Porskater 5

              What do you have? Oh yeah, a shitty Ninja Gaiden and CoD fail attempt and Star Fox… yeah i’ll keep my PS4.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Basically all of them are non Sonyan games, that’s the only reason to why Playstations and Xboxes even sell, nothing but Third Class garbage, how about mentioning Sonyan games acutally made by them that you want? oh wait, there isn’t anything worth at all>>>

        1. Lol. Nice blind call out, I don’t even own a Wii U moron. Please, make assumptions about people and things you don’t know about. Go get’em tiger.

  6. Please watch this ps4 online gameplay and look at the textures on the maps and then really ask yourself are they top notch ?? because there no better then DEVILS THIRD end of…..

    1. LMAO, you’re damage controlling this game like crazy. Who has ever praise CoD for it’s graphics? no one!! Devil’s Third is just a bad game in general. Deal with it.

      1. I’m not damage controlling nothing I’m just not sitting bk and listening to pathetic fan boys trying to destroy DevilsThird’s reputation before the final build is out when it clearly looks like a better game then any COD in my eyes…clan’s,build your own bases,destructable scenery,3rd/1st person on the fly,mele combat….

        1. LMAO, you’re not damage controlling nothing? you’ve comment all over this topic defending the game, sending 2 links to other game, comparing it to CoD, and arguing about running animation LMAO. You’re the definition of damage control.

    1. wow, a video that shows gameplay that is better looking than devils third AND has a guy talking about all the great new features in the game. good job

    1. 1. it is f2p.
      2. the graphics are meant to look cartoony, like in team fortress 2.
      3. really there is nothing else to say because you are damn stupid.

  7. I didn’t realize this game would have micro transactions….!? What the fuck is wrong with these developers and publishers, $64.99 isn’t enough for a game so you need to milk fans for money. If I would have known they were going to do this on Devil’s Third, I would not have cared if it didn’t come to the states, because I will always be against micro transactions in a full retail game.

    1. Exactly they say it look rubbish look at this look at that and I’m looking and seing a great game ?? these 2 guys on that video are proper trolls wow and it a preview build mate,but more to the point there views and opinions make no sense 1 bit trolling a good game basically….

      1. That’s the final build you retard, the game is less than a month before it hits shelves, so obviously journalist has review copies. Why would they send out copies if the game is still in alpha LMAO, use your heads. You both are blind Nintendo fanboys, obviously you’ll like it no matter what, even Nintendo themselves doesn’t like the game. When reviews come out you both are gonna look like a right twat LOOL. XD.

          1. But if this was on the PS4 you’d slam it to death. So you’re saying you’ve never bashed CoD or any other game that isn’t on the Wii U?

            1. No, I personally haven’t. Can’t say the same for others, as I do understand what you are talking about. The Sony kids game looked lame, but other than that, I love CoD and would want a PS4 and wish the WiiU was more powerful so it had all the same games and I could be completely content with one system, although I am very happy with a WiiU, but am dissappointed with the trickle of games.

              Devil’s Third looks good to me, and building my own levels is appealing, but right now I have been playing Ghosts on WiiU everyday for the past couple months as I’ve beaten all the other WiiU games I have or that I am interested in. Splatoon my kid plays, I don’t have the urge currently to get into it.

          2. For a start only the Story mode was previewed not reviewed as this plonker keeps saying and if you read some previews they say it’s quite a good game but has a few framerate issues ect and then in the preview he says this is not the finished build so there you have it PREVIEW BUILD not final.

            Oh plonker is Masterman…

            1. thanks for clearing that up… I wonder if those framerate issues are very noticeable to most people… probably not I imagine. Like I said, will be buying and buying day one, so we shall see

              1. Watched about 3 video’s for the game. I like what I watched. I dont like the lack of VC, but whatever. I’ll stick with my trusted Halo 3 boooy.

                  1. Matt is one of the biggest Dilusional Nintendo fanboys i’ve meet, ”keyboard is good enough” You’d lick off Miyamoto’s toes if you got the chance. I didn’t say it was reviewed, i said those are the review copies, that they’re playing. No they didn’t, they all said it’s a bad game, one of the titles is ”Devil’s Third isn’t a good game” LMAO. So why didn’t Nintendo show it off at E3 or again now at Gamescom? explain to me that? That’s not the preview build LMAO, there’s no such thing XD, you really are retarded. That’s the review copy that every journalist has, every review you see is the review copy supplied to them buy the publisher themselves. The review copy is the same copy you’ll be buying, you won’t get a better or worse version. You don’t know shit, so stop trying to argue points against me lol. When has the mutiplayer technically performed better then the single player? it’s the other way around you dumbass. Again, that’s the review copy not preview there’s no such thing, that’s the copy you’re buying LMAO. You know jack shit. Just accept that this game is horrible. End of.

              2. The framerate on the Online could be the best yet no one knows don’t listen to this guy he’s trolling over preview copy’s the videos he posted are not retail copy’s and only show us that the framerate was a little rocky but nothing that can’t be smoothed out ??

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