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Here’s Some More Glorious FAST Racing NEO Footage From Gamescom

In case you missed it, it was Gamescom this week in Cologne, Germany. Among the titles showcased at the event was Shin’en’s promising futuristic racer FAST Racing NEO. During the event Tilmen from Nintendomination managed to capture twelve minutes of captivating footage of the game with direct sound. Shine’n revealed earlier this week that FAST Racing NEO is scheduled to be released on the Wii U eShop around December time.


27 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Glorious FAST Racing NEO Footage From Gamescom”

    1. And could you imagine what the finished build will look like? It’s gonna be one of the prettiest games this gen

      1. “It’s gonna be one of the prettiest games this gen”
        Since when do you fanboys care about graphics?

    2. Watching the counter count down reminded me of the counter in F-Zero GX and how the robot talking sounded like the principle from Doug.

    3. It looks amazing but most importantly it plays great. I can’t wait get this game, I need a F-Zero like fix

    4. I’m not impressed. Does not feel fun to me, to be honest.

      But… I hope I’m wrong — this has a Sonic All Stars Racing atmosphere, which I absolutely love.

    5. Stupid Wii U reduced to an indie console,its failure let to the death of Iwata and Yamauchi,will go down as the worst console in history lol Nintendolovesplaying it safe and baby friendly…….Nx will fail too

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>It’s a nazi, both him and Nostalgia_W, they have problems with everything like the apes they are>>>

        1. Gods, I NEEEEED this game- it’s been too long since F-Zero GX and this will scratch my itch for a current-gen mach speed racer.

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