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Here’s Some More Amiibo Costume Leaks For Super Mario Maker


We saw a Tingle and Silver Mario costume emerge from Super Mario Maker yesterday and now it seems as though a few more costumes have been revealed. You can check out costumes for Rosalina, Link, Princess Peach, Pac-man and Mega Man courtesy of a Google+ user – who presumably has a review copy of the game. No doubt we will be seeing plenty more costumes as time progresses.

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15 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Amiibo Costume Leaks For Super Mario Maker”

  1. Still no Third parties news.. Even sony does alot of Sony news. I have like 4 Third party games for my PS4 i only had 1 game when i had a Wii U. Smash bros. Lol pathetic

    1. C’mon man. I know you’re better at baiting than this. Try again, but this time, sprinkle in more “lol nintendrones” or something along those lines.


    2. You didn’t get Splatoon, or Mk8, or Nintendo Land, or WWHD, or DCTF, or captain toad, or SM3DW, or SMBU, or ect. Man you are missing out big time.

      1. Let’s keep this going: Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 and ZombiU (don’t throw your rehashed port which is missing original game mechanics back at me either. That doesn’t count)

        In the future, we still have Xenoblade X, Zelda U (hopefully), Yoshi, Star Fox and Project Treasure.

      2. 4 multiplat’s on your PS4? And how many exclusives? Exactly. My PS4 has Batman and Destiny and I think 1 other multiplat….Point is PS4 is for multiplat’s. You buy more then one console your not going to get the same multiplat on both.

    3. I’m glad Toon Link gets a separate costume. I’m not really a fan of the jumping animation for regular Link’s.

          1. To be fair, there’s 99 costumes in the game. I would feel bad for them if they had to make all the sprites and animations for every character for Mario 1, 3, World, and U.

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