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Cliffy B Criticises Nintendo For Firing Chris Pranger

Former Epic Games designer Cliffy B has taken to Twitter to denounce Nintendo’s firing of Treehouse employee Chris Pranger. As I’m sure you are aware Chris Pranger was fired by Nintendo of America for his outspoken views on a Podcast he recently collaborated in. Cliffy B says that Nintendo was wrong to take such drastic action and thinks that employees should be able to voice their opinions.

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97 thoughts on “Cliffy B Criticises Nintendo For Firing Chris Pranger”

    1. “Nintendo fires employee that goes on a podcast. Next up they can folks that post youtube videos and do Twitch streams and Twitter?!”

      Uh… Yes? They reserve the right to do any of that. As much as it stinks for Chris, he should always know a company’s policy on these things before doing them. If you have a problem with their policy, you don’t have to work there anymore.

      This goes for any job.

        1. He wasn’t trying to get anything changed.
          He was being an ass and insulting both his company and the fans, saying that localizing certain things was pointless and that they shouldn’t do it.

            1. That’s insulting them. You should NEVER insult your customers, even if it is the truth. If a member of One Direction, Justin Bieber, or Ariana Grande said that their fans are immature kids and teens who will listen to anything as long as it’s catchy would be telling the truth, but they would also lose some of their fans. Sometimes things are better kept to yourself.

            2. Giving his impression of a stereotypical nerd/geek/gamer that has nasal problems wasn’t insulting the fans that speak out against Nintendo for being control freaks? Them firing Chris Pranger just showed how far Nintendo has really fallen. Sure he shouldn’t have spoken out of turn or without permission but I do understand firing was extreme, even if I am on Nintendo’s side in this particular instance. I would have been fine with a simple suspension without pay for a couple of weeks.

              1. I would have suspended him as well, but I don’t work at Nintendo so… I’m just saying that you should NOT insult your customers. Your customers are the reason you are still in business. Yes customers can be frustrating sometimes with their whining. I get it, but that doesn’t mean you should mock/insult them or tell them that they are a vocal minority who isn’t big enough to justify the cost of what they want. It’s the truth but like I said, it’s one of those things you keep to yourself.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Just because some of you are binded by the empire’s idiotic descisions on some areas doens’t mean they are wrong on everything, freedom of speech is an illusion that only exists in limited areas>>>

                  1. “Some of you”…?

                    Let me out of this as I’m not blind to anything. On the contrary, I always acknowledge when Nintendo does a good move. But I can’t really undertand NoA decisions, the worst Nintendo branch ever.

                    If you lived in the NA, you would understand what I’m saying.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>No one is denying anything about how inefficient the NoA department is to the empire, and just because it’s USA, doesn’t mean that Freedom of Speech applies everywhere, infact, it barely even exists over there, the humans have been brainwashed so much by their leaders over there that they can’t see it>>>

                      >>>The brainwashing is off the charts in that territory and it’s hilarious watching them blame other human countries for doing the exact same thing they are doing>>>

                      1. That escalated rapidly, Tetris.

                        I know what you mean, but keeping the discussion on topic: truth be told, NoA is regulated by stupid policies and stupid roles made by stupid people which take stupid decisions. Pranger exposed himself and NoA as well, doing a huge favor for the community.

                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>They should really start by firing the entire Treehouse department first and replace them with competent ones>>>

                              1. Booty warrior te voy a Comer el culito ese te tengo un black manboboy just for you tight ass

                              1. He is honestly pathetic. He’s was butthurt about Cooking Mama and Wii Play/Sports outselling the Gears of War, and he went on a stupid rant about the Wii dominating the console war means that there would be no hardcore games. LOL. What a loser.

                            1. As we all already discussed a couple days ago, NoA is adrift. Pranger just exposed some ridiculous NoA’s policies and positions — maybe unintentionally, but still — and, to confirm the stupid inclination to do monkey business, NoA fired him — in a low-down, very low-down move.

                              I couldn’t expect less from the troupe from Redmond.

                            2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                              Chris violated two counts in a standard NDA for a company such as Nintendo.

                              While this may seem harsh, Nintendo are a company, and companies cannot be lenient when it comes to procedure.

                            3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                              Chris spoke about Nintendo as a company that wants money.
                              Despite almost all businesses do want to profit in the end, it is highly unprofessional to talk of Nintendo wanting money as the only reason they make games.
                              There is already a company with that reputation, they are called EA and whether that is good or bad is arguable but for majority, it is bad.

                              2. He technically insulted members of NeoGAF and while representing any company you cannot insult ANYONE, it is considered defamation and Nintendo can be sued for it. While it may suck because it does impede freedom of speech, it is also a job that requires you to do your work and no more.
                              Do not leak company secrets, do not dirty the company’s name, just do what you are supposed to do, get paid and enjoy your life after that.

                            4. He was fired because:
                              -He gave an unauthorized explanation for the use of the word “New” in their consoles and games.

                              -He made a dorky voice to mock gamers who want their japanese games localized.

                              -He said that somehow Xenoblade Chronicles X is being localized and that he’s sure that it won’t sell.

                              -He said that the people of neogaf are stupid for thinking that the name of the Wii U was the reason why it failed.

                              -He compared Sakurai to Van Gogh and said that Sakurai cries whenever fans don’t like his decisions and yells at his co-workers with stuff like “You guys don’t understand my vision!!”.

                              I’m pretty sure he wasn’t fired just for being on a podcast.

                              1. Exactly. I appreciate your list showing all the points he discussed during the podcast.

                                That being said, today I thank him for doing so. He just took off the pants of the entire NoA board of directors, unveiling the rotteness which lies at that place.

                              2. I love how nintendo screams “They’re not profitable! They’re not profitable!” at localising games which MAY not break even…even though nintendo has billions in their bank and could EASILY afford a loss or two. Listening to their fans might also help as well!

                                1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                  Funny, thinking that a “loss” for the fans is something that is logical.
                                  Tell me, would YOU just “take a loss or two”?

                                  No, I would think not, and neither would any business, Nintendo did not last for 126 years by taking losses just cause.

                                              1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                                Gee, you’re a sharp one.
                                                You can read my username, well done, but did you read my point that is the question.

                                                1. If you have billions in your bank account & are afraid of one or two losses, you are therefore greedy & should be ashamed of yourself. Nintendo just got exposed for the fact it’s another heartless, greedy company that only cares about making money these days. If this continues, Nintendo will soon be on the same level as EA & NONE of us want that… EVER!

                                                    1. Well, they took a loss on the Wii, the 3DS and the Wii U, so I suppose they did take some loses in the past 126 years.

                                                      You are absolutely correct in that a business would like to not have that happen, but sometimes it is needed to get the ball rolling or to stay competitive. That is what AMD did to Nvidia, and it is what Microsoft is currently doing to stay competitive with Sony. They need the pricing to be more attractive to consumers than would otherwise, but even then you should draw the line on the product’s price somewhere.

                                                  1. He’s not wrong. This being said, the guy who got fired occupied an important post at Nintendo and appeared in public often, so they probably expected a more “measured” talk from him and couldn’t pass on some stuff he said.

                                                  2. the boy was naughty, very silly and arrogant, i had to call from the grave and fire him…..Reggie you next.

                                                    1. Like I said yesterday, if they are going to fire this guy over this, Reggie should have been fired a long time ago.

                                                  3. This coming from the guy who fired 110 people because his latest game didn’t sell in the first month as much as the previous 2 in 6 years !!!!

                                                      1. Few months after the release of Bioshock: Infinite , 2K decided to close Irrational Games , Cliffy’s studio , because of the low sales of the mentioned game . Few days later , it was reported that he made a deal with the publisher to open a new studio with a new , less experienced , hens paid staff . Joke on Cliffy though . His new studio is yet to release , or even announce , a new game . And all his old colleagues , whom he stapped in the back , were offered much better jobs with bigger development studios ….

                                                    1. And yet be so goddamn arrogant enough to ignore their critics whom are so right of Wii U being flawed and shit (E3 is evidence of that). All they’re basically doing is desperately dodging bullets they called for in vain because they’re getting hit in some occasions and it’s a matter of time until they fall down on their face, lifeless and braindead of what to do next to save their asses.

                                                      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                                        Why exactly did Nintendo need defending in the first place?
                                                        Over the Wii U’s name? Isn’t that song a little repetitive right now?

                                                        Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut, not a case of whether he has something important to say, but because it is not his job to do the talking.

                                                    2. Next people expect to be able to wear a tutu and rainbow afro to work. Grow up. If you don’t know ASK before you do anything.

                                                    3. Not that this is entirely related to this incident specifically, but more so all of you acting like you can’t do anything about the situation you’re in, or the shitty bosses you deal with. All these people who can’t speak for themselves.

                                                      And people wonder what is wrong with the world? Literally nothing but an ant complex you all have. Yea, the world is fucked for the most part in many ways, but you can create your own bubble of sanity you can still live within. Not everyone has that luxury. A lot of you don’t live in some third world country where you have your family being held hostage, or having your life taken away for speaking up. So please, stop acting like you do. Even then some people in those countries have more balls than you guys do, they’d gladly accept death, rather than being pushed around their entire lives.

                                                      I understand freedom of speech comes at a risk, but you people should not be such pansies about it, stand up for yourself. If you’re commenting here, chances are very high you live in a place isn’t as bad as some others. If your boss is a dick, do something about it, instead of taking it up the ass and just accepting it.

                                                      I’m not saying you have to irresponsibly put yourself at risk, or do it right this instant. Make plans, find a better job with someone who at least respects you and your opinion, then tell them to shove it. Or better yet make plans to start working for yourself in some way or put yourself in a position where you don’t have to tolerate being belittled. It really isn’t as hard as some of you make it out to be, as they say, you aren’t applying yourself enough if you truly believe you cannot do this.

                                                      The things I’m reading here truly hurt my heart. Many of you are just like everyone else who never stands up for anything, you seriously can’t talk about how wrong our lack of freedom is in this world is, but then you sit there and fucking take it like that…. No, just no…

                                                      I’ve told many bosses to fuck off, and especially these young kids who have no place working in the positions their given anyway based on their total lack of experience. I always hated going into job interviews being vetted by people who clearly know less than I do.

                                                      I work from home now, and I could not be happier. It took time to do, but it was worth the initiative which clearly many of you lack. I was not going to sit around being a baby about it, telling myself that’s just how it is, and continue to work at places that did not make me happy.

                                                      This crap depresses the shit of me. A lot of the world biggest problems could all be fixed if people chose to stand up for themselves. Would it come at a risk, a big risk. hell many people might even die and many would lose their jobs if the uproar was big enough, but it would change eventually. But that is the problem in this day and age, people are too scared to sacrifice what little comfort they have, to ever create anything better for anyone in the future.

                                                      At one point that was all people cared about, and people died for what little changes that have been made in the world today. Those people are probably turning in their graves at the state of things now, about all people do today is pointlessly protest in the most meaningless ways, with their moronic poster board signs and glitter… Yea, that is going to change something.

                                                      1. Believe me, as a metered fan, if I could fuck over nintendo for shitting all over its’ fantasies, I would do so instantly. Those greedy fuckers should be punished!

                                                      2. “Hell many people might even die and many would lose their jobs if the uproar was big enough” – I think you summed up why people don’t want to do what you’re suggesting pretty well right there. To say “Oh, well, you might die but it’s worth it for the rest of us” isn’t going to stir anyone into action.

                                                        You also mentioned that many people died in the past changing the world. My question is, was it for the better? In a few instances, perhaps, but most of the time when people died to “make a change”, it was related to war, which isn’t something we should aspire to recreate. On the contrary, most people who have made a positive change in the world have done it peacefully, and without death through innovation and the like.

                                                        Having said that, I do agree with the underlying point of your post; if your boss is a massive dickhead, consider reporting him to fair work associations, or just leaving. I realize however that not everyone is in a position to simply pack up and leave their job; it’s not easy in this day and age to even land a job, and certainly not everyone can afford to go without pay for an extended period of time. We may not be living in a third world country, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is swimming in money; many barely make enough to pay rent.

                                                        I wouldn’t criticize passive people so harshly, and I also wouldn’t suggest that they’re “pansies”. On the contrary, I think in many cases it takes a tougher person to bite the bullet and do the work in order to earn the money to support oneself and their family, than it takes for someone to run away from it all, or even to “whinge” at their boss.

                                                      3. Sigh, first world “progressives” always making an ass of themselves by talking about shit they clearly don’t understand and making idiotic comparisons.
                                                        Us people in the third world would be ecstatic to live a life in which our biggest problem was to have to put up with an annoying boss or a rulebook that says not to leak company secrets; perhaps it’s because necessity has taught us to focus more on landing a job for starters, or making ends meet without starving, or dancing around the constant devaluation of our currency and the inflation of our prices, but we kinda just do our job and punch out at the end of the day, instead of bitching 24/7 about what a huge ass our boss is or what a hassle is that the company has rules you have to follow.
                                                        The only thing that you people show with your little bullshit discourse about how bad you have it is that you’ve never experienced true necessity, you putting your “freedom of speech” or gender politics or whatever claptrap you make up above employment only shows how privileged a life you lead, the fact that you can quit a job on a whim just because you got mildly annoyed, without agonizing about what the hell you’re going to pay the rent and services during the following months is the clearest sign of this.
                                                        To put it simply: PEOPLE WITH REAL PROBLEMS DON’T CARE ABOUT PETTY SHIT, THEY DON’T HAVE THE TIME. If the company says “Don’t talk about this” then you don’t, because to us losing that job is not a badge of honor, it’s months, sometimes years, without a steady income.
                                                        Seriously, every time I read someone from the first world talking the so-called “injustices” they have to face they’re just complaining about something retarded like “Why do I have to follow dress codes?” “Why do I have to put up with annoying colleagues?” “Why is the air conditioning too cold?”, it’s fucking insulting.
                                                        You lot are not fighting for anything noble by blowing your non-issues out of proportion, you’re only demeaning those of us who can’t take that luxury without ending up homeless.
                                                        So get your head out of your ass, you self-righteous egomaniac, in this world human life has no value, everyone is replaceable, and nobody is more aware of this than people from the third world.

                                                      4. So by all means keep running your mouth and talking about how bad you have it, just please don’t try to equate that shit to the problems people in the third world face, your issues are bullshit to us.

                                                    4. It sucks he lost his job, but he broke the rules, plain and simple. Remember the massive Smash leak? Nintendo couldn’t risk something like that again. Info like that can really hurt a company if other ones find it out, and if someone doesn’t follow the rules, they are a risk.

                                                    5. It wasn’t for just going on a podcast. It was for stuff HE SAID.

                                                      1. He works in an area that requires keycards to enter, he can’t just blab about internal processes about localisation.
                                                      2. You don’t gossip about higher up game designers, comparing Sakurai to van gogh as in he’s cutting off his ear because he cannot handle criticism, “It’s my vision!!”
                                                      3. You don’t talk about fans in an insulting manner, intentional or not.
                                                      4. Speaking on behalf of Nintendo without prior decision.
                                                      5. Talking about how NoE “bit the bullet” with when throwing money Xenoblade costs. That could have consequences with their investors.

                                                      But yeah, lets just blame on soles on appearing on a podcast

                                                    6. You know, it’s stuff like this that really grinds my gears. I understand that Nintendo are very protective of their things, but this is just minor that caused an explosion. I wonder about Nintendo sometimes.

                                                    7. Yes Cliffy, you like being popular so you wanna jump on the hate train while it’s still fresh in people’s memory. Good boy. Take your cookie and get out.

                                                      No one knows why the man was fired and everyone treats him like Jesus cause apparently he’s the only man who was fired with a family and cause he possibly opened his mouth about things he should and some agreed with what he said. Perhaps all this energy would be better served just wishing him well out of fellow human concern and empathy and leaving it at that?

                                                      When it becomes my business I shall concern myself when the empire fires someone, but the life of one man who will be just fine does not concern me. The prattling of another fool, who is best known for creating a series that peeked in one generation and has contributed nothing to the empire to prove his value as as designer, against the empire concern me even less.

                                                      All that concern me is that I enjoy the games the empire release and the empire not being a gigantic dick to me. So far both requests have been met so I shall play my games and continue on bettering my lot in life.

                                                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                            >>>You must train into getting rid off that humane type of nature you seem to have, then the worthless vermin will be of no disturbance anymore while you state the truth>>>

                                                          2. Strong words from a guy who claims to “grew and admired Nintendo” and will never work for Nintendo because of this.

                                                            Never say never Cliffy B. you might see your foot where your mouth is someday…

                                                            He who never once made a game for Nintendo is using this to make himself relevant again so he can promote his new game and studio.

                                                          3. I work in a grocery store, and when I started one of the statements was that if you apply any negative comments about the company on the internet it’s grounds to get fired, a lot of companies do that

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                                                            1. Nintendo haters ALWAYS blame Nintendo. I personally would have suspended him or cut his check, but I’m not Nintendo so… My point is, you DON’T insult your customers/fan. They can get annoying, believe me I know they can, but somethings are better left unsaid.

                                                            2. Getting fired was a bit extreme, though. But yeah. He should have known better than to say what he ended up saying because he did run the risk of getting fired… especially if he was exposing some stuff the company doesn’t want us to know about.

                                                          5. Just Listened to the podcast. He went into the podcast as a gamer and that was his ultimate downfall that’s the best way to put it. He didn’t go in professionally and was just too casual with his statements and didn’t really think about the impact his comments would have

                                                          6. cliffy b and his opinions. he should date another 14 year old girl. lol. there is a thing called NDA, which that employee signed. if you break it, than well.. they can fire you.

                                                          7. Former Epic Games designer Cliffy B has taken to Twitter to denounce Nintendo s firing of Treehouse employee Chris Pranger. As I m sure you are awareChris Pranger was fired by Nintendo.

                                                          8. Former Epic Games designer Cliffy B has taken to Twitter to denounce Nintendo s firing of Treehouse employee Chris Pranger. As I m sure you are awareChris Pranger was fired by Nintendo.

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