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Nintendo GamePad Patent Shows L/R Shoulder Buttons With Mouse Scroll Wheel


A new Nintendo patent has emerged and at a glance it would appear as though it is describing a controller with the left and right shoulder buttons with a mouse scroll wheel which you could use to flick through your inventory as quickly as possible. The controller showcased in the patent also has circle pads instead of traditional analog sticks with a simple two button layout.


Thanks, Paidenthusiast


104 thoughts on “Nintendo GamePad Patent Shows L/R Shoulder Buttons With Mouse Scroll Wheel”

  1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot

    This looks a lot smaller than the Wii U tablet. Possibly something to do with the NX? Probably not.

    1. The picture does not mean anything. It is the words of the patent to pay attention to. The picture is no indication of the product just the concept.

    2. “it is describing a controller with the left and right shoulder buttons with a mouse scroll wheel which you could use to flick through your inventory as quickly as possible”
      The simplicity of this statement astonishes me.

        1. Hell if I know. It’s a possibility, but I’m of the opinion that speculating about patents doesn’t really yield any meaningful deductions since the manufacturer can just not base the design of the console around one particular patent, or even not use the idea at all. The details about this controller aren’t to be taken into account either, since the patent doesn’t include the design of the controller. It could be a placeholder based on the Wii U gamepad for all we know.

          Nevertheless, what you say isn’t out of the real of possibility. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to know for sure.

      1. Could very well have been a super early design for the Wii U Gamepad. I mean, the first time they showed the Gamepad, it had Circle Pads, just like the 3DS and just like this image shows.

                    1. Circle pads are trash. Especially if this is the next indication of the 3DS’s successor. If this design comes to final production than Nintendo has not learned a damn thing and the purge of Iwata would of been wasted. We will turn our efforts to the PC master race next…

                      Church of Sasori

                        1. … That moment DLD knew, he fucked up..

                          This is a prototype/patent, plus, it talks about the scroll wheel not the actually controller itself.

                      1. Didn’t Nintendo say that they weren’t going to do the whole separate console and handheld thing anymore after Wii U/3DS?

                        If so, I wonder if this could be related to that.

                        1. If so, then the console experience will suffer. W/ out true thumbsticks, 3D gaming would be no better than handheld, & little better than the D-pad. Fine for handhels as that’s traditionally less about power & anyway should be a different experience. I certainly don’t want the in-game camera to be automated for the home-console experience, nor do I wanna be forced to use motion control just to compensate.

                          Then again, I also don’t want my home consoles & handhelds getting too close to each other, especially re multiplat/crossbuy shenanigans. Platforms not just dedicated to gaming, but dedicated to their respective niches.

                          Now, similar architecture has its advantages, but treating both platforms the same makes for an awkward & ultimately detrimental endeavor.

                          Don’t get me started on Home Menus & how I miss the focus last found in 6th gen; that ‘put in & play now’ simplicity.

                      2. I just want Nintendo return to the normal controllers, BUT if they want retrocompatibility with the same gamepad to play WiiU games, obviously is going to have a screen the same button configuration, and so on; the order will change but the same and “more” things would be there.

                        1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                          Or you know, they could just tell you to buy a Gamepad seperately to play Wii U games. Just like how they didn’t include a Wii Remote even though Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wii.


                            CLASSIC PAD PRO

                            PRO PAD

                            GAMECUBE PAD

                            FIGHT PAD

                            HORI 2D SNES PAD



                            PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE RETARDED



                            LOL GO BACK


                            WIIU SUPPORTS TONS OF THEM


                          2. Huh… I wonder if this is anything at all, and if it is, if it’s for the NX
                            or if we’re getting a GamePad Slim that’s more cost effective?

                          3. It could be a early concept for the rumored NX handheld that’s rumored to be available a year before the NX home console. I really don’t see it being a newly redesigned gamepad given how the circle pads were replaced with analog thumbsticks in the original model

                                                  1. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                                    Iwata ain’t dead. He’s just hibernating. Underground… Yes, he is just that hardcore.

                                                    1. You’re videos are so fucking lame. Omg. Are you just trolling yourself? What the fuck?
                                                      You’re a creepy stalker and a lame video editor, god I feel sorry for paidenthusiast.

                                                      1. The first one was pretty funny. Sure it was cheap but that voice and the naked dude stumbling on the roof was pretty damn hilarious

                                                    2. It’s a simple diagram prob just to show off the scroll shoulder buttons,i don’t think this is the end product but points towards NX having a slimmer sleeker GAMEPAD to maybe look good next to tablets ect and i think the circlepads will be motorized so alot stronger also to help it be more flat….2 buttons i suppose i could get used to that considering there is a touch screen…

                                                    3. Hmm, it says right under the “rotation detection section” that there will be a pressure detection section. So maybe there will be pressure sensitive triggers (like on Xbox controllers) right under the scroll wheel things. Also from the picture it looks like the rotation thingy will be directly on the top of the controller, right where the L and R buttons should be, so where are they moving those to? Perhaps just a little farther down? Or maybe to the side a bit more? Who the hell knows. Personally I think this is a prototype for a ” NX gamepad” although I don’t think it will be the main controller, just optional. I love the gamepad so I would buy one. I also don’t think the rest of the controller is accurate, I think that the patent is just for the rotation things, and the pictures are not accurate.

                                                      1. Actually I think the “pressure sensor” is actually on the rotation thing because that’s how the patent is written. So I think it’s a lot like the rotating thing on a mouse, which can also be pressed down as a button.

                                                      2. Them so called circle pads look more flat to me like something else maybe there just flat surfaces that you just rub your thumb/finger over it like on a laptop ???

                                                          1. Oh wait are you talking about the joy sticks? I don’t think so they look like the flat circle pads on the 3ds. I think they just drew it that way because the patent wasn’t about that so they didn’t need to add much detail to them. I think the final product (if they even use anything like this) will have normal sticks like on the Wii u gamepad.

                                                          1. This is a patent for the shoulder buttons, not two buttons on the face. But it looks a lot like a new GameBoy Advance in this image, and I like that. (2 buttons, 1 screen, shoulder buttons, overall design)

                                                        1. Nintendo is stupid. Why are they sittting around with a leak in their R&D? This just gives competitors info.on what they building in R&D. Seal it up!!!! By the time NX debut Sony will know how to build the PS5 around the NX because of dumb leaks like “possible cartridge for NX no disk drive” etc. That’s stupid. Your goal is to have a successful console. First thing find out where the leak is a pkug it up!!!!!

                                                          1. Patents are public knowledge. Your rant is about nothing. Sony has patents that anyone can see too. Patents do not tell much if anything about a product. It is to gain ownership of the concept so no other company can do it without have to pay it. Please do some research.

                                                            1. So if patents are public why isnt Nintendo them selves announce it then huh? Kia Motors 2016 Kia Optima has a patent? Did Kia tell anyone? NO. Apple has patents, Lexus has Patents, Galaxy phones have patents. These companies arent just announcing it. You got to find outside the manufacturer to find where. There website wont tell you. If I go to will I see this Patent of the NX? No. So if i do research i have to go outside the manufacturer to find it.

                                                                1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                  So why cant I find the patent on Nintendo’s website? Why dont care manufacturers announce it on their websites and their commercials? Huh?

                                                                2. When Kia Motors found out they had a leak when the Kia Borrego was in R&D, they increased security and found the link and pressed charges.

                                                                3. Also back in 2006 when Toyota found out what the 2006 Civic was going to be like, they delayed the corolla. But according to tou Tre802001 nothing is wrong with leaks. Thats why R&D is private for a reason. Why when you see 2017 models on the road why is it covered up when testing it?

                                                                    1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                      Will i am a Kia Motors fan as much as a Nintendo fan. Kia is hush on the 2017 Kia GT. It will comepte with the BMW 5 series and Audi A4. Unlike Nintendo, Kia isnt scared to give it the power it needs to compete. No word on the Kia Gt yet because unlike Nintendo, they are tight lip on future cars in R&D. They dont let patents come out. It was caught on spy shots 2 months ago. Also Hyundai has a 2017 Prius rival coming out. It is expected to have a longer range than the Prius.

                                                                    2. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                      Volkswagon back in 2009 had allowed tourest into their R&D. But VW had them remove all cameras and phones. Inside thwir R&D was all their secrets and codenames training robots the codes how to asemble the Jetta and Passat. They also have to test drive it. So they cover it up with black plastic so no one can see the design. Thia makes it tough on competition. Nintendo ahould learn how to shut up on NX. I bet Sony already changed the PS5 for carrridges too now.

                                                                    3. Also if press are allowed into a Manufacturer ‘s R&D the companies have the press remove their phones and all electronic devices.

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                                                                      1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                                        You do know R&D needs to remain secrect as long as possible you do know that right moron? After all wgen Sony found out about the Wii controller they were quick to release their version. Because they knew while Wii and PS3 was in R&D.

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                                                                    4. I think something like this would actually be useful. It would be a functionality that ADDS to the controller. So instead the front L R buttons just acting as buttons, they can also have that wheel functionality too (sort of how the analogue sticks were given the ability of being clickable to add extra functionality).
                                                                      It’s also a nice idea as there are no scrolling buttons on controllers so it adds a new type of functionality too.

                                                                    5. I wouldn’t take anything out of this except for the fact that they might use scroll wheel shoulder buttons in the future. I don’t really care if they use this in the NX as long as it’s comfortable and easy to use.

                                                                    6. If this is the NX controller, I don’t know if I’m happy, sad, or neutral? I really don’t care much for the Wii U Gamepad because of it’s bulkiness, and the weight. And this looks too similar.

                                                                    7. Space Pirate Initiate 001

                                                                      I’m reserving judgement until Nintendo reveals more of the NX next year. We don’t even know if this is going to be part of the system or just a random idea being thrown about by Nintendo’s Development Teams.

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