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Models From Canceled Banjo Kazooie Remake Shared

Steve Mayles, a former developer at UK studio Rare, has shared some of the models that were set to appear in a remake of the original Banjo Kazooie. The game was in development around 2005 and was codenamed Banjo X. Little is known about the game other than it would have included an co-op mode. It’s not known why the project was cancelled, but by the looks of things it could have been great.


19 thoughts on “Models From Canceled Banjo Kazooie Remake Shared”

  1. Why don’t they just do that NOW. People I CLAMORING for it, I mean, look at Yooka-Laylee. That’s like… living proof people would go bonkers for this. God. GOD.

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  3. Too bad Nintendo is too cheap and stupid to just make Ukelaylee a their exclusive. But hey they were stupid enough to bail out on Rare before buying Banjo-Kazooie when they owned part of it. But Nintendo is stupid so…

      1. The sad thing is that he’s right about Nintendo being stupid in letting Rare go. It was the beginning of a long list of bad decisions by Nintendo.

          1. And don’t give me the “they made the right decision because the talent was gone.” bullshit. Fuck the talent! I wanted those fucking IPs! Nintendo could have always found new talent!

            1. And you’re too thick to make an comment that isn’t random troll speak and the fact you spelled the Title of Playtonic’s new game wrong…

              Epic fail

          2. Looks more like a full remaster of the game, but instead we were given Nuts N Blots (Which isn’t a bad game, just a bad Banjo-Kazooie game) and a re-release of the original game…. Why must you do this Microsoft!?!

            1. I’m giving Nuts n Bolts another try on Rare Replay and I’m really enjoying it. I grew up since 2008 and I’m mad at myself for dismissing it so fast just because if wasn’t what I wanted at the time .

              1. I really don’t like it, so far. Recently got it from Rare Replay; was expecting a really fun game. Racing is my second favourite gaming genre besides Platformer so I thought it would be great, but I dunno. The mission based system, the levels being split into acts, the art style and the Rare Replay versions slowdown just ruined the game for me.

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