Splatoon’s Latest Splatfest Is Underway

The latest Splatfest is now underway in Splatoon, pitting fans of hot dogs against those who prefer roasted marshmallows. Splatfests are themed events that give participants who rank high enough a chance to get a valuable Super Sea Snail item to upgrade gear. The very first Splatfest took place in June, and it asked participants whether they preferred cats or dogs. The current Splatfest will run through August 8 at 9 p.m. PT.



    1. I can barely find any HotDog teams to play against.

      Guess they all playing with their wieners :)

  1. Half my matches were against my fellow Marshmallows. The rest was mostly be destroying Hot Dog players. I’m not sure this one is gonna be close like the last one.

    1. >>>To have fun, that’s what gaming is all about, what else do you want?>>>

    2. I’m thinking the same thing. There should be special weapons, special weapon upgrades, special clothing that you can only get from winning a certain amount of Splatfest matches or a certain level. I don’t know. Maybe unlock a special bonus map. Splatfest has lost it’s appeal. I still have 20 Super Sea Snails from the last Splatfest.

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