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Analysts React To New Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima

Online gaming publication Gamasutra has gathered a number of analysts together to find out what they think about the appointment of Tatsumi Kimishima as president of Nintendo. The news was announced by the company this morning and analysts seem to feel as though Kimishima was a safe choice for the company and that it is likely he won’t have such a public role as late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

“This is a solid and safe interim solution. It will probably bridge the gap until a ‘true’ successor is found without any big hiccups. All three Nintendo leaders are veterans that know the company in and out. Kimishima even has work experience in the US – that is a first for a Nintendo CEO.”

“They had to react quickly, as the company we knew as Nintendo is set for a radical transformation: a new console is on the horizon, DeNA is a new close partner that will bring Nintendo games to smart devices, more and more Nintendo IP will be used by third parties – and all happens in a time when we have the biggest market for gaming that ever existed. In their initial reactions, many fans (at least those living outside Japan) seem to have described Kimishima as a bit stiff, a typical ‘suit’ who doesn’t seem to have the charisma to represent Nintendo.”

“However, Iwata also acted as and had the aura of a very serious Japanese businessman – but successfully broke expectations set by his appearance by being entertaining and ironic during Nintendo Direct, for example.”

“But Iwata was a unique personality and can’t be just replaced 1:1.”

“Kimishima might be different after all and is likely to let other people, i.e. Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime, represent Nintendo going forward.”

– Serkan Toto, consultant with Tokyo-based Kantan Games Inc.

“Kimishima-san is an excellent choice, and could be seen by the markets as a clear statement of intent to continue Iwata-san’s strategy. So leveraging the installed base of Wii U and 3DS users to generate software sales, pushing into mobile with DeNA and Niantic, and launching Nintendo’s new console system NX in 2016. Whether NX is an augmented/virtual reality focused console or something else, it will define Nintendo’s future as an integrated hardware/software player. A steady hand is needed to maximize profitability in the coming years to support it, and Kimishima-san is that steady hand.”

– Tim Merel, Managing Director of Silicon Valley based tech advisor Digi-Capital

“Mr. Kimishima certainly has a strong grasp on Nintendo’s cornerstone market of North America, and so while the advancement of a finance and operations executive into the president’s role may not be particularly exciting, it is in line with Nintendo’s history of looking inside the company first. Mr. Kimishima’s background is certainly helpful given all of the internal and external pressures the company has been feeling in recent years. I view this as more of a ‘steady as she goes’ choice rather than a signal that Nintendo is about to make a dramatic change of strategic direction.”

“Yes, other Nintendo executives such as Mr. Miyamoto will likely take some of the spotlight Mr. Iwata used to occupy. But Kimishima’s had plenty on time in the spotlight. I’m sure he’ll be speaking his own mind very shortly. Although he may not be as spry as My. Iwata was, I suspect we’ll see some personality shining through in a Nintendo Direct video or as part of an investor Q&A session before the end of the year. I’ll be shocked if we don’t see Mr. Kimishima put his own clear stamp on the company’s direction before the next fiscal year ends in March of 2016.”

– Lewis Ward, research director for gaming at IDC


22 thoughts on “Analysts React To New Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima”

    1. I agree. Iwata can never truly be replaced. But I think Kimishima deserves a chance. Who knows, he might become another fan favorite and do the company good.

      1. It’s good they found someone, I was kind of examining the public’s view of the company, and thinking “Well, who’s it gonna be? None of these people are good candidates.” That just goes to show how many people are behind the scenes.

    1. can you hear that? thats the sound of the Xbox1 dying soon …can you feel that the PS4 cant even hold a game on a solid 30fps! haters gonna keep hating while Nintendo fans will keep gaming. Free internet, off-TV- play, the best libray of games, the most 1080p/60fps are on the WiiU making it the true Next gen console weather anyone likes it or not.

  1. The weird thing is that he is older than Miyamoto, Reggie and Iwata. Though that means experience it may also mean high chances for health issues. :|

    1. That is not a new thing, Minish Cap is made by Capcom, GAMEFREAK is actually a third party and worked on some Mario games, Platinum games is even helping on the new Star Fox, theres really not a reason to think third parties making games for Nintendo’s IPs is a bad thing

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