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Hammerhead Bridge Is Coming To Splatoon at 7 PM PT

Nintendo of America has today confirmed that Hammerhead Bridge will be coming to Splatoon at 7pm PT. This will be a more than welcome addition to the Splatoon multiplayer map rotation and should prove to be a blast to play. Also, don’t fear as the stage will also be coming to Europe tomorrow morning. You can read all the juicy details about the new multiplayer stage, below.

Verticality is a feature of the stage, with the terrain split into two distinct layers. Ink assaults can come from any direction, but watch out for attacks from above or below gratings in the floor or ceiling in particular. Battles here are sure to be dynamic affairs playing out in all corners of the stage.

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14 thoughts on “Hammerhead Bridge Is Coming To Splatoon at 7 PM PT”

  1. How many fucking weapons is this game gonna keep adding? Is all these content that didn’t get completed in time due to Nintendo rushing the release of this game?

    1. Most weapons and maps were already in the game at released, confirmed from data mining, some guy was even able to use an unreleased weapon before it was even announced, the reason is because Nintendo thought a constant stream of “new” content would help keep the playerbase active wich is something very important in online focused games and they seem to be succeding, if it was thanks to that tactic would be imposible to know since you can’t compare it to another version of splatoon that released with all the content unlock and didn’t have updates but I do think a big part of Splatoon’s success is thanks to that

  2. When are they going to quit releasing new shit for Splatoon? At least charge something for it. Unless it was already on there to begin with and already paid for. Ahh, Nintendo you’re the best.

  3. The map is interesting enough. Lonear, but lot’s of pathways. I wonder how it’ll work in Rainmaker and Tower control. Splat Zones doesn’t seem like the best mode for the map.

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