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Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Getting Physical Release In Japan

It may come as a surprise, but Shantae and the Pirates Curse still hasn’t launched yet in Japan. This is all set to change as the Nintendo 3DS title from acclaimed developers WayForward will be getting a physical release in the land of the rising sun. Shantae and the Pirates Curse will be arriving in Japan on November 19th and will be published physically by Integrow and costs 4,200 yen.

Update: This has yet to be verified.

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14 thoughts on “Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Getting Physical Release In Japan”

  1. I love Shantae… I love physical copies…. but dude! unless this comes with other things…. this is like $35 right!? thats ……. expensive!

  2. I’m not surprised that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse hasn’t released yet in Japan. I figured Wayforward wouldn’t have someone to handle the translation. It would be pointless to release an untranslated english game for Japan, in the same way it would be pointless to release an untranslated Japanese game worldwide. I guess Wayforward must have found someone that can translate the dialogue to Japanese.

  3. Well, this is a surprise. Here we were hyping up Shovel Knight’s physical copy and amiibo, and suddenly WayForward – a primarily digital company, mind – pulls off an even grander stunt by getting physical Shantae merchandise into the Eastern market. That’s a pretty significant leap!

    WayForward has been marketing very smartly lately. While most indie devs have been shouting “hey vote for our character for the smash bros. fighter ballot”, Matt Bozon has been using it just to promote Shantae in general and not much else; the fanbase and hype have been building on their own as the awareness spread, and WayForward has been leisurely riding it to the point where suddenly they’re able to put out physical merchandise in a foreign country that, before the Fighter Ballot, barely knew of Shantae’s existence. If the Pirate’s Curse physical copy sells well in Japan, WayForward could take a massive step up in the gaming industry.

  4. WayForward has been doing a grave injustice to its flagship series and its fans by not releasing any of the games in physical form since the first one. I am sure they have plenty of cash in their pockets to do a collection of all the game in one package.

  5. I’ve been wanting to do Walkthrough’s for all 3 current Shantae games, but due to the fact that one of them is 3DS only, I cant record them properly. Physical copies of 2 and 3 would be great, specifically 2 though. A collector’s edition would be nice as well, but thats more than likely far in the future. I can wait though, wait for them to make their “WayForward”… get it? lol

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