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Rumour: The Modern 8-Bit Mario Amiibo Might Not Be Bundle Exclusive


A lot of you want to purchase the 8-bit modern Mario figure, but the only way to get him at present is through a bundle. However, leaked documents from Walmart, that have appeared on Reddit, suggest that 8-bit Mario will also be sold separately at some point, but is likely to be a retailer exclusive.

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13 thoughts on “Rumour: The Modern 8-Bit Mario Amiibo Might Not Be Bundle Exclusive”

    1. I guess that sorta confirms and defines that Dr. M is only exclusive to target “AT LAUNCH” (limited time) like It says on Nintendo’s confirmation web page. Also, Notice how the the Walmart doc says “IMPLEMENT DATE: 9/28/15″… DR. Mario comes out on 9/11/15 which means it will be exclusive to target for about 2 weeks (contingent on stock not running out).

      1. Walmart Canada is now getting Target exclusives, similar to how some of them got Rosalina. Not 100% on how it’s currently working now with new releases but it’s likely.

    2. Wait a minute……..there’s bundle with the classic pixel Mario amiibo coming to North America? I thought those bundles were only in Europe?

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