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Mr Miyamoto and Mr Tezuka Play Rayman Creator’s Super Mario Maker Level

We heard a while back that Rayman creator Michel Ancel has created a devious level in Super Mario Maker. Now we have had a chance to not only see the actual level, but watch it being played by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. The level is named PAC-Mario and is a score based level with plenty of power ups and coins. Super Mario Maker launches on September 11th.

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47 thoughts on “Mr Miyamoto and Mr Tezuka Play Rayman Creator’s Super Mario Maker Level”

    1. Lol I wonder what nintendo’s next console will be called. Fuck U? Wii Rape U? Wii U 2? Wii Shit On U? Wii Dissappoint U? Miyamoto’s Sex Machiene?

            1. Wow, that’s such a dumb way of thinking. If he was anything like the rest of Ubisoft, Rayman Origins and Legends wouldn’t be some of the best modern 2D platformers, nor would the originals be anywhere near as good as they are. Also, you’re stepping into blanket statement territory. Not everyone at Ubisoft are greedy business men, there’s plenty of great people working there. It’s just the higher ups over there that make the company what it is.

            2. Actually, Ubisoft is great. The only thing that sucks about them is their decision to not release their best games on Wi U.

              1. Ubisoft use to be great. Nowadays, if they aren’t ignoring fanbases on other consoles, they are releasing glitched or gimped games. That’s not great at all. Not by a long shot.

              1. Honestly if that’s the only game you want, you did good selling. I guarantee most people will be bored of mario maker in a month or two. The minecraft type player may enjoy it, but platform fans I can’t see enjoying it for too long. Creating new levels gets pretty old, no matter how good they are. And playing a bunch of fan created ones will get old as well. I am not saying this as a hater, I love mario games, but making them doesn’t excite me much, and playing a bunch of levels with no goals or story even as empty as a main mario story and no end goal will just get old. I welcome the game more than any “New” Super Mario game though. I am sure the game will do well and I have nothing against it, I just don’t think it’s the type of game that will have a long lasting appeal. If I was you I would try it out for a bit first at a friends house or something before buying the system again just for the game if you intend to do so.

                1. jonathan "the hillbilly" hickson

                  it’s not only Mario Maker, i miss playing mario kart 8. i was having fun with that game and i want bayonetta 2, super smash bros. and i know i will lose my head when they show zelda u. I am a fan of anime, so when i saw shing megami x fire emblem i really felt bad for myself. i do not need a playstation 4, i made a mistake, i just kept my wii u and have a gamming pc for my third party needs

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                        1. Yes because most transexuals have full control over their genetics & can totally decide that their body represents what their brain thinks. What about people actually born with the parts of both genders? Science has proven the body isn’t always an accurate portrayal of the soul. So either God makes huge mistakes or transexuals are just as much God’s creation as so called “normal” people. Since God is supposed to be infallible, transexuals shouldn’t be treated like crap since he created them. If he created them so people like you could treat them like shit, then I go back to my previous comment awhile back: God… is a douchebag.

                            1. Don’t bother. He’s one of those high & mighty Christian people. He still thinks the Old Testament means something when Jesus pretty much made almost everything before His teachings of forgiveness meaningless.

                          1. Well , back to the drawing board, i had a pac man level, drawn out, to make, and had it called pac mario, looks like i got beat to the punch. Oh well, cannot wait to get the game. Try my other levels i have planned.

                              1. That’s a good idea, but I plan on having other areas around the Pac-Man maze, so I’ll probably use vines along with a Pac-Man costume to make it different. I’m also going to have a warp pipe that spawns boos, so the longer you’re in the maze, the more trouble you’ll get into.

                                    1. Oh that’s right, it wasn’t you, you’ve always used Ridley… But that Other person did used the Name Ridley, but I think it was something like Ridley3DS, of something like that. Lol my bad.

                                    2. No, his name was 3ds something, apologizing after taking hate about the wii u. He was saying something like, im sorry, i wont talk bad about the wii u, im getting one later on!

                                  1. As much as I love Nintendo, Miyamoto, and Mario, no matter how many times I watch videos of this game, I still can’t see how it could be fun for more than an hour or so. What’s so fun about playing a self-created stage? Or even a stage created by someone else? I’m just not “getting it”. Maybe the younger me would have found something to love, but now that I’m in my late 30’s, I don’t see anything great other than the nostalgia.

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