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Xenoblade Chronicles X Features American And British Voice Actors for Localised Versions

Those of you who played the fabulous Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and Nintendo 3DS will be aware that the game included rather amusing British voice acting. Well, it would appear as though Xenoblade Chronicles X will also include British voice acting, but it will also have some American voice acting thrown in to mix things up a little bit. Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out December 4th.


Thanks, Paidenthusiast

57 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Features American And British Voice Actors for Localised Versions”

    1. also the fact that all the comments that agree with you practically say thing suggests that they are fake accounts, this video just makes you look like the lifeless loser

    2. I was interested in watching this… But the guy who made it is the worst example of a gamer…he is basically saying a hardgamer cannot love Nintendo.

      The guy who made this video is an immature, hypocrite. His version of “exposing” him is simply the fact the guy loves Nintendo??

      He obvious hates Nintendo and Paidenthusiast… It’s very, very pathetic. I bitch about Nintendo stronger than any troll, but this guy? Is the most pathetic Nintendo hater I’ve seen, and actually gives me more respect for Nintendo fans knowing that this kinda shit exists.

      PaidEnthusiast +1 … Trolls – all respect.

      1. Sometimes I wonder why some people love to ‘expose’. Maybe they got too much time sniffing around other people ass. Who cares if someone is xbox,ps,nintendo fanboys or pc masterrace. People are arguing because of this and it’s pathetic. Well, they are arguing on internet but in real life they don’t say a word.

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        So lemmie get this strait. The American version has American voice actors, and ths European version has British voice actors? Because the video I saw from last E3 showcased the characters with American accents. But the article sounds like it will be mostly British accents with some American thrown in.

    3. And nobody cares. Except Americans and Brits I guess. I’ll just not play with the dub and pretend there never was an English version.

      1. Yes! The British voice actors in the first one were larger than life. Fuck the Japanese anime style voices.

      2. Rather amusing British voice active is very subjective, to many people, American voice acting would be ‘rather amusing’. And just the other day an article was posted looking for new writers saying they should ‘keep opinion to a minimum’, yet the current writes don’t even attempt to display any objectivity in their articles.

        1. Yeah this article was written like shit, was thinking the exact same thing. American voice acting is meant to “mix things up a bit”? Wtf?

      3. I feel like “rather amusing” is somewhat of an understatement. Also probably something they would say in game. Lol I love the British accents in XBC. I would totally change language to British English to hear those accents again.

        1. It’s not going to be a language change. It’s going to be one English version with both American and British VA’s.

        1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Just the other day I said Nintendo of America could easily cut down costs of localizing if they just shared the expenses of hiring voice actors from both regions to do voice over work! I can’t believe that’s exactly what they are doing with this game! I hope to hear the voice actors from the first Xenoblade Chronicles when this game releases over here!

            1. What? Is there something wrong with actually liking the voice overs of people that aren’t American? Then again, you called someone a weaboo for preferring Japanese voice over work over American voice over work as if that’s a bad thing.

              1. For anyone who naturally speaks English to prefer a Japanese track? Yeah, I consider anyone like that a weaboo, especially those in this comments section who claim they won’t even buy the game if there’s no Japanese option.

                And yeah, when I hear “I hope there are actors from the first Xenoblade!”, I consider that being obsessed.

                1. Well they did a great job so of course I hope I get to hear them again. Nothing wrong with that. They are one of the many reasons I loved Xenoblade Chronicles and am actually thankful for Nintendo of America being too cheap to localize the games. For once, Nintendo of America being morons resulted in something positive.

                  1. And it’s not like I said that if I don’t get to hear them that I won’t buy the game. If that’s being obsessed to you, fine by me.

                  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Nothing wrong for anyone to like Japanese speech or whatever, as long as it’s not Xbot infected, but not buying a game simply based on that seems a little pathetic>>>

                  3. Right so when American people lived their whole life eating burgers and hotdogs, they can’t prefer Mexican or Chinese food? Lmao

                2. It would make more sense to have more American actors for the human characters since the White Whale was an American spaceship (it says United States of America on the side).

                  1. *facepalm* Just because it says that doesn’t mean everyone in it were from the United States. This White Whale is of Los Angeles, by the way, which is a hot tourist attraction for the entire world. You don’t think a few British tourists got trapped there when the aliens invaded & attacked Earth?

                    1. That may be, but it is doubtful they would be the majority of the people who evacuated. But a more interesting thing is what of the ships from other countries, most likely some were destroyed but what of the ones that got away? What kind of perils and adventures await them?

                      1. I hope you’re right. I haven’t looked into it much, just assumed it would have it. Thanks for the post.

                    1. Ugh…Love England and the people there. Just not the biggest fan of their accents :/ Kinda annoying to my ears for some reason. Oh well.

                      1. Oh don’t you worry. I’m sure some of them find our accents kinda annoying to their ears for some reason, too.

                    2. Having finished XC3D not even two weeks ago and am playing through it again to do all the subquests, I’ve come to really love the British voice work, especially of Shulk and Dunban (I can even replicate the two voices).

                      While XCX isn’t a priority game for me, I’m glad British voices are still a thing and will look forward to them when I eventually do get my hands on it.

                      1. Too bad we got some British accent hating idiots in the fanbase. No matter. A lot of British people no doubt hate their filthy American accent, too. xD

                        1. From an European point of view.I don’t think it has to do with the accent for an European . It’s more the acting which terrible. The only game where the acting was good is batman arkham series. From what I can gather the US audience in general don’t like voice over which are not US cause they not use to it and doesn’t how good is the acting.

                          1. Oh I know. I’m just pointing out the more extreme people that think just like him in the UK as I’m sure there are a few over there. No matter what region you live in, everyone is more alike than people in other regions realize.

                            1. sorry for the confusion, I should have pointed out that I do agree with you. I certainly did not have a go at you, far from that. I was just adding something else into the mix.

                            2. geez forgot some words in my sentence which should have been:
                              *I don’t think it has to do with the accent for an European’s perspective.
                              *and doesn’t matter how good is the acting.

                          2. I think it’s a culture thing, me being an European it’s one of the best new. For me US voice actors are OTT and overacting.The only US voice over I love is Mark Hamill who is simply the best. The rest hum…. British voice over anytime.

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