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Japan: Pokemon Shuffle Now Available On iOS & Android

Japanese gamers can now download former Nintendo 3DS exclusive Pokemon Shuffle on both iOS and Android. It is available on the App Store and also Google Play if you have a Japanese account. One thing that you are unable to do is transfer your save from your Nintendo 3DS game which will be a sore point for many. There’s also apparently a lot more micro transactions than the Nintendo 3DS version too.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: Pokemon Shuffle Now Available On iOS & Android”

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  2. It’s easy to change your Apple ID to Japan to get it. Should be easy to play without knowing the language if you’ve played the 3DS game.

  3. Just click the link and switch to that region store. You can switch later. You don’t necessarily need a Japanese account.

  4. What about if I play the japanese version and then I want to play the American version? Will I have to do all again?

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