Here’s Plenty Of Super Mario Maker Videos For You To Watch

A number of publications have gotten their hands on Super Mario Maker and are currently showcasing some of the zany levels that they have created. GameXplain is one such publication and they have uploaded a number of videos for your viewing pleasure. The videos on offer include 11 title screen secrets, amiibo gameplay, 10-Mario Challenge footage and a video that takes a look at the many weird and wonderful sound effects. Super Mario Maker is due for release on September 11th.


        1. Iv been so close to buying one too. Like, twice Iv picked up a bundle, really internally wrestled the idea and decided to go a different direction. God I miss the GameCube era.

          Cubivore for life.

          1. Cubivore was cool. I miss the N64 days personally. Virtual pets and The Game Boy going color on em.

  1. yes me about splatoon because its just a troll game that anyone does not use because of its no voice chat.

  2. I am liking the Mario Maker because its the best game that’s going too happen and i am going too get super mario maker for christmas because that’s when all the updates will be out by the time.

    1. That 9 day thing isn’t an update. It’s unlocked when you have the game for 9 days, not 9 days after release. Why are so many people making that mistake?

  3. If you cock suckers don’t like it here, LEAVE. I am very excited about mario maker, at least the wii u does not have bug filled games that crash all the time , like sony does.

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