You Can Pre-order The Shovel Knight Amiibo From GAME

Nintendo of America today confirmed the existence of the long-rumoured Shovel Knight amiibo. If you are in the United Kingdom then you can pre-order the figure from GAME. It’s slightly more money than previous amiibos at £14, but it’s sure to be snapped up by collectors and sold for a higher price online. If you want to secure your Shovel Knight amiibo then pre-order, here.


  1. I pre-order my amiibo first thing today and I was the first one at GAME in my local area to pre-order the Shovel Knight Amiibo :D

    1. I believe they’ll announce a USA release sometime later.
      I think it’s just because of some weird deal they have and the fact the developer is from Europe so they want Europe and the UK to get our hands on it first before you guys over in America.

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