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Splatoon Is $30 At Kmart

Fancy grabbing yourself a bargain today? Well US retailer Kmart currently has the inktastic Splatoon available for $30. The ink based shooter generally retails for $59.99 so that is a generous 50% saving. You can either purchase Splatoon at your local store or purchase it online.

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39 thoughts on “Splatoon Is $30 At Kmart”

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    who da fuq keeps deleting my inappropriate comments once again I love to swallow links jizz while being ramed by a wiimote

      1. Stuff like that always makes me wonder… What if you just made a fake retailer website page with a sale listing for a game and had Wal-Mart price match it? Do they actually check to see if that sale exists first, or do they just blindly accept?

          1. WalMart is a billion dollar team! Do you really think they can afford losing $30 times the people that buy it?

            1. Well, they just added the Rainmaker mode for Ranked and that’s the best Ranked mode yet, I’d say get it at $30 if you can.

          2. Local Target honored this deal. Guy in electronics section said they would. Took it to Guest Sevices, and they said Kmart isn’t a competitor, but they still honored the $30 price (to not go back on their word).

          3. Best Buy price matched it for me this morning!

            Don’t mention that it’s sold out. The mobile Kmart site works best

          4. I price matched at Walmart today. The game is great so far, and that $30 price tag made it such a smoother purchase.

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