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Nintendo Treehouse Will Host A Super Mario Maker Stream On Thursday

Nintendo of America has today confirmed that the delightful team over at Nintendo Treehouse will be hosting a Super Mario Maker live stream on Twitch. The stream will showcase the teams talent at creating levels inspiring you with some designs that you can try out for yourself when the game launches Friday. The Nintendo Treehouse livestream is at 3pm PT and can be watched, here.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

19 thoughts on “Nintendo Treehouse Will Host A Super Mario Maker Stream On Thursday”

  1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

    Cool! Hopefully that chick who’s on the wrong side of 30 will be there!
    And hopefully no faggots…but thats very unlikely as 95 percent of the male treehouse staff is comprised of them…and retarded bitches…of course with that over thirty chick, she’s ok.

  2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    The Nintendo Twitch community is cool. It’s like… And the mods are all so strict, the fans themselves get banned on accident. It’s really great overall. Trolls arent patient enough to wait for their rampant bans to end. Cant wait to be there.

  3. i fingered a girl in the bum hole once in a tree house sleep over,she thought she would get preggy my it,once she realized she couldnt,she let all of us take turns finger blasting her rusty bullet hole….

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    1. No I agree with you. Why would I want to watch someone else play the game for a couple hours just a few days before it releases? That’s stupid. This whole stream is a dumb idea. Let people experience the game for a few days, then do a stream… Wtf, Nintendo is the worst about spoiling shit… I know you can’t really spoil this game, but they do this shit with every game…

        1. Quadrant Phazoms Popsicle Co.

          Your memory banks are’th corrupted beyond reasonable repair’ith. Uninstall’ith forth hence nigh scrap pile.

          Enjoy Phazoms Pops today!

  5. question… the european release.. will it be available september 10th for pre download ? or is it exactly 11th on the time they set ?

  6. It comes out Friday right? So why the hell are they gonna do a stream two day before release? To show everyone what they are about to get so that it’s not a fresh experience when they play the game?

    Let me experience the game fresh for myself. I don’t wanna watch somebody play a new game literally two days before it releases..

    1. dude.. if you have not played all the older 2d mario games. then i would understand that…. but the whole deal with mario maker is to make mario levels!…. thats it.. as i understand it.. they will be deleting those levels before the release… so it would not matter if you watched the stream!

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