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Before Kazooie Early Banjo Had Dinger The Dog As His Companion

Rare designer Gregg Mayles has recently been divulging a treasure trove of information on his Twitter account. The latest revelation is that before Kazooie, Banjo had a dog as his companion. The dog’s name was Dinger the Dog and was designed by Steve Mayles. Another revelation is that Dinger the Dog was originally going to be in Dream before the project morphed into Banjo Kazooie.

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16 thoughts on “Before Kazooie Early Banjo Had Dinger The Dog As His Companion”

  1. Goddammit I’m really debating on trading my PS4 for an Xbox One with Rare Replay right now. I haven’t played much of Conker or Perfect Dark and I’ve never played Ghoulies, Nuts ‘n Bolts, Kameo, Viva Pinata, or Jet Force Gemini. I would love to replay the Banjo games again as well.

    If Sony hadn’t pushed all their games to 2016 I probably wouldn’t be thinking this right now too…

      1. Lol yeah I probably should. I guess I was just looking to see if someone would try and talk me down from that ‘ledge’ lol.

        1. Here let me help you then *shoves you into the abyss*

          You can always get a PS4 later on you know. That’s what I’m doing. Most if not all the games I want on PS4 won’t be rare games so I’ll just get them for dirt cheap. As of now, my XBO is getting all my attention, and Scalebound, Tomb Raider, abd Quatom Break has me giddy as hell.

          Also, I’m so stoked for Cuphead.

        2. Don’t do it. PS4 is the best place to play this generation. Just wait a little 2016 is around the corner. The games they have coming are worth the wait :D

        3. Xbox One is definitely the way to go! I’m loving Rare Replay, this alone will keep me busy for months. And with all the games coming out for it, I don’t think I’ll have time for them all.

      2. Enjoying my rare replay right now great collection of games. Few weeks I get gears remastered Xbox is comming out with great games great combo with my Wii u

      3. Just a Star Fox fan.

        Does their new game Sea Of Thieves kinda remind Project Dream to anyone else? Everytime i watch the trailer it always gives me Project Dream wibes. Anyways before reading the title it was clear that dog was designed by Rare, they really had style of their own that made them unique, fucking Nintendo should had bought them when they had a chance, maybe then WiiU would have more games and we would be playing Banjo-Uuie,Jet Force Gemini U and Diddy Kong Racing 4

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