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Log In To The Nintendo Website Using Nintendo Network ID and Get 750 Stars

Nintendo UK has confirmed that from today you can log into the Nintendo website using your Nintendo Network ID or Club Nintendo account if both are linked. If you decide to do this then Nintendo is rather generously giving out 750 Stars which can be redeemed from the Stars Catalogue. You can log in, here.

  • You’ll receive 750 Stars, which can be redeemed for items in the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue! You can choose from items such as download codes for games (some of which are available for just 600 Stars), soundtrack CDs, and much more!
  • Logging in with your Nintendo Network ID will also log you in to Club Nintendo, and vice versa.


Thanks, Navi

17 thoughts on “Log In To The Nintendo Website Using Nintendo Network ID and Get 750 Stars”

  1. Nothing for America though eh? Ah well, I had fun spending my points a while back, it was a pretty fun day! I’m looking forward to the new system in a few months.

    1. here we have this “I´m an American, I´m the most important person in the world because the USA is the greatest country so listen to me.” thing.

      1. No… Here we have “American’s buy the most Nintedo mercy” – Not sure if that’s true, but there’s nothing wrong with that statement.

        People need to rethink their views on America. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone fits stereotypes you’ve grown to believe it. I always thought the ‘stupic american’ ploy was a joke, but many believe it isn’t. Don’t judge a group you have little experience with.

        I know plenty of of nice, intelligent, stupid, and rude people from all over the world – None of them are exclusively one or the other.

        Speaking from experience.

      2. Yeah, how is it that Club Nintendo Europe keeps getting soundtracks and extra coins, but we got shut out months ago? I find it even more annoying that they haven’t yet announced their next rewards program, so I’m just buying all sorts of stuff right now that won’t count towards anything.

        1. Because you suck balls. jk There are reasons, one of them being there are lots of countries in Europe and they have more shit to get rid off before they shut down.

      3. Not even all of Europe can get this. For example, I live in Finland and I cannot get anything worthwhile with stars. I could fake being British and get themes or other useless stuff, but I cannot get that smexy Mario Kart 8 soundtrack even though I have more than enough stars for it.

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