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New Nintendo 3DS Heads To South Korea Next Month

South Korea is the next region in which the New Nintendo 3DS will be released. The handheld will arrive in the country on September 10 and will be priced at 188,000 South Korean won. The New Nintendo 3DS XL has been available in South Korea since last May. In addition to some exclusive titles, the New 3DS can play all Nintendo 3DS games and most Nintendo DS games.


63 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Heads To South Korea Next Month”

    1. That guy & his fellow tyrants in North Korea work so hard every day to be total douchebags to their own people. Should we send him praise & money since we’re doing it for the douchebags at Nintendo? According to some Nintendo fanboys, yes because he does work hard & hard work should be rewarded.

    1. Hahaha good call. Its true and funny, New 3DS is probably one of the most pointless products Nintendo has ever released/made.

      GameboyColour and DSi atleast had something going on, especially GBC, but New3DS only has some lame Xenoblade…… well im just glad i can play all the awesome Zelda games with regular 3DS so not gonna really complain.

      1. But the upgrade itself is nice enough to warrant its existence. It’s just the name that kinda bothers people. Many say Gameboy was pointless because 1. It’s super tiny which is one of its negative points and that the DS is already in the market and plays GBA games on the fly. DSi XL was ugly as fuck and a lot more pointless than 3DS XL.

    1. Most Americans prefer the bigger model… The only reason they are butthurt is because they want the face plates. It’s not stupid to reject the smaller models, it’s fucking stupid to not make the New 3ds XL with the face plates.

      1. Blah Blah, doesn’t matter if the majority prefer the larger model. At least a third prefer the standard size. So there is a big enough market for the standard size.

        1. I think most prefer the standard size for the face plates. My theory is that they should have made the big one with face plates and made a New 2ds like model for the cheaper price.

      2. That’s no excuse not is NoA’s bullshit and hypocrite “3DS w/New 3DS Marketing confusion” while also doing it to Wii/Wii U. Every other nation does indeed buy more new XLs but still have the smaller faceplate models AND along with the older versions because people want options. Again, there is no fucking excuse to skip the U.S. out on that New smaller 3DS.

        1. Not many people want the smaller New 3ds. The ones who do mostly want the face plate. I think they should have made the New 3ds XL with face plates, then they would have stopped a lot of the whining.

          1. Not even close to the fact. They want it for 2 reasons: 1. It’s cheaper and 2. The faceplates customization which people do like. I should add a third reason on top because compare to the XL which you need a fucking tiny Philips screw driver to remove the back to change memory cards, the smaller one just requires you to pop out the back plate and bam. Problem solved.

            And again, every other nation still gets their smaller new 3DS despite buying more XLs so there’s still no excuse.

            1. Then they should have made a New 2ds. On the Nintendo Girls Club ads, it’s in the UK I know but it still brings a good point, you notice that after a while it was only the 3ds XL and 2ds. The 3ds was not really present in the commercials for several reasons. The 2ds had the same screen size as the 3ds and it was cheaper than the 3ds. The cheaper price doesn’t fly in my opinion.

    1. Nintendo of America was smart for that. The only people who want the normal New 3ds are a vocal minority. The regular 3ds sales show that people prefer the model in America. In today’s world, bigger is better. Notice how the phones are getting bigger, we are getting tablets(which are basically huge iPod touches), bigger TVs, etc. Even now, people prefer the New 3ds XL. The only people whining are a vocal minority, and most of them are whining because of the face plates.

      The stupid thing was to make the New 3ds XL without the face plates. I personally don’t care for them, they are fugly to me, but I do know that a lot of New 3ds owners are big fans of the face plates.

      1. I disagree that it’s only a “vocal minority.” If so, gosh, that minority is spread across the entire community!

        I do agree that they should have just made the XL with face plates as well, or even just make just one “new” model. While I personally prefer the smaller model for portability, it isn’t fair to deny those who like the larger screen face plates as well.

        I’ll go one up on the issue and just beat the region lock dead horse a bit. Then we all win. Face plates AND more LE options for the XL!

        1. If it wasn’t for region lock I would have long have had a standard white New3DS. NOA is retarded for just releasing the XL version.

      2. Again, every other countries may buy more XLs but still get the smaller models anyway so what’s US’s excuse again? It’s invalid since the whole world gets theirs and not America.

  1. They should focus on China and Russia, the’d get a LOT of money there, sadly they don’t translate games into russian.

      1. I read about it on Saturday and nobody had heard about it. It looks terrifying, do you know what set off the chemical warehouse?

        1. I think it started with an uncontrollable gas station fire. That soon either exploded and spread to the warehouse or naturally just spread to the warehouse. Thus igniting the chemicals in the depot. :/

  2. The face plates are fugly so I honestly don’t care about them. I AM mad that we, Americans, aren’t getting better color options for the New 3ds XL. I want either: solid pearl white, light pearl blue, or a pearl pink. Nintendo needs to make more colors because I don’t want the regular blue, I don’t care for black, nor am I crazy about the red. I want some cute fucking colors!

        1. Fantasy black is deep black with small specks of light Green, Orange, and Blue color. It’s very nice. It’s actually the color of my car : D.

          No love for yellow the color of energy! ? Say whaa..

          1. Fantasy black seems very pretty. I still prefer white, light blue, and pink though.

            I don’t really want my 3ds, or any technology, to be yellow. I would want a yellow outfit or even yellow accessories, but not yellow technology.

      1. Stereoltypes man. The citizens are regular people. It’s only KJU and a few high ranked officials that are messed up.

          1. They die if they don’t listen. Of course they would be brainwashed instead of killed, it’s an organism’s instinct. The citizens are innocent, I’m telling you.

      1. When talking about North Korean dictatorship influencing people to turn like them, that’s not changing the subject asshole especially when it’s Mr. L knockoff over here mentioned it instead of talking about South Koreans getting the new 3DS later. So who’s changing the subject again, Mr. Moron?

  3. Why can’t America get it? South Korea gets it and all we get is the stupid XL. -_- I just want a New 3DS so I can continue gaming. My 3DS is getting older!

    1. Because Nintendo of Americunts says you should suck it up & just get an n3DS XL like a good little boy. There’s no room for options in Nintendo Land!

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