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Gunstar Heroes Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS On August 20th

SEGA has confirmed that the beloved Gunstar Heroes will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on August 20th. The 2D shooter for the Sega Megadrive launched way back in 1993 to plenty of critical acclaim. SEGA also says to watch out for a developer interview blog post which will be posted next week.

Thanks, Jetforcejiminy

12 thoughts on “Gunstar Heroes Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS On August 20th”

  1. Ahhhh typical todays Sega, when you cant make anything new that would be considered great, might aswell milk all the old games from 90´s. Well atleast its not another Sonic title, that has to mean something, eh?

  2. At least Sega is given us virtual console games unlike Nintendo they haven’t given us jack shit of virtual console games barley nothing

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