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Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Series 2 Delayed Presumably Due To Demand Of Originals

Nintendo Japan has confirmed today that the second series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been delayed until an unspecified date. Series 2 was supposed to be released on September 30th but has now been pushed back. The reason for the delay is presumably because the card sales have exceeded Nintendo’s initial expectations. Shipments of Series 1 will be coming in late August and the planned production of the Series 2 cards has been shifted to Series 1.

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13 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Series 2 Delayed Presumably Due To Demand Of Originals”

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>They should look at the Ancient Archives and see how our nemesis back then, The Segans, did to find themselves in their current state, so that they can realise they are behaving something like that with this>>>

      1. Y’know, you’re right. Nintendo is treating amiibo in the same way Sega treated their home consoles: like shit.

        1. They *could* meet demand if they wanted to. Sure, to do so might require them to spend a fortune, but they’d easily make their money back and then some.

          1. That’s the biggest problem. They don’t want to because it creates false demand. That’s just fucking wrong.

          2. (read with Yoda accent) Indeed they should … A dangerous path they are on, to annihilation it leads…trying to warn people I am! D:

        2. They should understand by now that no matter how “unpopular” a certain character is, the fewer they print, the more demand it will have, causing it to always be out of stock, making them lose sales and money. And then people will sell them on Ebay for $100.

          1. You’d think they’d have learned from the figures which they STILL can’t meet demand for.

            Also, these are just CARDS- those don’t take nearly as much time and effort to make as amiibo figures. There is *no* excuse this time.

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