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Nintendo Talks About Timing Of NX Announcement And Venture Into Mobile

Scott Moffitt, executive VP of sales at Nintendo of America, has explained to the Examiner why Nintendo decided to announce the NX when it did, rather than wait and have a device to show off to consumers. Moffitt also touched on why the Kyoto based company is now going after the smartphone market which is clearly lucrative business these days.

“Going back to the reveal, it was important for us to reinforce to our loyal game fans out there that we remain committed to the world of dedicated game platforms. We believe there is magic that occurs when you have a marriage between the hardware, operating system and game content itself. It was important for us to recommit, on behalf of our game fans, to that business. We didn’t want people to think we were migrating away from that core principle, which is we believe in the power of dedicate game platforms and we are going to remain in that business.”

“We can’t deny the massive install base of smartphones out there, and some fans that aren’t old enough yet to afford their own gaming console, perhaps for those consumers they can start to appreciate some of our content and build a relationship with some of our characters and our franchises. We feel it’s going to be an additive to our console business.”

“We don’t want it to be a substitute for the kind of game experience you can get and that’s why we announced it at that time. Normally, we wouldn’t have taken that step of telling people we are working on the next system, but we wanted people to know we remain committed to the dedicated game device business.”

“Judging by our stock price, the [reaction] was very enthusiastic, but our game fans were also very enthusiastic. People also respected the fact that we remain committed to making rich, deep experiences that they can enjoy in their living room.”

“[Mobile and console] are two different types of gaming experiences and I don’t think the approach we’ll take is to just port existing content over to the mobile. That really wouldn’t be doing justice to those devices and to that experience, it’s a different kind of gameplay.”

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83 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks About Timing Of NX Announcement And Venture Into Mobile”

  1. Yeah, in short, he revealed absolutely nothing. We already knew they announced the NX so people wouldn’t go bonkers about the mobile games.

  2. Nintendo is going after the casuals again with mobile. If the casuals come back we have no one to blame but ourselves.

      1. the idea of “casuals” and the negative portayal of that part of the consumer base (the majority of it, which is what makes money and keeps companies afloat) is some of the most ignorant bullshit you clowns spew.

    1. “Going back to the reveal, it was important for us to reinforce to our loyal game fans out there that we remain committed to the world of dedicated game platforms.”

      To *remain* committed to consoles, you have to be committed to begin with. The way Nintendo is handling the WiiU shows me anything but commitment.
      The only thing they did by announcing the NX so early was losing the trust of loyal supporters who actually believed in the WiiU.

      1. Who the fuck said that NX is the successor for the Wii U? This interview sounds like they wanted to show 3DS owners that they are not leaving the handheld business because of smartphone games.

            1. Not true. If it is, could you show me an article where someone from Nintendo says NX is a home console? Because I hear a lot of people say that they have, but no one can give me proof.

              1. It’s basically logical speculating at this point given how poorly the Wii U has been performing sales wise. I just don’t see a reason for Nintendo to release a successor to the 3DS so soon (unless the NX is the rumored handheld/home console hybrid system) due to how well it’s been selling and the fact that 3rd party developers still want make games for it. A new home console seems to be more logical judging from the new Zelda being pushed back from it’s intial release year

              2. Why my good sir I will gladly give you some good proof that NX is indeed a Home console:
                Reggie: “In the home console space, we’re focused on Wii U. NX is in the future. That’s something that we’ll talk about at the appropriate time. But right now, it’s all about driving our Wii U business.”
                Note: in the paragraph prior, Reggie went full length on the 3DS and is success.

                Tanabe:”If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo’s NX console,”
                Talking about the next PROPER prime game, not the spinoffs on handhelds. He also must know of the console if third parties were shown it a week prior to the quote at E3.
                Some more proof is that DQXI is being considered to be brought to NX. Although also coming to 3DS, it would make sense to be a home console if not coming to Wii U. They are also considering FFXIV port to NX, with the only concerns to porting it is when the NX will be released and if they are okay letting NX users play with gamers on other consoles. Even in this article Moffit states, “…living room.”, implying a home console and that people were worried that Nintendo would drop out of the dedicated gaming business, a concern only rises by the Wii U’s failure. The only proof towards a handheld is the 3DS age, which wouldn’t matter and would still imply to a console, since a possible 2017 release would fit the normal age of a console. Not to mention that Wii U is obviously failing much more than 3DS and the lack of games at the recent E3 for the Wii U. It seems you didn’t do your research, Pheonix Wright.

                      1. I do not know what the NX is and I did not to intend to claim it is a console. Trust me, I hate it when preach that is a certain platform (why I replied to the OP). Sorry for the misunderstanding.

                          1. But it gives strong credence to the belief that the NX will be a home console. Why replace the 3DS when it’s doing fantastic but continue to let the Wii U flop about like a dying fish? Then again, this is Nintendo we’re talking about here & could easily do the stupid thing & actually replace the thing that is doing fantastic.

                          2. Well written Paul, however, non of this is actually proof. It is evidence towards NX being a home console. 🙈😉

                            1. It is a successor you fucking idiot. Why you think they announced Wii so early in GameCube’s time? Because of the same reason but now it’s much worse since that loyal fanbase is almost gone.

                          3. Essentially I think he’s saying we’re not getting the NX for quite a while and it was only to make sure people knew that they’re working on it and not going straight up mobile. I didn’t expect the NX was coming anytime soon to begin with, it felt like it was too early a reveal since the Wii U only really picked up speed when the first party titles everyone wanted came out (Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros U, Super Mario 3D World, etc). They also haven’t done the things they planned yet, such as GameCube virtual console. They created the GameCube adapter, which is useless outside of Smash Bros at the moment, so I can’t imagine they abandoned that with a peripheral that’s ideal for it. I dunno, I just don’t think the Wii U has run its cycle yet, but we probably have another two years or more to wait for the NX anyways.

                            1. Who the fuck said that NX is the successor to the Wii U?! This interview sounds like they eanted to show people that they are not leaving the handheld business because of smartphone games.
                              A Gamecube Virtual Console was never officially planned.

                              1. We know Gamecube virtual console wasnt planned, the console is too weak with 1gb to support it. It’s 1gb OS can barely handle DK64. Play DK64, swim in water and collect coins and bannas and see the system struggling playing music and handling sound effects at the same time. They should have thought about more than 1gb for the OS in 2008 but Nintendo is stupid so.

                                1. Uh, the Wii U has 2GB of DDR3 RAM, not 1GB. The Wii U wouldn’t even need to use emulation of the GameCube because it uses the same type of processor – both use PowerPC chips, so performance on GameCube games would theoretically be even better than emulating N64 games.
                                  Not only that, the RAM has absolutely nothing to do with whether a console can play an older console’s games, when it so far surpasses the RAM the older console has anyway.

                                    1. IWATA JUST SAID, ARE NEXT SYSTEM WITCH NINTENDO SAY EVERY GEN…

                                      phones are accesable by everyone including kids and theres a lot of cheap tablets out there providing casual-advertizing-and OS to these devices is bringing more customers to the CORE SYSTEMS….

                                    2. mobile games are cool on the run but they cannot match the experience of the home console , well back to my Wiiu.

                                    3. Hell, we already knew that for months!

                                      Too much damage control since E3, like someone said here yesterday.

                                      This is a clear sign that Nintendo is really adrift.

                                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                            >>>The Xbots would know the meaning of fear and extinction if I ever did become the Supreme Leader of the empire>>>

                                                    1. no we as normal thinking beings know this sadly the idiots think nintendo is goingbthird party or want to virally spred it

                                                      1. No one here is saying anything about Nintendo is going 3rd party.

                                                        Also, please recapitulate what’s going on with Nintendo and realize that they are really lost in their business.

                                                    2. Ms and Sony make no profit in the last 10yr and people still think Nintendo is in trouble lol

                                                      And these so called casuals play more games then most of you people because you are too busy crying on a website

                                                    3. While NX is currently in R&D, i hope they know it needs more than 1gb for the OS and gaming. Hopfully the fools developing the NX makes the best decision specs once the console goes on sale you cant change it. Stupid to make wii u slightly more powerful than PS3.

                                                        1. I think I understand why he mean. At one point it was said that of the 2 GB Ram thant 1 GB was reserved for the Operating System and 1 GB was reserved for games along with the EDRAM which I don’t know if developers have been using the EDRAM besides Shin’nen.

                                                          1. That division was never confirmed as far as I can tell.

                                                            “Weak, slow, and stupid” says the hater on a Nintendo FAN site. Keep in mind it’s not all about the ram.

                                                            1. It is weak slow and stupid. MK8 loading takes longer than MK Wii. And Wii U is supposed to he more powe4ful, Takes forever to load on wii mode, and stupid for giving the OS 1gig and 8 gigs for storage. If the console isnt stupid why is the 8gig wii u axed?

                                                              1. I’m glad to see you did comparisons, I was busy quick loading straight into MK8 and actually playing instead of nitpicking.
                                                                Wii mode is a virtual console within a console, what the hell did you expect? Load up a last gen disc in a PlayStation system and you’ll get the same, many times worse as some titles aren’t even backwards compatible.

                                                                Did you idiotically buy an 8GB, is that why you’re hurt? It’s a non issue, you drive the top seller/version in order to condense your portfolio due to limited sales.
                                                                Why did PlayStation stop selling the smaller PS3 or with backwards compatibility? Same strokes different folks.

                                                            2. They also need to be adding Gamecube support to the NX while the console is in R&D. And they need to be thinking of added enough gigs to the OS so they can add in features through the server in case they come up with new ideas after the NX went on sales. Thats why the Gamepad cant support the Wii OS. Too weak.

                                                              1. What on earth does a “1GB OS” even mean? It sounds like you just know a couple of technical terms and want to use them wherever you can to sound clever, but it’s really not working.

                                                            3. They also need to be thinking of 1st party games and making them for the NX. They know how long it takes to make wii u games. So get started now. But Nintendo is stupid so….. they didnt even make Pokken Fighers for wii u at the same time the arcade version was in R&D. All they had to do is release the arcade version first pike tradition and just have the wii u ready to go on sale after that. But was too stupid to not think that way and have to start from scratch.

                                                                  1. Just because Bandai Namco is making it doesn’t mean Nintendo doesn’t have any control over the project. Nintendo is protective of their IPs these days because of the bad instances where they let someone do whatever the hell they wanted with it *cough*NintendogamesonCD-i*cough*cheesycartoons*cough*badsellingmovies*cough* so it’s not like they just threw the 3rd party the game & said “Do whatever you want; we don’t care. Good luck.”

                                                                    1. GameFreak has a say in the matter too. Bandai Namco is making the game and was for the arcade in the first place. A Wii U version is not guarantee and was never said to be a guarantee. If Bandai Namco wants to make a Wii U version then they will. Nintendo overseas projects that uses their IP but do not make decisions. They make suggestions.

                                                                      1. Choosing not to make decisions & not able to actually make decisions are two different things. Nintendo does the former. Now if they try to do something Nintendo won’t like, then you can bet your ass Nintendo can & will make a decision on the matter by not letting them do it. Again, Nintendo doesn’t just let them do whatever they want… for the most part.

                                                                        1. No, they don’t. For the original person’s question, they would need to ask Bandai Namco why they not making a Wii U version along side the Arcade version. They the only ones with the answer.

                                                                      2. “That really wouldn’t be doing justice to those devices and to that experience, it’s a different kind of gameplay.”

                                                                        Fuck mobile shit, if people cant buy a Nintendo system for Nintendo games then they only deserve the most watered-down of glorified demos for their shitty devices. It would be far more of an insult for Nintendo to focus on making games that will only appear on mobile crap that true Nintendo fans would not get to play on 3DS. Any mobile game they make should be out on the 3DS first and not be the full game when ported to phones and shit.

                                                                        1. They’re making separate titles for mobile. Only the IP is used.
                                                                          You and everyone should have access to mobile device, no need to fill the 3DS library with crappy mobile titles.

                                                                          1. If Nintendo makes games that are only available on a mobile device then that is at least in some part them abandoning dedicated hardware.

                                                                            “no need to fill the 3DS library with crappy mobile titles”
                                                                            If we are going by the assumption that their mobile games are going to be crap (which I personally hope they are to an extent so they give up in the market) then whats the point of playing them at all? Pokemon Shuffle, while I dont give a crap about it, at least started out on the 3DS and then got ported to mobile, that’s how all these games should be, Nintendo should design them for the 3DS first and then port them to mobile. There is nothing special about mobile that makes it so the games have to be unique for the hardware, 3DS and smart phones have touch screens, that’s all the uniqueness they need. Mobile should only get the leftover scraps of the full games that Nintendo should be focusing on for their true fans and their first-party hardware. Nintendo shouldn’t be alienating their fan base that will buy their hardware and games and wants to support them just to win over the casual mobile market.

                                                                            Do we really want Smash Bros. 5 to come out and have a bunch of trophies, music and what ever that only ever appeared on a fucking phone game? That would be a huge insult to dedicated Nintendo fans. If Nintendo is willing to spend development time and resources on games that will not even appear on their own hardware and never let true fans get to play, well then that is just a shit covered slap in the face.

                                                                            1. Of course they’re partly abandoning proprietary hardware, hence why they created a partnership with another company (tho we lost a MK employee). It’s something the old Nintendo way of thinking wouldn’t have done, but changes were necessary.

                                                                              I’m going off my personal opinion that mobile games are always inferior to console gaming. I expect match 4, tapping titles, angry birds, etc. style for their mobile titles. NOT console worthy things.

                                                                              As I said, they’re not making the games themselves. So they shouldn’t be wasting precious development time on small mobile titles for porting when it can be better used for full console entries.
                                                                              One hardware difference is capacitive vs resistive touchscreens. Plus the whole control scheme and dual screens.

                                                                              Once again, they themselves aren’t making them. So I would assume content will stay on its respective platform. I’m sure only the mobile titles will borrow music from the IP, not the other way around.

                                                                              I think it’s best we hope the mobile games are profitable so that creates money for the console gaming. The current fanbase wasn’t enough for them, so they had to make these changes. 10M U sales are not enough to be competitive in this day and age. Nintendo couldn’t keep ignoring the BILLIONS of mobile devices out there, while everyone else rakes in the money.

                                                                          2. And yet at the same time, decided to can F-Zero possibility, remake Star Fox 64 into a so-called “new game”, split Animal Crossing into two POS spin-off party favors instead of one core game for Wii U and don’t even get me started on Federation Force…

                                                                            “Ensure the loyal fans we’re committed to gaming” MY ASS!

                                                                          3. Thays because Nintendo is stupid. Their R&D wasn’t well planned. For some stupud reason they were more concerned on making Project Cafe more poweful than PS3 and 360 then focusing on next generation. Thats why the slow, weak and stupid system is just at 10 million units. I knew it was a dumb idea to continue to make a weak system. 1gb for gaming. Dont make me laugh.

                                                                          4. The wii u is so slow stupid and weak, you got to buy a y cable so that the portal hardrive will work. In R&D they knowing they were going to sell an 8gig console for storage they didnt think of boosing up power so a portable hardware will work with one port? When they decided the specs in R&D in 2008, what they didnt think 8gig owners wouldnt need a hardrive? That was stupid. But nintendo is stupid thats why the 8gig is axed out now. Stupid.

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