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Nintendo 3DS Gets A New Minor System Update

A new minor system update for the Nintendo 3DS line of systems has begun rolling out to users. Available now via wireless Internet connection, update version 10.0.0-27U includes the following improvements: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience. The last system update for 3DS implemented changes to the HOME Menu as well as the Theme Shop.


60 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Gets A New Minor System Update”

  1. “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” Is Nintendo’s way of saying we patched all exploits for 3DS.

                1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                  I thought he was referring to that invention that allows you to understand Pokemon speech. I thought he was an opinionated Pichu.


                  they found a way to beat physics and tap into gods power,it will internally render at 8k and push billions of polygons a second

                  there adding a hdmi out to a new version so we can play downscaled 8k games on 4k and 1080p tv sets

                  wonderful update, now if you dont mind i have other sites to troll

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                      2. I’m currently ringing Nintendo and writing them letters basically trying to convince them to make another proper metroid game. While I don’t doubt it’s incredibly unlikely to succeed, I’ve gotta try something man! Maybe other metroid fans could do the same…if they actually cared about their franchise.

                          1. It’s not just me though now is it. The sales of the Wii u is proof that many long time Nintendo fans have given up on them because of a lack of games like metroid, fire emblem, paper Mario, etc… It wouldn’t surprise me if the NX (assuming it’s another gimmick fest) sells worse than the U because more and more Nintendo fans get sick of their bullshit.

                            Nintendo is drowning in their own arrogance and will be forced to go mobile-granted that’ll make them a lot of money but still, they’ll be going third party shortly. Sigh…if only they weren’t so stubborn and arrogant…

                            And remember this, most metroid games end up selling around a million copies (prime was a best seller on the GC) so that’s double what you demanded!

                            1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

                              ||They will never change as long as the Nintendo faction assembles new servants……

                              ||It doesn’t matter though, Nintendonus, Sonyans and Xbots as you call them are entering the final stages of their demise and the new beginning of our new epoch will commence……

                              1. They’re never going to change because they have an easy way out if they fuck up royally one too many times-mobile gaming.

                                1. No, you’re just attacking anyone who dares to criticise daddy nintendo. Unlike you, I’m not just going to sit idly by while one of my favourite franchises is raped. I’m going to try and do something about it.

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                                  1. Do you think it’d be worth it for me to try and convince Nintendo through letters and stuff to continue the metroid franchise (at least not in a shitty direction) or is it all hopeless?

                                        1. Not in your current attitude because those idiots are gonna think I’m that self-racist fuck “Sasori/Chruch” talking shit about Nintendo after they royally pissed me off from E3.

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                                                    2. i got the update as well so i think its time for nintendo to make another handheld they already working on the new home console right now but i gonna say i forgot what the update does in my 3DS anyway i guess thats the last 3DS update for this year lets hope there sells wont go down.

                                                    3. Lame. I was hoping the update was going to come with updates to other games. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D could use an update that adds more models to unlock in collection mode since there are a few character models that are missing… like Zanza & Meyneth before they became the gods of the Bionis & Mechonis respectively.

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