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Just Dance 2016 Demo Is On Wii U

Today, Ubisoft announced a free Just Dance 2016 demo on new-gen consoles for players using the Just Dance Controller App. The one song demo is “Blame” by Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman and is now available to download on Nintendo’s Wii U system, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system. The latest installment in the best-selling music game franchise will launch on October 23 in the UK.

The free Just Dance Controller App, now available for Apple and Android devices and soon to also be available for Windows Phone devices, enables players on new-gen consoles to play Just Dance 2016 without any peripherals or console cameras. The app transforms the player’s smartphone into a game controller that tracks the accuracy of their moves and allows them to navigate intuitively through the game’s menus. To play the demo using the Just Dance Controller App on smartphones, players can simply follow the steps below. On Xbox One, players also have the option to access the demo using Kinect for Xbox One.

  1. Download the Just Dance Controller app to your Apple or Android smartphone.
  2. Download the Just Dance 2016 demo to your Wii U, PlayStation4 or Xbox One.
  3. Connect your smartphone to the same wi-fi network as the console.
  4. Select the song and dance holding the phone in your right hand!

With more than 40 new tracks, ranging from Billboard hits to classic throwback favourites, from artists like Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman and Lady Gaga, everyone in the entire family will have a favourite track to dance to in Just Dance 2016.

Source: Ubisoft PR

73 thoughts on “Just Dance 2016 Demo Is On Wii U”

            1. Stranga? Is that really you?! Surprised to hear you say those words. And here I thought you were a fanboy. What the hell did I miss?!

                1. I can’t believe what I’m reading…

                  Stranda used to be the biggest fanboy here; guess he got fed up with the Titanic U.

                  1. He backed me up when I was arguing with some clown that was trying to defend federation force. He seems to agree with me-that the Wii u is a fokn failure…but I could be wrong.

                    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                      Golden question. How does just dance work wii u? Not every has a wii Remote to detect dance moves. I’ve only played the Kinect version so I really don’t fucking know how it would work anymore.

                        1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                          A bitch at Walmart stopped me to play it. It’s around Christmas time plus she was fucking cute so I didn’t want to say fucking no. You know?

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>The Xbots clearly intended to expose your weak mind by sending one of their own in disguise>>>

                            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                              Maybe so but did I buy a xbox one? Fuck no. I’d buy a rock over that piece of shit any day.

                                            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                              Just know a blueberry cheese cake pancake is fucking better than primal sex.

                                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                >>>I see, it’s human food, I thought it was some new human sexual ritual or something>>>

                                                >>>Sounds better>>>


                                                        I HAVE 4 AMAZING WII REMOTES

                                                    1. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                                      It’s also coming to Wii as well, isn’t it. That’s where the bulk of the fanbase still seems to be.

                                                      1. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                                        Ubisoft do, it’s an important title in their dedicated support for Nintemdo platforms…

                                                      2. Yess! i’ve been waiting for this all year. Downloading now! Thanks Ubisoft I love yyy….no no just kidding. F you Ubishit and this stupid game.

                                                          1. You fool. Sonyans like me feel no pathetic emotions such as “loneliness”. You weak, pathetic humans fall victim to trash like that.

                                                            1. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                                              It’s okay to feel like that, it’s normal for someone in your position, I’m sure that your parents love you very much but they’re just busy.

                                                              Talking helps, expressing how you feel, I’m sure that if they knew how you feel.then they would give you more love and attention.

                                                              It’s okay to cry BTW..

                                                                    1. I’m so SICK of Ubisoft releasing their “garbage” games like this on Wii U. But not even considering releasing their better games on Wii U anymore. I freakin’ LOVE the Assassin’s Creed series. And I might not have ever found out how much I could love them had it not been for Assassin’ Creed III and IV releasing on Wii U. Some of the best third-party games I’ve ever played. I’ve ordered every single game in the series now, and I’m currently playing (and loving) Rogue on my PS3.

                                                                    2. Oh thank you, Ubisoft! Just Dance 2016! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this game! lmfao I’m fucking with you, Ubisoft! Your support for Wii U is just as terrible as Nintendo’s! Fuck Just Dance! I want fucking Assassin’s Creed! Oh & I want a new Prince of Persia & Red Steel 3, as well! Til I get those, fuck you!

                                                                    3. Wow the Nintendo fans are the worst at supporting them how are they still around with ass holes like you guys both hand held an home console systems they have are fun I like them an play them as much as I play my Xbox 1 an ps4 how you gonna talk about a company that you suppose to like when your not giving what they offer a chance the games on wiiu now is more than enough to buy a wiiu but as holes like you guys will be why Nintendo really did an how is this a news sites for Nintendo if they let unnecessary hate like this on their site smh this is the Nintendo fan base

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