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Nintendo Europe Details Holiday Lineup Including Amiibo And Xenoblade X

You have probably seen that Nintendo of America has detailed the games that are due out for the rest of the year and Nintendo Europe has done the same. Star Fox Zero and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash are both coming November 20th. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be arriving on December 4th. Which games will you be purchasing?

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17 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Details Holiday Lineup Including Amiibo And Xenoblade X”

    1. Sorry but that bloody crossover between Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi is the only Paper Mario game we’re going to get for awhile. Just like some of us Metroid fans only get that Federation ChibiShitForce. Huge fans of a true Paper Mario & true Metroid games will all be possibly screwed this gen.

      1. So sad, but probably true. Party games and crossovers are the way franchises get there gen representations it seems now days. ;(

    2. So much news without announcing them through a Nintendo Direct? Was the death of Iwata the end if them, then? >.<

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    4. lol whAt a weak line up lol,so from end of august up until end of November u only getting one game and nothing in September and October lol im glad im not a Nintenyear old Nintendog fan lol….no wonder people aint buying Weak U,there’s no games on wii u.

      1. For once, I only 25% agree with you. No games til fucking end of November is fucking pathetic. I guess Nintendo of Americunts isn’t the only HQ I should be trash talking in this instance.

    5. Wow. Apparently NoA isn’t the only local HQ for a territory I should be talking shit about for the atrocious lineup of games being released. So Reggie was effectively lying about no game droughts not just for America but Europe, too. *shakes head & just chuckles* Nintendo has been pretty pathetic all around this gen, haven’t they…

    6. 4 games…. excluding mario maker…. the rest are toys…Amiibo… seriously… amiibo for me are like a sauce/accomplaniment not a main dish…. no wonder why zelda has been push back cause I think 2016 won’t have much to offer on the wii U.

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