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Take A Look At The Amiibo Retro 3-Pack

A post has emerged on Reddit featuring an image of the amiibo retro 3-pack, sent to the original poster by an employee of GameStop. The pack is exclusive to GameStop and includes the R.O.B, Duck Hunt Duo, and Mr. Game & Watch amiibo. It was previously available to pre-order via their website for $34.99, but is currently out of stock. The 3-pack is due for release on September 25th.

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39 thoughts on “Take A Look At The Amiibo Retro 3-Pack”

  1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    Shiiiit! I totally forgot about these guys! Ugh… Well the next few months trying to get these three will be painful…

    1. Just watch GS’s site like a hawk. iirc, the 3-pack was available for preorder a full week after we lined up the morning they went live. They’ll come around again, and I’m hoping it will be just as easy to get the Mii 3 pack.

      1. How many FUCKING TIMES does a picture of this three-pack amiibo need to be posted on this website?

        Thanks Natalie for such a worthless article. “Here is a picture of something that is out of stock. But you already knew that.

        1. I hope you feel better about yourself after showing what a fucking asshole you are by not only stating your worthless opinion, but also taking a personal stab at someone.

          Angry, insecure – you have issues.

          It’s one thing to rant, even to explode, but when you start making it personal by directly attacking the Blogger, you’ve gone to far. I think you should apologize, and take your frustration out on “MNN”… Not “Natalie.”

            1. Yeah, I think the article is fine, I only meant, IF they MUST rant on the site, don’t attack the blogger specifically…you know, unless they post some grossly inappropriate content.

              But yeah, also what you said.

            2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

              I mainly just want R.O.B. & Duck Hunt, so screw Mr Game & Watch, to be honest. Besides, Mr Game & Watch seems he’ll be more trouble than he’s worth if he really does have 3 other poses you can attach to the base after removing the pose already attached. Hopefully the two of the three that I want will be available on the 1st of October.

            1. They we’re actually available to preorder for almost two days. It also wasn’t much of a secret because multiple news sites including MyNintendoNews covered availability on articles. From what my friend at Gamestop said they will have extra to sell when they open. Just wake up a few hours earlier and stand in line. :P

          1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

            I got mine paid off, going to GameStop Friday night for a midnight release to pick mine up. And, for the question above, I don’t believe Walmart will be getting the 3 pack, but I can’t say for the individual packs.

            1. Officifer Skeletons420♣

              Also, if you look in the package under Game & Watch Amiibo there’s another stance laying there. Apparently it comes with 3 other stances. Pretty neat, they should have done this with the Bowser Jr. Clan.

              1. If they do the koopalings, they will have to do female robin, male wii fit trainer, alph, female villager, and shiny pokemon

                  1. Them releasing so many alternate forms of characters could actually cause others to be understocked. This is why I am/was against gold and silver Mario. Are they cool? Yes. Are they necessary? No, especially when the material used for them could have gone to make more Marths or Little Macs or Pits.

                    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                      It’s Nintendo once again giving too much love to Mario while saying “fuck the others” again. They seriously need to be more like Disney when it comes to their mascot. I don’t see many Disney characters getting fucked in the ass for Mickey.

                        1. Glad I got these guys reserved. I only really play Duck Hunt of the three but ROB and G&W are like pieces of Nintendo history, making it worth it.

                          1. WHAT?!! You’ve never played Gyromite and Stack-up?!!! Dude, you’re missing out on the two best video games made in Nintendo history!

                          2. This is great news. Scalpers need to stay well stocked to ensure we never buy an Amiibo at retail ever again…unless we buy one through a friend that’s not on US soil.

                          3. I feel like these were in stock last week when I checked gamestop’s website. They were even featured on the front page for quite some time. Just saying these were not super hard to get and they will probably have quite a few in store on Friday for those complaining. This definitely isn’t a Lucina and Robin situation.

                          4. Japanese R.O.B looks better, they should make that one available in the west since that’s the one most people are familiar with since it cameoed in F-Zero, Mario Kart and was the default in Brawl.

                            1. I want to slap the sellers on eBay who are selling the Japanese R.O.B. amiibo. They’re all over $50.00. So I’ll NEVER have one! Oh well. It will be the 2nd amiibo I don’t have (along with Gold Mario).

                          5. Sorry, but these amiibos were available for preorder at least three weeks after the initial Aug 8th Gamestop release. Why you did not get one, is all on you

                            1. Maybe because they were only available to pre-order for 15 min and some of us work for a living. If you’re really wondering why we didn’t get it.

                              1. In all honesty, I always hated when people used excuses like “I have to work for a living”, or “I have a life”, or anything similar as a sarcastic excuse for not doing or remembering something. For me, I have NEVER forgotten about things that I’m passionate about. The people that DO forget just didn’t care much in the first place. Bottom line!

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