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DeNA Expects Nintendo Mobile Games To Be Huge Success With Consumers

The CEO Shintaro Asako of DeNA West has spoken at length to A List Daily regarding the mobile video game industry. As you may expect, Asako believes that the forthcoming mobile titles from Nintendo will be a massive success with consumers once they are released. Asako points towards the number of Nintendo fans who purchase Nintendo consoles solely for Nintendo games who he believes will jump onboard Nintendo’s unique mobile video games.

“Hundreds of millions of people have bought Nintendo consoles. Those are people who decided to spend a minimum of $200 just to get access to Nintendo IP. That number is already twice as big as the Candy Crush total user base. Not only that, every single person buying Nintendo devices spends an average of about $100 per year on software. So I have no question that when Nintendo’s mobile games come out, at least 150 or 200 million people will try it. These people are super core Nintendo fans who used to spending $150 to $250 just to access the content. Let’s say only 10% end up playing, and then those users pay $3 a month, that’s still perhaps a $60 million dollar a month game.”

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39 thoughts on “DeNA Expects Nintendo Mobile Games To Be Huge Success With Consumers”

      1. Plus DeNA’s projections seem way off. 200 million people playing a mobile game? That’s incredibly high. And assuming everyone will spend money on the game?? Lolz, that’s not how mobile gaming works. A very small percentage spends a lot of money, that’s how f2p makes money.
        To summarize. 2.2% ever spend money, and a 10th of those people account for almost half of the money spent. Average player spends 45 CENTS in 3 months.

        It is both weird and humorous to think that DeNA has been in the mobile game business for awhile when they don’t know the statistics.

          1. If Pokemon Shuffle got my attention, even if it is just another puzzle game. DeNa will do a great job with the mobile business.

          2. “people pay 200$ for nintendo consoles and then 100$ more per year on games, so if you put nintendo games on smartphones they will of course spend 200$ and then 100$ per year on the smartphone games”


            smartphone games arent worth as much money as full home console games or even handheld games. even if you port majora’s mask or similar to smartphones, there’s no buttons so you get a crappy experience unless you pay MORE for a bluetooth controler. not to mention the price OF A SMARTPHONE

            dumbest thing ive read this month

            1. I don’t think I would spend exact amount I spend on Nintendo products just for phone games. Maybe $5 max.

              I spend more than $500 on Nintendo games per year.

            2. Most everyone has a smartphone, so that really shouldn’t be considered. And the point is they are making games tailored to smartphones, not porting games.

              Remember when everyone was excited about Puzzles and Dragons Mario? Literally a phone game, but people were fooled into buying it on 3ds because of the gameplay.

          3. Given how low cost mobile games are compared to console games I have no doubt that they will make a ton of profit. If the game is priced at a dollar most casual people would spend that just to try it out. The majority of the people that play these mobile games are casuals and they don’t mind spending a dollar here and there just to get something new.

          4. The only true gain I see Nintendo getting from app games is a wider audience base. Hopefully Nintendo is smart and put ads in their games showcasing they’re real games and consoles. The current Nintendo fans with dedicated consoles are not going to be wasting time with apps when they have the real thing, and even if they do they won’t be spending money, my major concern is that the NX will be a platform like Apple is. I would imagine it being among the lines where you choose a console you perfr and have the games optimized for your device. If you get the console you get prettier graphics, handheld- portabe games, tablet- multi processing device (?). All games are cross platform, but at a price.

          5. Could bomb entirely. The price for 3ds streets of rage here in Australia is nearly 10 dollars which is a disgrace. I hope they are making games that at least utilize the phones power. If they think they can rehash old 8&16but games with a huge profit margin then no

          6. Obviously they THINK THAT, otherwise they wouldn’t have partnered up together. Though fact is they don’t see the trade off. The mobile Nintendo stuff will kill off the main Nintendo games. Casuals will swarm and when that makes the core Nintendo games die off and Nintendo core gamers die off, Nintendo wont have anyone left to buy a console, ultimately Nintendo will die. Not any time soon, but anyone who thinks mobile has any benefit to Nintendo other then a quick buck in the short time frame is a moron.

            1. Biggest lie ever. Mobile games won’t kill off the main games if Nintendo plays its cards right. The mobile games will probably be bite sized puzzle versions of the actual game.

            1. I think the Pokemon Go thing looks like a joke and waste of resources. All that energy could have gone into a proper 3-D adventure. Keep wasting time…

              1. 3d adventure on the phone… But if that happens you will bitch about the limited features and claim it should be on the 3ds.

                Considering how successful Ingress is, you are a deep to think this is a waste of resources.

            2. Yes, but the people who bought the Nintendo consoles/games are not people who buy mobile games (mostly). Mobile games are aimed at the non-gamer.

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