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Latest US Splatfest Results Are Close Call But Team Marshmallow Wins

Nintendo’s latest Splatfest has come to an end in North America. It was a much closer battle this time around from both Team Marshmallow and Hotdog on Nintendo’s third-person shooter Splatoon, though the former just edged its way to victory with a 256 – 244 winning score. According to the latest results, courtesy of Callie and Marie, the breakdown saw Marshmallow claim victory in terms of popularity with a 64 per cent lead over Hotdog’s 36 per cent, while Team Hotdog topped the wins with 52 per cent versus 48 per cent.

Nintendo of Europe’s Splatfest is still underway and will conclude in the next few hours where either Team North Pole or Team South Pole will be crowned the victor. Last week, the colourful Wii U title had a considerable update which saw the arrival of two new matchmaking modes, new weapons, gear and a level 50 cap for players who have already reached level 20.

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67 thoughts on “Latest US Splatfest Results Are Close Call But Team Marshmallow Wins”

        1. I actually forgot that there was a Splatfest the first day (8/7) and remembered the next day… Good thing it ended at a good time other wise we may have lost. Lol, My log says I played for 8 hours… (Good thing I had time to kill)

          1. The way I see it, no matter what the victory multiplier is, there should be a significant enough lead to trump the other team. All the Splatfests in N.A. so far have been very close in battles, with Cats vs. Dogs being 51% to 49% respectively.

            1. Well actually….if you lose the same amount as you win the ratings will stay the same. But i dont know what the exact parameters are for the eventual winners.

            1. Nope it’s fanboy fest at its best and the fact there’s an article every single day shows how desperate everyone is to make it seem relevant.

              1. Well to be fair, its Nintendo’s main flagship game to push right now. You can’t fault them for pushing the game. I mean, you can but what the hell for?

                1. Hmm their only flagship game from a GAMING company. I think you explained a good reason already why this is unacceptable. That’s their fault for not putting their focus where it should be. And like it or not it is a big turn off to have the same thing shoved in your face every day. Theres plenty of people who have just gotten tired of all the articles and won’t even try the game now. Over advertising is just as bad as under.

                  1. I don’t think people wouldn’t purchase Splatoon due to the amount of news regarding updates and game related materials. I would think its for other reasons.

                  1. Lol finally someone beat me to it I’m not the only sick and tired of having at least one splatoon article EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. And only the biggest fanboys would not be irritated. Even if you like a game you shouldn’t want it shoved in your face every day and it’s been this way since like February for fucks sake. I wouldn’t want that with smash or any game. But splatoon fans are so desperate to act like its the best thing ever that they ignore anything like over-saturation of splatoon articles and such. You like the game, fine. But don’t deny it become an annoying daily topic.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Don’t like it, ignore it, simple as that unless you are a primitive human that can’t ignore things that do not concern them>>>

                              1. It’s all that’s on here fanboy. If there was mobile articles all day about Nintendo doing mobile you’d bitch all day you’re so full of shit you primitive tin man fuckface. You need to ask the wizard for a heart AND a brain. Come on with your predictable comeback that makes you think you’re smart when it’s just the same shit you spew on the daily. Nobody gives a fuck about you and your role playing shit its stale than these articles.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>I don’t need to say anything more considering you already imagined what I would say to you, so just listen to your illusions and do that>>>

                                  1. Man I m gonna play with my metal gear v in 3 weeks.What you will play? Yeah nothing because ur a cheap bitch who buy nothing.

                                    Also because you are European like me in this site I could forgive you if you promise me you will buy and xbox one.

                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                        >>>If I had an upgrade for everyone that has told me that, I would be as powerful as 10 Gods right now>>>

                                      2. You know you can just scroll right by it, right? Doesn’t even take a second of your time or even take one calorie to move your finger.

                                      1. Not a fps its 3rd person like the fanboys love to point out and regardless of its good or not it’s annoying as shit seeing it every day. Smash and kart never got this many articles and I would hate if they did.

                                        1. Splatoon gets articles all the time because there is always new stuff being added to the game. New weapon dlc every single week. New Maps almost every other week. All the stuff about this newest big update. Splatfest is also a big event. the game is constantly on this site because there is constantly new stuff being added to it. This is a nintendo news site after all. It’s here to report the news. What new news is there about Zelda, Smash, or Mario Kart? none. that is why there is not daily articles about this game. Splatoon only gets constant attention because Nintendo is constantly doing stuff with it.

                                        2. There were other games around then. Wii U doesn’t have a lot of new games atm beside Splatoon and Devils Turd.

                                        3. Splatoon is great , the problem it miss so many features but still great game.

                                          Personally some features I would want are
                                          1)Equipment slots so I can change gear in lobby.
                                          2) better map rotation.
                                          3)better story mode.

                                          1. No doubt it may be good but I’m tired of seeing nothing but splatoon articles, that’s my big issue now. It’s annoying as hell. I play smash a lot but I don’t want articles on that all day either it would be annoying to people who don’t like smash.

                                            1. Sadly this is a news site. And sadly it is a news sites job to post about the news. And because it is a nintendo news site, that news is mainly about nintendo games. As much has you are tired of seeing news about splatoon I am afraid the only way that will happen is if nintendo stops doing newsworthy stuff with the game. but seeing how they keep adding new weapons on a weekly basis… and new maps on a bi weekly basis…. not to mention all the stuff with splatfest…. i am just afraid the day that this site stops reporting about splatoon is just….. quite a long ways away.

                                              1. How about when Nintendo makes some new games for the Wii U that are not delayed. Might be more to talk about than Splatoon.

                                            2. It’s not like there’s any other games to talk about. Luckily, Nintendo has Splatoon. I can’t imagine if there was no Splatoon. Mario Maker does nothing for me. I’m seriously burnt out on side scroller Mario. Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame, that’s about it on my Wii U list this year. I’m waiting for Until Dawn right now. I’m curious to see how the butterfly effect works out.

                                                1. That has nothing to do anyway with Nintendo or this site. There’s way too many splatoon articles fanboy.

                                                  1. Has everything to do with Nintendo. Slow game releases = a lot of news about one game for a long time until another releases on the Wii U.

                                                  2. Has everything to do with Nintendo. Slow releases = a lot of news about one game for a long time until they release another on the Wii U.

                                                2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                                                  I was aligned with Callie, and the marshmallow menace. I still think hotdogs should have won. Wins should equal victory. Not popularity.

                                                3. Yawn more splatoon for the people actually playing who clearly have nothing better to do but play and talk about this game. This game divided Nintendo fans and it’s still doing it. Fanboys have no problem with this game taking up so many articles on the daily but actual fans are sick of it. Stop shoving it in our face stop posting about these stupid tourneys and shit and the results. If there are no other games to talk about who cares that doesn’t mean milk the shit out of a game with as many articles as you can.

                                                  1. A “divide” doesn’t apply when there’s at least a 75% approval rating. Your incessant whining is at least seven times more annoying than the MNN people doing their job. If there’s nothing else to report that’s Nintendo’s problem more than anything.

                                                    Meaning, shut the fuck up you annoying douche.

                                                    1. Lol fuck off fanboy they can post other stuff there are plenty of sites with better news. This isn’t even news. I speak truth you’re the douche. Just cause you happen to like the game you are all for it. You’re a fanboy. No game deserves the amount of articles splatoon has had. Go fuck off and suck some splatoon tentacle cock fanboy bitch.

                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                        >>>And yet you are here complaining about this “not so good site” when you could be on the supposed “better sites”, you are as brain dead as the Xbots, well you probably are one as well>>>

                                                      1. Fuck off you stupid ass fanboy splatoon articles need to stop the game has been out a few months you are a blatant fanboy as it is and everyone knows it but asking for MORE splatoon news just shows how much dick you’re willing to suck and how much shit you’re willing to eat and say it tastes like ice cream cause Nintendo made it. No other game has ever had this many articles it’s pathetic how they try and hype this game even AFTER release.

                                                    2. C’mon, Team Hot Dogs, I know we should have been better than this…

                                                      This is the second Splatfest where I carried my teams and we STILL lost overall.

                                                    3. I smell a rat, in europe on popularity north pole won, 52% to 48 and southpole won on wins 52% to 48 and this win ratio in the state’s was the same the odds of that happening would be massive!!!

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