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Microsoft Patents Amiibo-like Device That Works With Video Games


It’s safe to say that amiibo has been nothing short of a massive success for Nintendo and it looks as though rival competitor Microsoft wants some of the pie. The Redmond based company has recently filed a patent for an amiibo-like device that works with video games. One would have to wonder what franchises they would use other than Minecraft and various Rare IP, but it’s certainly an interesting move if it comes into fruition.

There are many ways that a user can interact with a computer game and typically a user controls the game via a keyboard and mouse, games controller (which may be handheld or detect body movement) or touch screen, dependent upon the platform on which the game is being played (e.g. computer, games console or handheld device). A number of games have also been developed in which gameplay is enabled (or unlocked) through the use of physical character toys which are placed on a custom base connected to a games console. By placing different toys on the custom base, different gameplay is enabled.

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77 thoughts on “Microsoft Patents Amiibo-like Device That Works With Video Games”

    1. But… Nintendo wasn’t even the first to enter the toys-to-life market.
      So if you think Microsoft is copying Nintendo’s amiibo with this, you should at least be aware Nintendo was in a similar situation with Activision’s Skylanders.
      But yea, that’s just how business works. Even though I’m not a big fan of the toy-to-life concept and the way the figures are being implemented into the games most of the time, I still hope Microsoft will come up with great ideas for their own version. Competition is always good and will encourage all involved parties to work even harder on their products.

      1. Yep, people tend to forget that Activision wanted to partner with Nintendo on Skylanders, but they said no because it was too new and different.

        Also, fuck sickr. These aren’t going to be figurines. They are going to be BEADS YOU ADD TO A BRACELET. Why exactly is this even on a Nintendo website???

    2. Albert "The Erection King" Einstein

      Well, if they do end up making it, I just hope they make cool and detailed looking figures in the process.

          1. Wrong, Nintendo has had Nintendo statues since the NES days, long before Skylanders was a thing. Granted they didn’t have a data chip in them. But still. Also Nintendo’s characters are vastly more popular then anything Skylanders.

            1. Nintendo’s characters are more popular but that doesn’t change the fact that they copied Activision. If we’re going by popularity I think Disney Infinity has them both beat.

          2. I can hear it now.. Microsoft fan, “Our toys look cooler than yours. Look at how much more detailed and HD our toys are. We are cooler because our toys are much more mature.” can yall hear it too?

            1. What characters does Microsoft have to make toys to game life? Hahahahahaha. I would rather Sony went the toys to life direction than no first party of relevance IPsoft.


              1. This is either going to be for a new IP to compete with Skylanders, or they’re gonna use the Rare characters for this (Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Viva Pinata, Kameo, etc.)

                  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                    *throws arm out to stop Namie* Noooo! *facepalm* Too late… Well least you didn’t ask him why Splatoon is great… which it isn’t.

                                1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                  Well it isn’t great. It’s lacking an optional feature (which is very important to some because not everyone has enough free time to have a get together with friends at their home) and an important feature: voice chat and match customization respectively. Oh & don’t get me started on being forced to play certain stages because of some retarded rotation bullshit. Oh & then there is the fact it was released on day 1 as an incomplete game to make it appear as if the Wii U wasn’t in another terrible game drought. But hey. Least casuals & some hardcore gamers are enjoying it even though it’s lacking features & also forcing them to play the game a certain way which shouldn’t be the case since it’s a multiplayer game that should have tons of different game modes. *waits for the usual damage control Splatoon ALWAYS gets*

                                  1. Man, you want some cheese with all that wine? (Original, I know.) Let me go through your flawed reasoning for what makes a good game quickly.
                                    1. You didn’t even list the feature you’re talking about.
                                    2. “Important feature.” And yet most people who play the game don’t even care and reviews from people say that the matches go very well without it. I’ve been playing Halo 4 recently, and I am pretty sick of the kids on it. Heck, I have a mic and don’t even use it. If this is a game breaking thing to you, then that’s not the game’s fault.
                                    3. “Rotation bullsh*t.” Umm…..all the online shooters do that. It’s to keep the game interesting and so it’s not just the same map over and over again. TF2 does it, CoD, Halo, etc.
                                    4. “Released incomplete.” And keeps getting more and more updates that add on more DLC content…..for FREE! *Gasp* Oh noes! People can’t afford that!
                                    5. “Casuals and some hardcore.” You know that if you go into the game CoD style, you’ll end up losing right? This game takes quite a bit of skill. Have fun with that mindset though.
                                    6. “waits for usual damage control splatoon ALWAYS gets.” Hmmm, maybe if this is always the case, YOU are the one who is trying to damage control and everyone else is just using something called “logic?” *Shrugs*

                                    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                      1. Match customization but I see you willfully ignored that.
                                      2. Oh there are a number of people that want voice chat but you, like the rest of the Splatoon defenders, are selfish assholes that think if you don’t care about voice chat then fuck anyone who does that might want to use voice chat to interact with their friends. Oh & don’t give me that skype or other internet chat bullshit because that’s not convenient for those strapped for time and prefer the convenience of voice chat built into a game. Oh & let’s not forget you can turn the voice chat feature off if you can’t handle the heat of a bunch of immature people yelling at you.
                                      3. Oh. So Splatoon isn’t the only game having that rotation bullshit. Thanks for that info.
                                      4. Yes. Released incomplete. But oh the updates are free so let’s give Nintendo a fucking pass like the fanboys that we are. It’s not like a rushed, incomplete game is bad for business.
                                      5. Skill? It must be so hard to cover walls & floors in ink, eh.
                                      6. Nice defense to protect your damage control, bub. Speaking of logic, Nintendo, like the WWE, lost that shit a long time ago when the Wii sold to millions & millions of casuals, destroying their reputation amongst hardcore fans and suffering from mediocre sales & mediocre profits. It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo sells out completely if they keep down this road. But by all means, keep defending their failures. You idiots praising them for failing will be the destruction of Nintendo as they fall into mobile gaming & nickel & dime the casual market like the suckers that they are.

                                      1. 1. Actually I missed those two words. May God have mercy on my soul.
                                        2. “but you, like the rest of the Splatoon defenders, are selfish assholes ” See, there you go with that childish name calling again. Do you really think you intimidate me by doing that?~ And I know a lot of people wanted it besides me. My point is that this shouldn’t be a game breaker. You twisted my words as I didn’t say I don’t want voice chat. It would be convenient to have it, sure. But considering the amount of people on games that actually TALK that aren’t squeakers, I personally don’t feel like I’m missing much.
                                        3. You’re welcome.
                                        4. “Rushed incomplete game is bad for business.” Hmmm, apparently it’s neither of those as the sales say otherwise. Not to mention it is still standing strong in sales. But hey, keep calling it incomplete and rushed despite being fully playable and people enjoying it.~
                                        5. Well with the increasing maps, the ability to get shot yourself, more weapons being added, the ability to lose covered ground, and the like, I’d say it’s no simple task and requires teamwork.
                                        6. Wow. This wasn’t even a comeback. This was just pathetic. All you did was mudsling and name call. Grow up.~

                                      2. Sorry to butt in, but your counter arguments seem so flawed, I can’t help myself.
                                        First off, voice chat. Just because you personally don’t enjoy it or use it, it doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. There’s more than enough people out there criticizing the lack of it, so there must be something to it, no? If it’s featured in the game, you have the possibility to turn it off in case you’re not a fan of it. So why are you so defensive about it? Nintendo would cater to everyone’s wishes if they just added it. Or are you selfish enough to not want others to be as happy with the game as you are with it?
                                        Next up, map rotation. Neither CoD nor Halo (not sure about TF2, as I’ve never played it before, but I highly doubt they don’t let you choose the map you want to play on) has the shitty map rotation concept Splatoon has. I don’t know about any other game that forces you to play on the same two maps for 4 hours. And even then, you still can’t choose which one of those two maps you would like to play – instead, they’re chosen completely randomly, which can end up in you having to play on the very same map for 7 times in a row. To me, there simply is absolutely no reasonable way of defending the map rotation, it’s pure trash.
                                        Free updates. While it’s true that we’re getting content for free, it still doesn’t change the fact Nintendo delivered an incomplete game. The game was absolutely lacking at launch, and only with the September update, which came out a whole 3+ months after launch, the game gave people the content they deserved for the money they had paid to buy the game. Yes, the update was free, but as already mentioned, it doesn’t change the fact the game was incomplete for 3+ months.
                                        And lastly, I’m getting the impression that you don’t actually know what damage control means, considering you’re accusing Ridley of it, which really doesn’t make sense at this point.

                                      3. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                        If it makes you feel any better, this is my personal opinion on what I feel is Nintendo’s bullshit. If you don’t like my opinion, tough. It’s not going to change so you might as well not even bother responding with a long, drawn out Nintendo defense. In fact, it’s in your best interest to not take this argument/debate/whatever you want to call it any further than this. I hate fighting, to be totally honest, but I will if I feel that I have to. So by all means, continue this debate with another paragraph if you feel your opinion is superior to my own. I will gladly oblige til I take another 3-5 day break from the internet. Cuz let’s be honest, you could have ignored my little comment about Splatoon not being great.

                                        1. Don’t even try playing that card. When you state something as fact and insult other people for what they like, that’s not an “opinion.” If you said, “I don’t find the game fun,” that’s an opinion. But when you call other people idiots for liking it, you are just using pathetic insults.

                                          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                            Well being incomplete at release is a fact. The fact it’s complete NOW doesn’t change that fact. The fact it was rushed can’t be changed either just because the game is complete NOW. But keep pretending it being complete NOW erases the fact it was still incomplete for 3+ months after it’s initial release. And yes. My opinion is they are idiots for liking a game that was incomplete for 3 months of it’s initial release & giving it a pass because it’s a Nintendo game & the content being added is “free.” They paid 60 bucks for an incomplete game, after all, so they effectively did pay for that so called free content in the end because as an incomplete game upon release, it should have been a hell of a lot cheaper for what you were paying for it before the game was complete in September. But by all means, damage control what I’ve said by saying “that’s a nice spin you’re doing there.” That seems to be working for you.

                                              1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                Exactly. Updates to complete an incomplete game. These updates to complete the game didn’t stop til 3 months later. So yes, it was incomplete for 3+ months. Some would say it’s still incomplete since the game is still getting updates.

                                              2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                Oh how much I wish something would have gone terribly wrong that they couldn’t release the free updates to Splatoon at all & everyone that bought it day 1 was now stuck with a $20 game that they bought for $60 bucks.

                                                (*makes certain I’m responding to the right comment on the right article in the right conversation this time* There! Now this is where I meant to post this!)

                                                  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                    And? You are paying money for this shit. You should take it seriously. Or is mommy & daddy still buying the games for you?

                                                1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                  I’m down with this. I want an “amiibo” of Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark & Perfect Dark Zero designs,) one of Conker, and one of Banjo & Kazooie. And I think I will take one of a Blast Corps robot if it’s one of the robots I liked. … Damn it! Microsoft found another way to get money from me! … Oh well! WORTH IT!!!

                                                2. this article is very misleading, you left out a big chunk from the source article

                                                  Microsoft’s version of this concept takes a distinct turn in execution, though. Rather than a toy figure, Microsoft’s patent describes something called “interactive smart beads” — a form of wearable device.

                                                  Again, here’s how Microsoft describes it:

                                                  A fashion item is described below which comprises two or more smart beads on a connecting element (e.g. a bracelet). A user (who may alternatively be referred to as a wearer) can add, remove and re-arrange the beads on the connecting element. Each smart bead is arranged to store both an ID for the bead and data relating to the bead (i.e. within a storage element in the bead).

                                                3. I hope it’s just nothing.
                                                  Ya’ll are examining every single patent like they’re going to become a product.
                                                  When like 60% of the time companies like Microsoft and Nintendo just patent the random sh!t even if they’re not going to use it.

                                                4. Nintendo showed how the toys-to-life aspect could be expanded upon. It definitely is more appealing to have Amiibo over Skylanders, which are locked to the Skylanders game series. I don’t really think Microsoft has enough exclusive characters to make a substantial amount of these, so it may just be one device type of thing with varying designs that link to you gamertag. Either way I have no interest in it. I may be interested in Sony Amiibo, they have characters such as Ratchet, Sly, Jak, Drake and Kratos that would all be easy to make into figures. But Nintendo has it built into the hardware, so you don’t need additional peripherals to play with another peripheral, so the appeal in Amiibo is greater than any other could offer.

                                                  1. To clarify I’m not giving up on the big “N I’m a fan since I was a kid. And then it is clear that amiibo is doing well, competition are making the right moves to get part of it this time (Microsoft), Kinect was their response to the Wii mote doesn’t matter how you want to put it but is like that and then this patent it could be a hole different thing but the source is the same. My point is why don’t create something on your own?

                                                    1. Jtz from Manasseh tribe

                                                      No Sony probably was going to continue to use a CD drive for games but the minute they found out NX is going back to cartridges they can easy change it since the PA5 is in early stages of R&D. If it were my company id relase that kind of Info when PS5 is near ready to be unveiled to give the NX at least a few years advantage. But Nintendi is stupid so ……

                                                  2. jtzist tribe of Menaessah

                                                    I told y’all they can get around patents. How we know that Sony isn’t working the NX again?
                                                    All Microsoft did was reverse engineer the Amiibos back in their R&D.

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