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Here’s The First Dragon Quest XI Screenshots


We’ve finally got the first screenshots of the Unreal Engine based Dragon Quest XI. The latest entry in the Dragon Quest franchise is coming to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and possibly the Nintendo NX. The gorgeous screenshots shown off are obviously from the PlayStation 4 version, but they give you a good idea of what to expect.

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29 thoughts on “Here’s The First Dragon Quest XI Screenshots”

    1. It is coming to the NX. It was confirmed by Square Enix themselves at the end of their press conference, it’s just that now they had to backtrack and say it’s ” under consideration ” because they were under strict NDA from Nintendo. Don’t worry bro it’s coming

        1. If the NX has x86 architecture as the rumors suggest and is more powerful than the PS4 or on par with it then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have 3rd party support because these were the main excuses that these same 3rd parties used when they were asked why the Wii U didn’t receive constant support from them. If the rumors hold true about the NX having the same architecture as the PS4/Xbox One and 3rd parties still don’t support it, then they will make themselves look bias against Nintendo and Nintendo fans not to mention untrustworthy

          1. I think all of this will be totally dependent on how well the NX does, or is even received by the public when more information is released about it.

            Just because the NX might be the same or more powerful than a PS4, and might even have the same architecture now, doesn’t mean third parties will automatically jump to it just because of that, it’s sales will be their main deciding factor. And they already have two platforms they’re making plenty of money from.

            No doubt there will be some who ride the waters at first, just like on the Wii U, but it’s always a possibility it could end up in the same situation. Not to say that it will, but it could.

          2. Well I don’t think it will be as easy as you think it would be. If you remember the Wii U was doomed even before release. We had several excuse from 3rd party studio. It was excuses after excuses.

            the 1st one was the installment is not big enough and we wait for the sales to take off (this only apply to Nintendo and not PS4 and xbox 1),

            then once the installment base reach 6 millions, we have the excuse that the console was not powerful enough.

            Then when some Nintendo and some studio managed to produce some beautiful graphic, the next excuse was a port on Wii U will required extra work and the sell are not guarantee cause of the fans (which is partially true).

            You also have the excuse of 3rd party studio who port 1/2 a game on Wii U 6 months later, no even advertising the damn game and blame the fans for not buying it……

            I think Nintendo must have piss off a lot of 3rd party studio, hence why they go indie friendly.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Most of these Third Class Empires are angry because the empire does not submit to their demands nor bribes them>>>

          3. This best better be coming to the NX. What I think (and many others like GameXplain) is that when they announced it they were like “oh crap, we’re not really supposed to talk about the NX” and that’s why they went back on it and said that they are “only considering” it for the NX. I hope so, this game looks amazing, I really like that artsyle.

          4. Wow the 3ds is a beast if it can come up with graphics like this…oh wait this pics are irelevant cuz is not yet coming to a nintendo console!

          5. It’s looks beautiful. I hope it gets localized when it gets released on the NX because I would definitely play this

            1. I would love to get both versions but if the 3ds is the same game then idk if I should when it eventually comes to the west.

              1. How can you not care for something you haven’t even seen, nor heard any real information about?

                It doesn’t make sense.

            2. RipIwata2015#

              Wiiu died so i had to follow
              this game isnt coming for nx because it will be dead on arrival

            3. The juxtaposition of the more realistic setting and environments and the super stylized character and models is extremely jarring to me.

            4. can’t believe it some how, the game will be on PS4 (OK fair enough), 3DS (well there is a lot of 3 DS in Japan) and NX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contrary to other readers here, I am sorry but I don’t wish dragon quest to come on the NX. I have a wii U and I feel like Square-Enix and especially Nintendo tell me to fuck off with my wii U. I for certain not going to buy the NX and will make the most of my Wii U.

              To be honest I bought the wii U for mario kart 8, Zelda wii U and xenoblade chronicle X. Disappointed in Mario kart 8 with the DLC shit, zelda wii U has been delay until god know when, xenoblade chronicle X will not be as good as the original. But I had the opportunity to play New super mario U and injustice good among us as well as others games.

              While Dragon Quest XI was not in my wish list when I bought the console, will be more than welcome in my list of games for the Wii U. Wii U needs more JRPG like the SNES at the time.

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