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MMA Female Fighter Ronda Rousey Loves Pokemon

Gamer Motion recently had the opportunity to catch up with Ronda Rousey, the American mixed martial artist, and what did they talk about? Pokemon. More precisely Rousey talked in-depth about her Pokemon obsession that started on the Game Boy with Pokemon Red and has gone through the generations. If you are a Pokemon fan then you’ll want to hear Ronda Rousey’s impassioned speech.

Thanks, beatz7


101 thoughts on “MMA Female Fighter Ronda Rousey Loves Pokemon”

    1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

      Ain’t that the truth, Anonymous! I liked Pokemon once upon a time, make an article about me!!!

      Seriously, this woman is the modern day Kimbo Slice, you’ll see her everywhere until she gets knocked the fuck out, back to irrelevancy she’ll go…dunno if she hasn’t already, but by my educated guess, it’s no…I don’t watch that boring stuff…

          1. Big deal, this is her job. You people act like its some great mystery, its stupid and a waste of time and brain cells is what it is. And honesty, he has a point, in that industry there’s always going to be someone who wants it more and plays harder. Only a matter of time before she’s irrelevant again and forced to play the newer Pocket Monster games! Ha!

            1. She’ll never be irrelevant again she beat everyone in the top ten of her division the only one that has a chance to beat her is Cyborg and she’s a juice monkey who can’t make wait not to mention she’s a movie star also and they’re making a movie about her life

              1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                Seriously, nobody but dumbasses give a damn…get this moron a book. That one dude knocked out Kimbo in like what, 30 seconds? Dang.

                …and where is Kimbo???
                Rousey chick = female Kimbo, one KO and she’s done.

              2. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                Mr. hard acre, if that is your real name; I don’t have to do MMA to mock it, all I have to do is watch it! If I were into MMA, I wouldn’t mock it…wow…logic…but you’re a fan of this trash so I expected a rotten brain reply with no real substance…I’m not knocking the active participants, I can respect the dedication, but this woman here…what’s the deal??? She’s tough? so what? She can KO other women, so what? Do what you do, acre man, Big Tee’s on a whole ‘nother level!

                1. Yes, that is my real name.~
                  “If I were into MMA, I wouldn’t mock it…wow…logic…but you’re a fan of this trash so I expected a rotten brain reply with no real substance”
                  The first part of your comment literally made no sense. And notice I never said I’m a fan of watching the show. But these people train hard to fight and I find it funny you act like it’s nothing. On another level? Okay. Have fun insulting people over the internet from your computer screen then. I’m sure I don’t have the experience you do on that.~

                2. “I’m not knocking the active participants… but this woman here.” You sound like Donald Trump mocking prisoners of war and claiming he isn’t being disrespectful.

                  1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                    Right, because prisoners of war and MMA individuals fought and or fight for similar causes…a dumbass alert should be a thing…you know, it should have a tune like this “Moron, Moron, Moron, idiot, idiot, idiot, dumbass, dumbass” it’ll be nice and silent while I’m at home…but once out in open the thing would drive me damn near crazy, I’d need more than one ’cause I’d sure break the damn things…so much idiocy going on in the world…oh, well, at least I know where I stand…

                    1. The comment was about you being disrespectful when claiming you’re not, not about fighting causes. Geez you dumb fuck, so ironic that you made a comment about a dumbass alert lol

                      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                        The comment was about you being disrespectful when claiming you’re not, not about fighting causes. Geez you dumb fuck, so ironic that you made a comment about a dumbass alert lol

                        Love it when dumbasses type comments for me to use agents them…no more replies to anonymous rejects.

                      2. Nice troll buddy besides Kimbo only won one UFC fight Rousey is steamrolling her competition I don’t even think Cyborg could beat her

                        1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                          Not your buddy, dickhead! Just ’cause you get a hard-on from watching this girl don’t make it so that everyone else does.
                          Go troll your rectum, faggot! Opinions these days are passed off as trolling by the simple minded…but they are expected actions, seeing as I’m intelligent…hmm, guess it’s why I don’t care about this woman or her likings.

                          Mark my words, when she gets knocked the fuck out, she’s outta there…movie star, blah blah blah, Kimbo starred in movies…doesn’t make him a star or actor, Saddam Hussein starred in movies, didn’t make him an actor, AND he had life documentaries, so I’m supposed to care about him? Nah!

                          Dickhead learn to tell a troll comment from an opinion that goes against stupid popular culture…UFC is for retards, that’s what you idiots were smart enough to put together, shit, then I’ll just say it then!

                          1. You’re the worst kind of human being, you know that? I dont care for mma or this chick, but you just used the terms faggot dickhead and retard all while suggesting your an “intelligent” person. Intelligent people dont have to use Slanderous and hateful terms to make their point. Get a life bro. No one wants to hear your bigotry you piece of shit.

                              1. I love how YOU’RE the one who started with offensive remarks and now you’re acting like everyone is out to get you. If you can’t handle the shit people throw at you, don’t throw it out in the first place. You don’t belong here. Find some other site to rant about MMA women on.

                                1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                                  You addressing me, Joshy-boy? This article is CLEARLY about MMA, therefore I may write about MMA.

                                  Oh, and Dearest Joshy, believe me, there is no “you can’t handle”. With me, it goes back to basics…sticks and stones…

                                  “Insults” are like shit to me, I pay ’em no mind…

                                  Now you can go cry cyber bullying elsewhere…you know what, try NintendoLife…bunch of FAG loser, smelly, out of shape man children over there who lick each other’s asses…

                                  1. “Insults… I pay them no mind.”

                                    Replies to every comment aimmed at him. Lol I wonder if this is the same delusions, egotistical fool that plagued this website for a few days several months ago.

                                    He also sounds butthurt over getting banned from NintendoLife. Poor thing.

                                    1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                                      Insults, where???? You must be the delusional one to think any one comment from some anonymous over the Internet qualifies as an insult…as was stated: I pay ’em no mind as they are nonexistent, see how that works?
                                      Next time, dearest slob, make sense of what you write…lick ass on another site, this one ain’t for your censoring ways…no more replies to anonymous rejects…

                                    2. Lol this is sad. You just proved my point. You’re just a troll. Have fun trying to prove your point anywhere on this site again. Mr. “TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDaty-boy”

                                    3. Once you’ve become a famous, undefeated fighter that knocks out/breaks the arm of every opponent you face we will write about you too ;)

                                      In other words, never. Since you will never be the best at anything you scrub.

                                      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                                        Once you’ve become a famous, undefeated fighter that knocks out/breaks the arm of every opponent you face we will write about you too ;)

                                        In other words, never. Since you will never be the best at anything you scrub.

                                        Thank you for giving me a comment to post about you…

                                        1. Yeah, like sickr getting confused! He said pokemon red when she says her first game was blue in the article ;). Curse your bad journalism sickr

                                        2. Lol I caught that too… but I dont blame her for being confused though, there are like a million games. She seems like a legit fan too… unlike certain other people who pretend like they are.

                                        3. With over 9 billion games and Pokémon out there by now, even the people over GameFreak and Creatures are bound to get them all mixed up. By the by, she actually knew that there was a generation in which the games had numeral sequels. She’s a big fan. :)

                                        4. After a good long day of punching people in the face, she pulls out her 3DS to play a relaxing game of Pokemon. Hahaha.

                                        5. Pokemon Trainer Blue

                                          You know who else loves Pokemon? Just about every damn one..

                                          I love it, my Mother loves it, my brothers love it. Can we get an article on how much majority of people love Pokemon? !

                                          1. Everyone thinks it is cool when Robin Williams likes Nintendo games or the Rock likes Dungeons and Dragons. But when the best female fighter in the world likes Pokemon? Who gives a shit.

                                            So much sexism on this site.

                                        6. Love this! Especially when she says “The only ones I didn’t play were like Pokemon Pinball and that, like, bullshit.”

                                          HAHAHAHA! I laughed very much out loud when she said that.

                                          1. Nope, no one is interested. So shut your bragging ass up. Haha I can’t believe you posted this, you must think you are soooo awesome

                                                  1. I’ll be impressed by this woman only if she takes on a male MMA fighter and wins.Seriously guys,she’s not that big of a deal
                                                    Millions of people love pokemon.Celebs,normal people,boys,girls,old, young ,etc.That’s not news.I expect millions of articles on every single pokemon fan by the end of the month,in that case

                                                    1. She could probably take on the best 50% and lower because, let’s face it, she was born biologically a woman. The top 50% best MMA fighters will beat her to a pulp because they were born with more muscles. To win, she’d have to fight in a more logical way to win, because she’s definitely not going to win on strength alone.

                                                            1. So you are saying because she can knock out women in under a minute that she wouldn’t stand a chance against any male MMA fighter? You know how sexist that actually sounds?

                                                              1. I’ve seen dozens of MMA fighters get knocked out within a minute.Big fucking deal
                                                                On that note,I never said she couldn’t take on a guy MMA fighter.She’s a good fighter herself,but I’m just not impressed
                                                                Sexist? Look out folks,we got a sensitive one over here! The people who put her on a pedestal and praise her to no end because she’s a female fighter are the real sexists,get over it

                                                                1. I’m the sensitive one? I’m not the one that is obviously upset with this article or someone’s opinion because he used the term sexist. But whatever. Carry on.


                                                                In other breaking news, a fluffy kitten played with his ball of yarn until, apparently, he could play no more.
                                                                Confused by how the stringy ball kept rolling around each and every time he swatted it with his paw, the kitten finally fell into a state of deep sleep.

                                                                Our prayers are with him and his family. We shall keep you updated on his state.

                                                              3. Bunch of pathetic assholes here. The difference between you and her is that she’s actually relevant to pop culture, her fans will actually be influence by what she says and does. Yours on the other hand, well, you don’t have fans like she does, if any.

                                                                What do you all care for anyways? This is Sickrs site, if he wants to start posting what ever he likes he can very well do so, its his site. Don’t like it? Go start your own and run it the way you want to.

                                                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                  >>>Like I’ve said countless of times, the cattle are nothing more than a bunch of crying complainers that have nothing going on in their primitive lives other than to engage in sexual rituals and breeds countless of disgusting offspring that makes this planet even worse>>>

                                                                  1. Please, continue to NOT engage your loading phazoms for procreation reasons. You’re no different than any other Anonymous or troll crawling around the floor bro.

                                                                    All hail CAPTAIN CATTLE COMPUTER COMMANDER! Leader of the new born CALFS.

                                                                  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                    >>>How adorable, that LGBT human hater, marijuana pothead and troll tries to be funny and logical when it’s neither, no one wants that ape here>>>

                                                                  3. The ones with posts like “is this news?” or ” why isn’t there an article about the millions of people that also like Pokemon?” are obviously just full of jealousy.

                                                                  4. Is this news? From what I recall this is a site about NintendoNews, not for a horney cunt to post this kind of crap

                                                                    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                                      Yes. She fucking hot. We need more hotties like her in the nintendo fan base. Now that’s something I can finally agree with you on.

                                                                  5. People like her give pokemon a good name. If Miley Cyrus said she liked pokemon that would be bad press for pokemon…

                                                                    1. Miley has lost her flippin mind. Someone showed me a picture of her recently and before I thought “ok, maybe she’s finally come down off all the acid” and I was wrong. I couldn’t even make sense of what I was seeing. It wasn’t attractive, it was weird.

                                                                      1. But she’s a fucking badass so no one would be stupid enough to say she’s stupid or some other stupid shit to her face. And if they do, they are a fucking idiot.

                                                                        1. Except she isn’t stupid enough to hit on someone outside the ring because she’s knows better than that. She would go straight to jail.

                                                                      2. She dedicated her previous fight to Rowdy Roddy Piper, who passed away just 1 day before that fight. She also likes DragonBallZ, as shown at Wrestlemania 31.

                                                                      3. When I read the title I was like “Maybe she was paid to say something about it”. But after I saw the video I was like “Holllyyy shiiittttt she reallyy is a fann! I will support her stuff now!” Hahah, awesome to hear this kind of stuff:P

                                                                      4. Woop da fucking Do. Ones a padon Time There was a kid name Spla He’s famous, he likes Pokemon to. WHO DA FUCK CARES. Oh and Spla likes Smash Bros to Woo he’s a famous Rapper and artist! Wooo! This isn’t gaming news

                                                                      5. The jealousy in the comments from the people complaining about this being news. She’s famous, you’re not. Of course when she says she likes something from Nintendo, of course it’s going to pop up as a news article on here.

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