The Next Japanese Splatfest Is Grasshoppers Vs Ants

Japanese gamers will be able to get involved in the fourth Splatfest and this time they will have to choose whether they want to be on Team Grasshoppers or Team Ants. The next Splatfest will kick off on Saturday August 22nd at 12:00 JST. Which team would you side with?

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    1. How ironic. I was literally just talking about people in society today having a huge ant complex, and now this… Is the universe trying to tell me something? Probably not.

  1. I think this Splatfest is based on that one old folktale about the hard-working ant and the lazy grasshopper, so I think the Splatfest is really about “Are you hardworking or are you lazy and carefree?”

      1. A Bug’s Life was also loosely based on the Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper. The ants work hard and the grasshopper lazily depends on the fruits of the ants’ labor. Grasshoppers ruin society. Be an ant!

    1. It is, but for the Splatfest they are comparing it to summer homework. Grasshoppers are those who didn’t finish it yet and ants are those who already did it.

  2. Reminds me of the fable of Jean de La Fontaine ! Sad that it’s not happening in Europe ! I would have chosen Ant :D (…I only chose purple teams wth X”D)

  3. During the Splatfest, participants are given temporary t-shirts to sport; all tees have the same main ability to ensure fairness between both teams. Have you found something interesting?

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