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Check Out Some Mighty No.9 Footage From Gamescom

A lot of you were disappointed to find out earlier this week that Comcept has taken the decision to delay the Kickstarter backed title, Mighty No.9. The reason for the delay was due to a nasty bug in the multiplayer code so the team took the difficult decision to delay the title to early 2016. The team says that the actual game is virtually finished so here’s a look at the single player mode that was showcased at Gamescom this week.


23 thoughts on “Check Out Some Mighty No.9 Footage From Gamescom”

  1. They could always release it and fix it later like them AAA FUCKERS. Lol but good if its not right do not release it

  2. There’s this “lag” everytime he dashes and gets the little “plasma” things that opponents left… I really DON’T like that, hope they fix it

  3. This game had so much potential and I was really looking forward to it but I don’t think it’s going to live up to it. When I played the betas they were decent but needed some fixes and polishing which betas typically do, but it doesn’t appear to have gotten much love since then.

    I’m really a bit disappointed.

  4. Looks dull. Where are all the awesome and mindful platforming of megaman? This is literally just: das staight ahead . _ .

  5. hum still want to have a go at it. people are mad because of producer and the way the campaign went. But the game seems for me correct, the gameplay is the same as it was first presented. I don’t know what not to like in that game.

    Graphic look decent, I play games for fun and it looks fun. Not later than yeserday I was playing Bionic command and Burai fighter on NES so for me those graphics look great, I don’t need hyper realist graphic.

    It’s rockman but it’s not rockman so far the game is what I epxecting to be.

  6. You guys asked for a Megaman game and you got it, lol. If it doesn’t look as fun to you as you imagined, then you’re finally realizing how old, boring, and dated Megaman games are.

  7. Who says later levels wont up the difficulty?? Obviously this was presented in the demo, its a fricken demo! People cant always play at 10 with a new game. Wait for release.

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