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Rumour: Dr Mario Stage Coming To Super Smash Bros?

Update: It was a fake

There are images of a Dr. Mario themed stage for Super Smash Bros that are currently making their way around the web. It is interesting that they have appeared today when we heard news of the massive Super Smash Bros update which is due to arrive on July 31st. The images originated from 4Chan, but they do look reasonably legitimate. Guess we shall have to wait and see.

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Thanks, Takamaru64 and Steve

69 thoughts on “Rumour: Dr Mario Stage Coming To Super Smash Bros?”

    1. Yes, however, the ESRB leak that showed all the characters from the 3DS version originated from 4chan’s /v/.

  1. I think it is, If I recall, Sakurai said he was considering a Dr.Mario stage but it didn’t get the cut.

  2. Oh so now you are gonna say it’s fake because it’s not perfect, Your jump to conclusions is a joke, there was lost files in the game with the viruses in it, to me it’s legit

  3. So its come to my attention that I’m being impersonated on this site by someone who doesn’t even remotely act like me. I commented on here regularly over a year ago and have just been browsing the site since, not really participating in the comments. Those that know me can probably tell from the profile or the way this person comments that they are in fact a fake.

    Now for you dumb-dumbs gullible to believe I’m actually commenting on here let me give you some evidence.

    As you can see from their gravatar account link
    it is clearly anubis impersonating me, who changed their display name and avatar to Pinwheel. You can set your name as anything on wordpress/gravatar, regardless of your actual account name.

    Yeah that’s right, i”m still here watching, so Don’t even try that shit with me Anubis. Pretending to be someone else just to get attention. Pathetic.


    1. Protip: if you’re going to impersonate someone, don’t use a low resolution avatar and make sure you get their bio right ;)

      1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

        I didn’t care enough to get your bio, plus who was really going to tell the difference of the avatar anyways? Obviously the one who made it. But I’m done, that was funny.

        1. But if Anubis leaves, we’ll have one less person to fight the growing tide of retarded fanboys defending Nintendo’s failures on here. He must stay here!

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Some of you keep mentioning “fanboys” all the time, who exactly are they?>>>

            >>>If you say I’m one of them defending them despite me not defending them on several things it proves only that your anger blinds you, like Stranga>>>

            1. Stay back, you gay, robotic Nintendite fanboy! lol No, you are fine as far as I’m concerned. I’m referring to the idiots that are still defending that trash Nintendo is trying to pass off as a Metroid Prime title every time I voice my disgust with it.

              1. We need all the help we can get to fight these fanboys. This website would be truly awful if it became overflowed with Nintendo fanboys. It’s already happened to Nintendolife and it shouldn’t happen here. Even trolls like Anubis are welcome here because he helps keep balance!

                  1. This was awesome! lmfao It’s a lot funnier than it should be. I hope Anubis doesn’t miss this because I really want to see his reaction. lol

                    1. And also Great Bay as well. On the Great Bay screenshot, it has the usual Direct text overlay. The thing is, a Direct this soon after the Face of Nintendo Directs Passing, seems a little wierd. If this was done like mid Next Month, then it would seem real to me.

                      1. I wouldn’t say nobody. The people that were on this site before me & apparently you know exactly who Pinwheel is. I was a newbie around the time Pinwheel actually stopped commenting here.

                    2. Yep just said someone would do this (assuming it’s the real deal) we already knew there was suppose to be a Dr Mario stage and interesting to note that the viruses are in 3D just like in the file

                    3. If this is real, then Super Smash Bros. Wii u is only now catching up to what SHOULD have been the roster from the start. Why would you remove “clones” and then add Lucina? It’s hypocritical and it reminds me of the Gay marriage argument. “I don’t want clones/gay marriage so it/they shouldn’t be allowed.” If it doesn’t affect you, then shut up. Having clones in the game literally changes nothing except makes more people who liked those characters, happier. So why be a douche and go on about “no clones?” Thank sweet Jesus the producers aren’t listening to those whiny douchebags. Now we got Roy and Lucas back. Hopefully they bring Dr. Mario back just for the nail in the coffin. I wouldn’t mind the original Melee Ganondorf either.

                        1. I was going to like your comment til I got to the part you actually appreciate the fact Ganondorf is a filthy clone. If Ganondorf wasn’t a clone & was a true representation of himself from the Zelda games, I wouldn’t have nearly as many problems with clones as I do now. Sadly, my hate for Clonedorf has rubbed off on the innocent clones that make sense to be clones.

                          1. Roy and Lucas are semi-clones, so they’re fine since they have enough to differentiate from Marth and Ness. The problem with full-on clones in SSB4 is the character choice since we got girl Marth, Pit in black, and Mario in scrubs, although Dr. Mario is a good example of what a clone should be since he has a good number of gameplay differences unlike the other two clones.

                                  1. It is.
                                    Even if you’re replacing characters, you’re getting rid of the old ones.
                                    And just so you know, none of those are 100% clones. G play the game again if you really think they’re.

                                        1. Semi-MY ASS. Mario to Luigi, that’s Semi. Kirby to Jiggypuff (still hate that pointless weak bastard), is what you call Semi. Those guys have similar but different traits, movement and moves. Dr. CLONE to Mario is 98% identical. Pit to its black recolored CLONE is 96% identical. Ganon and Falco to Flacon and Fox are nearly identical in movement. That’s what you call “CLONES”.

                                          1. Ganon to Falcon LOL
                                            You must be dellusional if you actually think those are clones.
                                            Dr. Mario and DP are different enough to their counterparts, I’d even dare to say they’re less clones than Lucina. Go play the game again, please.

                                            But let’s, for the sake of it, say you’re right. So what? They’re still 4% different and they’re different characters (in the case of Dr. Mario, he represents something different, even if it’ just a pin-off). They also have people who like them. Removing them just because you “don’t like” them is ridiculous.

                                            1. I agree with not removing characters because some people don’t like them but did you just disagree that Ganondorf is a clone!? He’s most definitely a damn clone of Captain Falcon. Little slight tweaks doesn’t change that horrible fact. Sakurai needs to quit being a selfish developer & give us a true Ganondorf. He deserves better than that. Why is that Bowser & King Dedede get to have a moveset that’s true to the games they hail from but Ganondorf is passed off as a clone as if he’s not a very important Nintendo villain? Oh that’s right! Because Bowser is a Mario character so of course his moveset will be true to Mario franchise or otherwise Sakurai will get an earful from the higher ups at Nintendo & King Dedede gets to have a moveset true to his franchise because it’s one of Sakurai’s creations & we all know his ego can be pretty big at times when it comes to giving his characters the center of attention. The day Sakurai truly does stay away from Smash will be one of the best days of my life as I feel he is holding the series back.

                                              1. I never said he was not a clone. He is a clone, but is pretty different gameplay-wise. Being heavier and slower pretty much makes him a different character.
                                                I honestly like Ganon the way he is. I really don’t want Sakurai to make him yet another swordfighter like most people seem to.

                                                1. Oh! >.< I don't mind swordfighters since swordfighters, and gunners, are outweighed by all of the brawlers so we could do with more swordfighters & gunners. But I don't want Ganondorf to be a swordfighter, though, since he's only used swords in two games while every other game has him using magic or a pitchfork. If anything, I want Ganondorf to be a gunner type by giving him a moveset that revolves around magic, making him a gunner of sorts.

                                                2. Ugh! Why did you have to remind me that Trollurai made Ganondorf into Captain Falcon’s slow, more powerful clone!? It’s painful enough that Ganondorf himself in the game is a constant reminder.

                                              2. I might get hate for this but I think Dr. Mario is the only clone that deserves to be in. He has the tornado special and drill kick from Melee, along with the stonger/slower playstyle with different attack properties. I’d be fine with him being removed as long as regular Mario got the tornado as the down special again.

                                                1. Not only that, but he represents a successful Mario spinoff and one of Nintendo’s few puzzle games (Dr. Mario). Sure there’s Lip, but she will need PLENTY of requests in order to actually be playable.

                                              3. Honestly, I’m thinking of holding out on all current and upcoming DLC for this game. I almost KNOW there’s going to be a “Complete Edition” released later that features all DLC ever made. And I’ll be ticked off if I spend money on all of it right now. The only thing I downloaded was MewTwo. And only because it was free.

                                                1. There’s maybe a few bucks you would save and they probably won’t do that either and you’re just gonna prevent yourself from playing with all the characters for an indefinite amount of time, you’re really cheap for someone your age. Spend the few bucks and get the fighters at least stop making it sound so expensive.

                                              4. If this is true, I’m cool with that. I actually love Dr. Mario & he does deserve his own stage. My custom Dr. Mario is the black palette swap with the name Dr. Death. *evil laugh* BUT I would like something that’s better than what we’re actually seeing from this rumor. Dr. Mario deserves a much better looking stage than that.

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