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Video: Here’s How High You Can Fly In Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out for a while now in Japan and gamers who are fortunate enough to read the language and have imported it have had plenty of unadulterated fun playing around in the vast open world environment. Tilmen from Nintendomination is one of those people and he has produced a classy video showing just how high you can fly in Xenoblade Chronicles X once you’re strapped into your Mech suit. The draw distance is pretty incredible too, be sure to watch the video below.

31 thoughts on “Video: Here’s How High You Can Fly In Xenoblade Chronicles X”

  1. Considering Moonlith have stated we didnt push wiiu to the max with visual this sure does look next gen easy i mean wow up there with the best open world games in terms of visuals….

  2. Lighting and shadows look crazy i can’t wait for this…..i still need Bay2 and Splatoon but yeah this is my big one I’ve seen video’s where the enemies get really intense..

  3. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    I WANT THIS NOW!!! Fucking bastards should have tried for a worldwide release. The fact it’s already out in Japan is making the wait for this game worse, so it wouldn’t be so bad if we were all waiting for a worldwide release.

    Anyway, I wish the Dolls looked more like Face Mechon.

    1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

      I watched the entire thing. Not a single spoiler in sight. Unless you consider seeing how high you can fly & a few bits of land looking like a tiny model as spoilers. lol

      1. It really is a spoiler honestly. All these videos are spoilers IMO. I don’t want to watch someone explore this game, I want to do it for myself. I stopped watching these videos months ago, and it makes the excitement for this game WAY higher for me honestly… No offence for people that watch the videos though. Some people like to see a game before they play it. I would just rather discover it on my own…

        1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

          I can understand that. Luckily for me, the video barely showed the ground, except for a few patches that I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen before. The rest of the video mostly just showed the sky, sun, moon, & stars.

        2. Actually that’s exactly what I consider a spoiler. I want to see how High I can fly for myself, that’s part of the fun!! ;)

          1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

            Well they didn’t show what would happen if you stopped flying & let your Doll fall to the ground, so that’s one thing I’ll get to see for myself when I get the game. (But knowing Nintendo, you can’t make the doll fall from the sky. :/) For me, as long as I don’t see any spoilers of the story or major plot points or plot twists, I’m cool with seeing parts of the land or gameplay mechanics.

          2. I didn’t even watch a few short bits! I stopped watching videos of this game months ago. It feels good to because I’ve almost forgotten how it looks really. I really hate all the spoiler videos honestly, it takes so much discovery away from the game…

          1. Imagine a Xenoblade game where you can fly to space. You have a warp speed and can visit other planets! Holy shit, I would buy that game in a second. Xenoblade X2 hopefully has interstellar travel!

            1. Takahashi said that they originally wanted to do that for Xenoblade X. But they decided against it since that would be a little too ambitious for the time. But he does want to do it in future projects.

            2. Yeah, that would be amazing! I mean, this game is already based on an alien planet. And of course, the NX would be able to handle much more.

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