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Here’s The Official Box-Art For Star Fox Zero

star_fox_zero_official _box_art

We found out earlier today that Star Fox Zero will be flying onto the Wii U on November 20th in the United States and Europe. Now Nintendo of America has revealed the final box-art for the game which features the Star Fox crew we are all familiar with as well as the Arwing and the Land Master. You can also see that the game will support amiibo. Star Fox Zero is developed by Platinum Games. You can view the European release dates for the holiday season, here, and the North American 2015 release dates, here.

138 thoughts on “Here’s The Official Box-Art For Star Fox Zero”

    1. I really hate how the stupid amiibo icon replaces the “Nintendo Network” icon… I cant tell if a game has online play anymore. Even SSB’s case has the “NN” logo replaced.
      Ugh, I’m worried that this game will have no online play and completely fail in that area.

      1. Final box art with an RP rating? Yup. “Final” box art.

        Looks better with all the crew than StarFox alone. That’s an opinion though, game still needs more polish (hope we see it in a Nintendo direct soon)

                1. Yeah, they need fans to forget about Command. God that game was weird, story wise. Gameplay wise too. Assault was BOSS SAUCE though. Damn, that one was good. Aside from killing off like the entire cast.

                  1. Commands story was like fanfiction or something, but the Gameplay was spot in for Nintendo DS, I can’t think of a game I enjoyed more for touch screen Gameplay on that console. The ship controls were see less for me.

                    1. Peppy’s too important to the game’s world though. They could probably have gotten away with General Pepper though.

                      1. But dying would make him any less important, though. Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man universe died but his death is a big driving force for Peter Parker as Spider-Man. A death is only meaningless if it doesn’t result in anything good coming from it.

                      2. Wow I have pity for these Nintendo fanboys. All they receive is a slow drip of new content months and months in between. I guess its some what fitting if you consider the parallel of how there is a slow drip of decomposed flesh fluids slowly dripping out of Iwata right now.. Isnt it ironic..

                        1. What do you mean “slow drip of new content”? Do you consider box art new content? If so your standards are terribly low. Who cares about box art as long as the game is good? Maybe you just don’t like the fact that Nintendo actually takes time to develop a good game. Perhaps they should be like Call of Duty and release the same exact game year after year just so they can earn a quick buck.

                          1. Thanks for addressing that, but that is what church of sasori came out from, and his mother too, and her mother before that. For a nasty cunt begat sasori, and and a nasty cunt begat his mother, and his mothers mother.

                          2. I was going to agree with you but you just had to go into lowlife territory with that Iwata comment, didn’t you? Too bad you weren’t one of the losers arrested for gloating about preparing to shoot up a Pokemon event. You probably applauded when you read that article about the plot.

                        2. your dirty nigerian hoe of a mother told me she loved it when excrement was dripping deliciously on her lips and you licked her penis real good. yum yum Obinna Sasori

                                1. Except the quality of that video in the horrible E3 Digital Event was shit. *remembers Iwata was in said horrible digital event* A shame one of the last times we saw Iwata was in something that a good majority of people hated with a passion. *sigh*

                                  1. Indeed. Even sadder is that one of his last messages to us was that he was sorry for the poor showing and would strive to do better at E3 2016…

                                  2. They also said it needs more detail and polish. NOPE! It’s just a last minute rush of a Star Fox remake/reboot because they have no other clever ideas left to do with the series.

                                    1. Plus as long as the game plays well which i’m sure it will i mean Platinum and Nintendo working together
                                      Who care how the game looks gameplay should alway the priority of a game i mean visual Flare is nice but it doesn’t matter if the game sucks

                                  1. Awesome boxart. The walker thing in the bottom right corner still looks a little out of place though. But oh well, who cares. Can’t wait to play it.

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                                      1. I have to agree here while i enjoy Star Fox Adventures and Assault (figth Me!) i’m not the biggest fan of the rare redesing i honestly think the puppet style from the snes and 64 era fits Star Fox Better which i think is what the new boxart is going for

                                          1. Third person shooting action with its classic but open world sky/space plane dogfights and an original storyline/enemies that doesn’t suck. Assault is beast. :) I only wish that was remade for 3DS instead of 64 since it’s basically a typical arcade style game which gets stale quick.

                                              1. I haven’t played Assault so I can’t give my opinion on the matter but 64 was chosen because it received better reviews and was more popular.

                                              2. If Star Fox Zero isn’t like Assault in the fact you actually go to every location in the game as it has a full length story, I’m skipping this game just like I would have done Star Fox 64 3D if I didn’t get a chance to get the game for free digitally as I was going to just get Star Fox 64 as a virtual console game & call it a day, because I wasn’t going to pay 30 bucks for a game that would have given me the same experience a cheaper alternative would have given me. I’m referring to the fact Star Fox 64 3D only had local multiplayer. If it had online multiplayer, I would have gladly paid 30 bucks for it. In the case of Star Fox Zero, I can forgive the local only multiplayer if the story for it is vastly different from the original Star Fox game & isn’t a short, set path with alternate routes to the final boss.

                                                1. I see. I liked that art style better, to be honest.

                                                  Also, Assault is probably the best entry of the Star Fox franchise.

                                                  1. Although I don’t like the redesign of Fox in Assault, (or his voice in Smash 4, just wanted to point that out) I have to agree that the Box Art for Assault looks better. It’s not the realistic look of the characters in Zero, but the setting and placement, and the detail in the Arwings. The Arwings and Chicken form look blurred out and unappealing. The Chicken form is just hanging there in space like someone just threw it in there. There’s a bunch of Star Wars Republican Cargo ships just chilling in the back with a few little explosions placed around them. I like the title and the look reminiscent of Star Fox for the Super Nintendo, but I just think they could have done something better with the surrounding. Looks nice though.


                                                      1. Sadly, an awesome skin is a major change for some people. But let’s hope the Falco amiibo isn’t rare as fuck & that Fox gets better stock because the stock online is horrendous. Having those amiibo well stocked won’t make the fact we can use them to unlock stuff in Star Fox Zero so bad if everyone that intends to own the game can actually get their hands on the amiibo. I wish I could say the same for the Fire Emblem amiibo. Luckily, we won’t get Fates til next year so hopefully the amiibo stock will be a hell of a lot better by then… but I won’t hold my breathe.

                                                      1. They suppose to look like puppets in here people seens to forget that the original star fox promotional art was inspire by puppet show from the UK more specific the ThunderBirds which Miyamoto is a fan of, ever wonder why in the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64 the characters mouth movement was weird? It was to make it look like they were puppets
                                                        Beside if you think this looks worst than FnAF you may have some serious eye problems

                                                        1. And that’s why the series wasn’t taken seriously. No wonder Star Fox only had like 6 games and two of them sucked while the new is just SF64 in HD reskin and redesigned but familiar levels.

                                                          1. Adventures was awesome, played just like The Legend of Zelda and had beautiful graphics for the time. I feel sorry for those who never got to play it. Online reviews aren’t always as accurate as they seem.

                                                            1. Adventures does get a lot of hate for not being the traditional Star Fox. I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad if it remained as Dinosaur Planet but was part of the Star Fox universe with Krystal as the hero & the Star Fox team just being side characters helping her. But Miyamoto just had to want the game to be a Star Fox game with Krystal as the bloody damsel in distress. A chance for Nintendo to have another female lead being the hero of her very own franchise down the drain it went. Maybe Star Fox getting a reboot might lead to Star Fox Adventures becoming the game it should have become.

                                                              1. Humor? lol Since WTF mainstream Star Fox like that one had humor? At least Assault had some good humor like that dinosaur friend poking fun at Fox over Krystal relationship. Because it had an actual story and character development. Games like Zero, 64 or even Command didn’t do much over story.

                                                                1. So you are telling me that a franchise game about space Anthropomophic animals is mean to be taken serious
                                                                  Also it was Adventure the one with dinasour Buddy Tricky since he only apear briefly in Assault
                                                                  Also i don’t understand why people call Adventure Or Assault as the best games in the Franchise while i love those game they have problems some serious ones at that
                                                                  Adventure has the same Problems that Rare Games had but to a much greater Scale and that’s the aboundance of Collectibles not to mention that the Flying stages were clearly an After thought not to mention that the Mix of fantasy and Science Fiction feels Akward and out of place honestly the game would have been better if it just would have remain as Dinasour Planet not to mention how disproportioned hard it can get like the chase sequence and the Buttom Mashing test of Strenght no to mentioned the writing is bad at times like crystal been really bland in Adventure even if it keeps the rare Charm
                                                                  Assault while a Giant step up from Adventure still have problems like how clunky the controls are in the foot sections of the game not to mention that shooting seems off and while the Writing improves Greatly it is still not that great honestly People Should play Assault a second time and will see why is not that good

                                                                  1. I never thought Adventure was a very good game. Just a strange “last minute” change stunt by Nintendo and Assault, although a great step up from Adventures, did have some flaws (nothing major). I just wished there’s a follow up game that improves Assault’s dual third person shooting (ground and air) gameplay and add online multiplayer that’ll likely be addictive for a while.

                                                                    1. So you just want a shooter Star Fox Editiom u scrublord
                                                                      All joking aside you really shoul wait till the game comes out before judging it hell if anyone can make Star Fox great again is Platinum and Nintendo working together since the First has talent and experience with Flying Gameplay and the second one is finally taking the series again into their own hands once again with direct supervision of Miyamoto Himself
                                                                      Honestly Companies will always let another person handle their IP that How we get Metroid Prime and Kid Icarus Uprising if don’t try they get nothin

                                                                      1. Not saying Platinum is not worthy but knowing that their games could end up boring after played once (which is exactly how Star Fox is), I don’t think they would do much. Metroid Prime by Retro not only blew the fans minds away but it’s length, core and controls were amazing to be played again. When I play Star Fox, it gets stale very quickly like Animal Crossing due to its short, linear length.

                                                                        1. Everyone has their own taste hell there still people who want an SNES metroid game like myself since Prime feel like a game once you finish you that’s it since really there is no much replay value in the game once is done hence why a lot of people like Platinum Games since they have replayability thank to things like their ranking system plus their unlockable and style of prefering whole game a opposed as DLC
                                                                          Honestly prime while certain a Excelent Games no question in that i think it only suprise people cuz there wasn’t anything like it Exploration Fps are a Rare breed after all since honestly while the Prime series had good stories it didn’t expand the Metroid Universe as a Whole especially Prime 3 were they had the perfect opportunity the Dive into the politics and factions of Metroid Series Also they had the opportunity to Flesh samus a bit more but they didn’t which i find dissapointing but maybe that was for the best since no one wants another fail attempt to give samus more Character

                                                                          1. Prime did indeed expand the background storyline a of Chozo considerably like the Treaty of Chozo/GF in Prime 3 that resulted in sharing information and technology.

                                                                            1. Nope that works there but in Star Fox it Doesn’t work for a reason and that’s balance in the FF we see balance of both one doesn’t outshine the other but in Star Fox Technology Clearly outshines the magic aspect and i belive this is better Highlight with crystal in Adventure she is the type of magical princess of an ancient Tribe thing but in later Games Assault And Command that’s gone for good honestly the Fantasy element doesn’t work in Star Fox because it wasn’t suppose to be there as Adventure was Original Dinasour Planet
                                                                              This is the same reason why Later FF like XIII trilogy fall flat since clearly one element is besting the other one

                                                                            2. Are they also supposed to look poorly photoshopped? Because if so then what a resounding success.
                                                                              The problem with this cover is not the art style used for it, but the way everything is put together in the most amateur of ways; believe me, I study graphic design, and this thing is littered with rookie mistakes.
                                                                              The characters are probably the biggest offenders, not because of how they look (Although the hyper-realistic fur is a bit jarring considering not even real-life puppets look that detailed), but because of how they’re implemented. I assume they were trying to replicate the style of the Assault cover with the character sandwiched in between the title and the scene, but why the ugly cropping and cheap dissolving effect? If the intention was to give the characters a more ethereal feel then just setting the transparency of the layer to 50% would do the trick with much more elegance and finesse.
                                                                              Then is the scene, which is technically fine but definitely lacks dynamism, the enemy ships are way too far behind to feel menacing, and the background itself, while pretty, is also boring and uneventful. And then there’s the gigantic issue of the Walker just floating awkwardly in the middle of it all with no context whatsoever. Again, the Assault cover did something similar with the Landmaster, but it was well integrated by giving it a place to stand on and involving it on the scene, the Walker in this cover is just there, clearly phoned in into a scene where it originally didn’t belong.

                                                                              1. Where did I say it looked worse than FNaF? I don’t see that anywhere in my post.

                                                                                What I mean is, Fox and company are supposed to look cool and maybe a bit cartoony, but his design makes him look like one of the FNaF characters, which are definitely creepy to look at.

                                                                                  1. Just like many game it takes inspiration from the Past game which is not a bad thing hell it’s been said since the E3 that this is reimagine of the Star Fox 64 so of Course it will have similirarities just like Star Fox 64 was of the original Snes game
                                                                                    Plus Assault was not that good while a great game on it’s own merit the game feels as the on foot section were an after thougt just like the Flying section were for adventure
                                                                                    In all honestly Star Fox zero looks good Hell i’m sure it will be good i mean Platinum is involve on it and just like Nintendo they Focus more on the gameplay than the look i mean visual Flare is good and all but the bigger concern should be the gameplay of the game not how it looks i will take a game that looks like an early N64/PSX as long as it plays well
                                                                                    Honestly i don’t see what people are talking about the game looks fine to me and as long it plays well the impact the game has is the same people really should be more worry about the gameplay rather than how it looks

                                                                                    1. Uhm… A reimagine is actually the same as a remake. You just take the original, give it an updated appearance, change the story slightly, & boom: remake!

                                                                                      1. Then again, video games don’t really use the term remake the same way movies do. Bleh. Whatever. In this instance, they are same thing. Now if I’m proven wrong when Star Fox Zero releases & it alludes to Star Fox 64 as a past event, then I’ll buy the whole “this isn’t a remake.”

                                                                                          1. Well they did say the Walker was something they took from the unreleased Star Fox 2, if I remember correctly.

                                                                                          2. Maybe Star Fox Zero will be like Xenoblade Chronicles where beating Andross isn’t the real end of the game as the real villain is lurking in the shadows. Or like Kid Icarus Uprising where Medusa was just the puppet being controlled by the true leader of the Underworld Army.

                                                                                            1. What could be bigger than Andross though? Andross is a disgruntled scientist whose experiments were so dangerous he was banished to Venom and now seeks revenge for it.

                                                                                              1. I’m sure people asked that about Medusa when they first heard she was just a pawn of Hades & didn’t believe it at first.

                                                                                              2. First of all, I never used the word “original”. I said it was a new game and not a remake. Also, what is that video supposed to show me? It’s a side-by-side of a mission from the new game and a mission from 64 3D. Granted the two scenes have some similarities but they take place on the same planet. Of course they’re gonna look similar. But they’re by no means the same mission. One ends in a clearing fighting a boss, and the other ends in the heart of Corneria City. Finally, this is just one mission from either game. How can you say this new game is the same as 64 based on one level?

                                                                                                  1. I agree with you that a reimagining is a remake but a reboot is seperate. A reboot refers to the entire series being remade while a remake refers to a single game being remade.

                                                                                                    1. Damn. You got a point that I can’t ignore right there. You’re right. ESPECIALLY in the context of a franchise.

                                                                                                      1. Simply saying you’re right does’nt make you right. Show me some evidence of Zero and 64 being the same game and I’ll agree.

                                                                                                        1. He can’t because we have only seen the early part of the game not the whole product
                                                                                                          Also there is a difference between reimagine, Reboot and Remake.
                                                                                                          Reboot mean Remaking a series from the Ground Example Devil May Cry to DMC they have the same name but the latter is a complete new continuity new look, new story, new lore etc.
                                                                                                          Remake Mean remade and updating thing for the new generation like Sonic Adventure 2 to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Same Game but some new updated visual and gameplay elements like the Battle mode, and improving the game performance another example Resident Evil 1′ Remake from the Gamecube
                                                                                                          And last reimagine means take the old settting but doing something different with it example Silent Hill Shattered Memories for Wii/Ps2 it the same setting as the original Silent Hill with The same Characters but with a different interpretation and situations another Example is Funny Enough Star Fox 64 which is a reimagine of the original Snes Title

                                                                                                          1. Not really since the Star Fox Reboots weren’t develop by Nintendo,
                                                                                                            Adventure was develop by Rare And Assault was develop by Namco
                                                                                                            Star Fox Zero however is been develop by Nintendo themselves with the aid of Platinum Games which i thinks is a better candidate to give Star Fox a shot rather than Namco
                                                                                                            Hell Platinum Turn Metal Gear Rising a game that had a really rocky development since 2009 and turn it into a good product in just a year so am really think they can help the franchise

                                                                                                              1. Assault wasn’t that good while i love the game i will never defend it because the game does have flaws like clunky controls on foot the Aiming problems and over all story problems like how serious the games trying to be but sometimes it falls flat honestly Platinum is a better bet at Star Fox than Retro, Namco or Rare since they have experience with Flying gameplay like Kamiya who love this kind of games he and Platinum are more than qualify to help this franchise more than any other company hell they turn the trainwreck that was the development of Metal Gear Rising into a great game honestly we can keep pretending that Assault was the Highlight of the series because is not

                                                                                                              2. Um, except Adventures and Assault weren’t reboots- they were both sequels. SF has only been rebooted twice: once with SF64 and now with Zero.

                                                                                                            1. No Krystal?… I hate how Miyamoto doesn’t give a F*ck about ththe stories and plots of video games or linking the series together -_-;

                                                                                                                  1. I hope she returns as a cameo to set up a spin off game that is what Star Fox Adventures was originally planned to be: Dinosaur Planet.

                                                                                                                    1. That would be pretty cool, I just hope she would be relevant to SF as a whole again after said spin-off.

                                                                                                                      Like, what if it was two sides to one story? We see Krystal’s story (which is the focus) and Fox’s story is on the side and doesn’t start until near the end of the overall plot?

                                                                                                                      1. As long as it doesn’t pull a “It was Andross pulling the strings all along, now enjoy this quick ending with one boss battle! lolz!” crap, I’m okay with it. I don’t want another Zant moment where who we think is the main villain gets killed off & then there is only one small section of the game meant for the true villain of the game. I want there to be at least two or three more dungeons before taking on the true villain.

                                                                                                                      2. I agree with originalbloodace in this instance. Since this is a reboot, Krystal wouldn’t fit right now. Least not as a major character, anyway. She could pop up as a cameo though for a lead in to hopefully a remake of Adventures into Dinosaur Planet as a spin-off to Star Fox.

                                                                                                                        1. This is what is wrong with some Nintendo fans. They are selfish & think if they don’t care then no one else should. This is why we have fights over voice chat, achievements, expensive DLC bundles, on-disc locked content ala Splatoon, Krystal no longer being in Star fox, anti-playable Ridley people, and the list goes on. Apparently some Nintendo fans really don’t want options & just want someone to tell them what to like & what to not like.

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                                                                                                                      4. As much as I hate the fact this is yet another restart of Star Fox, if this leads to Star Fox Adventures getting remade into Dinosaur Planet as a Star Fox spin-off with Krystal as the main hero, I’m cool with this starting the franchise over. But hopefully there will be an option in Star Fox Zero that allows us to play it 64 style, with a high score set up & alternate routes to Venom, or play it Assault style where you can go to every location in the game as the story is linear which culminates as a final battle on Venom against the last of Andross’s army. If it’s exactly like Star Fox 64 with the high score & alternate routes set up, I’ll just stick with my free downloaded copy of Star Fox 64 3D. Least the quality of that game in 3D looks better than the shoddy quality we saw in the Star Fox Zero video at E3.

                                                                                                                        1. And when future Star Fox games release that follow after this reboot/remake/reimagining, I’ll just look online for any story changes that Zero made so I won’t be completely lost in the Star Fox Zero sequel. Or I can just get a Gamefly account & rent Star Fox Zero.

                                                                                                                          Whichever path Miyamoto is taking with Star Fox Zero, my money will not be wasted.

                                                                                                                      5. Oh & this box-art looks good but it could be so much more awesome if certain things on this box didn’t scream amateurish. Like why the fuck is a Walker running in space? At least put it on a damn spaceship or an asteroid that is shaped to where something can actually land on it.

                                                                                                                      6. This finalized cover art spells 100% Kamiya Approved (except that Bayonetta 2’s Hashimoto is directing it) !

                                                                                                                      7. Looks good. Let’s hope they rework the game’s visuals a bit too. I know, I say that every time this game gets mentioned. That doesn’t make it any less true, though.

                                                                                                                      8. im loving the art box of the game it looks amazing i cant wait to get my hands on it and i hope the game sell well soon the game will be done in no time i wonder if theres a chance to get another star fox game on the NX.

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