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GameXplain Highlights Nintendo’s Splatoon Easter Egg With Squid Sisters Theme Song

GameXplain has discovered Nintendo’s rather sneaky easter egg lurking on the seabed floor following Splatoon’s recent update this month. Thrown in amongst two new matchmaking modes, new weapons, gear and an increase to the game’s level-cap, the ever-popular Squid Sisters from the Wii U title are back in the limelight once again in a cleverly hidden section of the August update. Love or hate Callie and Marie during their breaking news speeches, they are oozing with charm when singing to their theme song, particularly if you can tap to the beat as well.

Hidden in the depths of the Private Battle multiplayer password screen, GameXplain highlights how fans of the game can use the numbers to emulate the Squid Sisters theme song – providing you know the correct number order and specific timing. Nintendo’s neat trick can be seen directly in the video embedded above, so make sure to give it a go in between this weekend’s Splatfest.


15 thoughts on “GameXplain Highlights Nintendo’s Splatoon Easter Egg With Squid Sisters Theme Song”

    1. Please don’t verbally destroy me too much for saying this, but I don’t even own Splatoon. The gane looks really great and looks really fun, but the only Wii U game I will be buying in the entirety of 2015, is Super Mario Maker. The reason being, is that my Dad doesn’t like me buying games. I don’t know why, I will be buying Super Mario Maker with my own money and have no problem buying Splatoon with my own money as well. Heck, I am going to be buying Super Mario Maker, but everybody the house will know about it, except for my Dad. Which sucks, but I’m gonna have to live with it, until I move out. If I buy too many games behind my Dad’s back, then eventually, he will find out.
      Plus, I am going to University starting next month, so I won’t even have much time to play games anyway. My Mom was opposed for me wanting to get Mario Maker, but I convinced her by saying that it will be a great stress reliever from all th Coursework I will be doing. After that, she had no problem.

          1. Look at it this way, as long as your father is a father and is actually there to help and support you in life, then you should be grateful. Some asswipes will tell you that it’s bad that your dad is not letting you game but if the field that you want doesn’t benefit from it, is it a really a bad thing? Plus its not like gaming is life, its just a hobby. As you get older, get a real job, get a wife, and have kids, gaming becomes less and less of a priority. You’ll thank your dad that he actually supported you in actual real life matters.

            (That’s if he’s actually helping you.)

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Your father must be destroyed, nothing must stand in the path of the holy N, not even the holy N itself>>>

      2. That’s pretty sad. Your dad sounds like he’s trying to be a dictator, mine is somewhat the same way, just not with games. Luckily I’m moving out very soon.

        You sound old enough to be making your own decisions. So that’s just questionable parenting…

      3. That’s rough, man. People shouldn’t ever be opposed to video games, especially a game like Mario Maker that encourages creativity, community, and design sense. Obviously, everything should be done in moderation, but I hope one day you can make your dad see that video games are fun, and that a whole family can enjoy them together.

        1. Ahhh lol. I forgot to choose a side in time, but I would like to think I would have chosen marshmallows. However, that might only be because they won.

  1. You have it a bit reversed, the melody is “ingrained in all of squid kind” (that sheet music tells you as much), the squid sisters just used it in their music, because if you have a species-wide known melody why not use it in a song

  2. Sooo, how long until this tune is put into Japanese music text books like The Eight Melodies from MOTHER are?

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