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Nintendo America Tweeted About Pixels Movie And The Response Wasn’t Good

Nintendo of America decided to promote Pixels via its official Twitter account but the responses to the tweet weren’t exactly what had Nintendo expected. Pixels, which is the video game movie that stars Adam Sandler, took an absolute beating when it came down to reviews. The thing that irked Nintendo fans is the fact that Nintendo gave permission for Donkey Kong to be used in the movie. Here’s some of the responses to that tweet.

88 thoughts on “Nintendo America Tweeted About Pixels Movie And The Response Wasn’t Good”

      1. I saw a preview screening in Toronto on Wednesday and it was okay. It was a typical Adam Sandler movie. Peter Dinklage was quite funny. I saw the movie for the destruction and cheesey 80s and game references. Nintendo tweet was just a joke. Why so serious?

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        No, Nintendo is going to continue to outsource their IPs to different places, because that is the way the industry works in today’s age and Nintendo needs to get with the times.

        Nintendo needs to continue to branch out into Hollywood films and Amusement Parks and Netflix and partner with Disney and so on and so forth, because that is what makes Nintendo and keeps them relevant.

      1. To be fair, the industry is no longer the same since 5th gen. & Nintendo has actually maintained their niche status. Hel, in the gens before, the entire industry was basically niche. The PlayStation brand, however, has changed, though it has also stayed the course by following industry trends, only setting itself apart w/ the original PS (& helping reform the industry), but yeah, always relied more on 3rd party desires & Sony’s other business sectors (music, movies, PCs, etc.).

        & Rare had already changed toward the end of N64’s life. Several key devs left, namely those that formed Free Radical (TimeSplitters). If I recall correctly, their projects on GameCube were taking too long & not living up to their previous standards, only finishing Star Fox Adventures (which was originally the N64 title Dinosaur Planet). But yeah, I wish Nintendo still had their IPs (Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Sabre Wulf, Conker, & Killer Instinct).

            1. Did you really just shit on Banjo-Kazooie? You’re sounding like the kind of person that plays a lot of cod

                  1. You forgot the awesome Perfect Dark. (I think the loss of that game is why Metroid Prime was made into a FPA.)

                  2. The Playstation and XBOX brands ruined the industry by making the costs surpass the income with their graphic whoring, now everything costs a ton and Nintendo is stuck between maintaining the costs low and keeping up with the market.

                  3. No. It was ultimately Rare’s choice to leave while accepting a deal from the devil and forever be damned for it or decline the deal and stay with Nintendo and remain the best dynamic duo of gaming. They chose wrong and paid the price.

                  1. I wanna see the movie too! Just don’t care what other people’s opinions are. Just go see for urself and then decide what u think of it:P ..reviewers suck ftw!:P

                      1. This. I’ve found I tend to disagree with critics when it comes to movies. I go in for one reason and that is to be entertained. If I’m entertained then the movie did it’s job and I leave happy. Pixels looks entertaining so I’m looking forward to seeing it.

                      1. You’re part of the problem and the reason Adam Sandler still thinks he should keep making movies. STOP IT.

                    1. Nintendo should really let their characters (Mario this time included) be used in Wreck It Ralph 2 because the first movie was great and they would be foolish not to have them for the sequel given the good reception it got.

                    2. Wow some of those tweets are stupid. Blaming Nintendo for a movie made by SONY. Read that properly… this IS a movie funded by SONY.

                      Nintendo is just promoting it for the sake of their beloved IP. It’s no their fault if the movie is bad.

                      Anyway, I haven’t seen the movie yet (opening in my country in Aug 30th) and if it is really that bad I’ll probably get it using Torrent instead of wasting money in theaters.

                      1. They’re not blaming Nintendo for anything, they’re mad at the fact that they’re promoting a terrible movie.

                        And why bring Sony into this? It was produced by Columbia Pictures, which is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony. Hardly anything to do with Sony so stop trying to start console wars.

                        Oh, and good job openly stating that you’re going to illegally pirate a movie.

                    3. pink0crystal0midbus

                      People are so annoying and stuck up. Nintendo probably only saw footage to the actual scenes INVOLVING Donkey Kong, which means they have no idea as to the rest of the film’s content.

                      That is the first part. Secondly, the film is freaking FINE. No reason to throw a hissy fit because Donkey Kong is in a movie that was reviewed poorly by critics. That is petty and those people deserve a slap.

                      I am looking forward to seeing this movie, because it has video game references and the graphics look pretty cool. Does it matter if the story sucks or makes sense? -No, I’m just looking for a fun movie… Jesus Christ, people need to find real problems to complain about..

                      1. Ikr some people will refuse to watch a movie just because Adam Sandler is in it, and really some of his movies are good, bedtime stories was really food, and my right in our minds parents and I liked grown ups

                        1. “I liked grown ups”

                          HURRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinion and to like something, but that means I can also tell you that you like shit movies.

                          1. You could, but no one is ever going to take you seriously.

                            “Shit movies” is purely objective.

                            If you said “you watch movies I don’t like”, you’d be more likely to keep someone’s attention for more than 2 seconds

                          2. What was so bad about Grown Ups? The sequel was horrible but I didn’t find anything aawful about the first one.

                          3. This is a prime example of when critics and reviews go wrong. I saw the movie last night and thought it was a better than average Adam Sandler movie. Lots of references to old games and there were some funny lines and surprises throughout. I highly recommend ignoring the reviews and seeing it for yourself.

                            1. Thanks bro I want to see this movie to looks fun people need to forget this isn’t suppose to be a serious movie

                          4. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                            It’s almost like the Super Mario Bros. movie never existed.

                            Nintendo must be the most maligned company to ever exist, it’s getting quite ridiculous now.

                          5. I watched it a couple days ago…’s alright. It’s bearable. It’s shit, but not complete shit? I dunno. There were a couple jokes from Dinklage here and there that got me pretty good, but overall the movie left a bad taste in my mouth. I came out wanting to wash the Adam Sandler off of my body more than anything. See it if you really want to, I guess. But it would probably be better to wait it out until it’s on Pirate Bay so you don’t waste 10 bucks on an Adam Sandler movie ticket. Oh and don’t even bother if you don’t like Adam Sandler.

                          6. The reviews are not good but so what? This is just marketing and advertisment. I don´t see any real motive to be angry with Nintendo. They allowed their characters to be used on the film, but they´re not responsible for the writing and the production of it. Some Nintendo fans are such idiots.

                          7. Damn, the even the fans feel the need to talk shit because Nintendo promotes a bad movie. Soon as I saw the critics slamming the shit out of it, I knew the trend of Sandler’s usual brand of “blockbusters” being horrible would still live on.

                            Oh well, I’m going to see Ant Man for my birthday tonight anyway since Marvel rarely disappoints with their films.

                              1. For once, I can agree with you that some, if not most, Nintendo fans are being way too over dramatic. I guess I just don’t take movies as seriously as I do video games. (When actually watching them, I do, though.)

                            1. Ok, its ADAM SANDLER. Did people actually think he wouldn’t butcher and destroy the movie? I knew it was going to bomb the day I heard it was announced. I can hear his stupid one tone laugh saying something like “stuff that banana in your barrel donkey” already.

                            2. Nintendo is a for profit company that doesn’t are about anything but your money. Get over it children.

                            3. what a bunch of pathetic degenerates. it’s because of retads like that that nintendo isn’t getting anywhere.

                            4. I don’t see the point of the backlash. Who cares if it has DK in it, Nintendo didn’t create the movie lol. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t see it. Idiots.

                            5. Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch? I feel like everyone is overreacting severely. I saw this movie months ago as a special pre-screening where the CGI graphics weren’t even completely done, and I thought the movie was great! Everyone who saw it with me agreed that it was a good movie.

                            6. Did people think the hipsters that review movies would like this? It’s a silly Sandler movie. I’ve liked most of them and if I listened to critics I wouldn’t have seen a single one. And the people tweeting…wow…I can’t believe there are such mega losers out there so invested in a company that really doesn’t give a fuck about them. It’s irrational and sad.

                            7. thenintendoreviewer

                              Ouch. I haven’t seen it but I thought it looked okay. Not great but entertaining enough. Didn’t expect people to hate it this much.

                            8. So when will we see Link make a cameo in a video game movie & he suddenly talks, causing everyone acting like it’d be an abomination to start whining over it even though it was in a comedy about video games?

                            9. I plan to see the movie next week, It takes an awful lot for me to hate a movie, like most things I feel like there are people out there who simply bash any new thing out there lol, I doubt the movie is that bad.

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                            11. Nintendo tried… I guess they got paid… at this point it almost look like they beg money.

                              If they only started to listen to their fans, or at least hire people FROM the gaming community that are aware of the general opinion and hopes toward their products and franchises, and putting them in charge of key positions… These mistakes wouldn’t even exist.

                              Do they even go outside their main office?

                            12. Those people that tweeted back at Nintendo are sad, pathetic crybabies. So Nintendo sponsered a movie that didnt turn out that good.. Go cry me a river about it you fucking babies. I wish I could bitch slap every last one of them..

                              Nintendo probably hates thier crybaby fanbase right now.

                            13. What really burns my biscuits is the fact that a movie like this could have been AWESOME! It has a great overall story from what I heard about it. But once again, it apparently suffers from the same crap that every video game-related movie suffers from. The first mistake was getting Adam Sandler to star in it.

                            14. I take reviews with a grain of salt, some movies are enjoyable despite poor reviews. I don’t see why everyone is upset he’s in it, it’s the classic villain Donkey Kong being a villain…. Is it just because it’s bad that people are mad?

                            15. I saw Pixels in IMAX 3D in Korea… it was hilarious, especially for one who grew up in the 80’s like me. Great movie… don’t ever believe reviewers, make up your own mind.

                            16. Freaking loved every minute of it! Haters probably aren’t fans of old school games like me. Rock on with these old school games. Hell….my only regret seeing it in theater is I don’t like large crouds!

                            17. Really it’s a movie, I name a couple of adam sander movies that I enjoy, from billy madsion, to big daddy, and there few others one as well. Nintendo I love them. Even though I have not brought a nintendo system in years. Most of time when I brought one, it was for the legend of zelda series and I was a big fan of the metroid prime series. But back to this movie, I’ll decided for myself thats true freedom is. Deuce.

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