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Lego Dimensions Will Be Supported With Add-On Content For Another Three Years

TT Games has confirmed that LEGO Dimensions will be supported with add-on content for at least another three years. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, the developer has stated they have “no intention of stopping” when it comes to adding DLC and figurines to the latest addition of the LEGO franchise. Due to launch next week in North America and Europe, LEGO Dimensions pulls together various universes from pop culture and literature – such as Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz and Back to the Future – into one game.

For the starter pack on Wii U, LEGO fans can expect to pay anywhere between £70 and £80 for the game, which includes the toy pad, Portal bricks, three minifigures and the Batmobile. But if you want to experience the game fully, players may want to look into the various figurines launching throughout this year and 2016, with wave one arriving alongside LEGO Dimensions.

Speaking during EGX this week, TT Games’ associate producer Mark Warburton said they were satisfied with the content on offer. The game launches in North America on September 27 and in Europe on September 29.

“We have a three year plan at the moment and we’ve got no intention of stopping there. We’ve created the technology to the degree that we’re happy it meets our needs for the future. We’ve created the toy pad so that it shouldn’t need to be updated. And we can just create new level and character packs to keep expanding that.

“You can 100 per cent the game and get the Platinum trophy just from the base set. People have been playing Lego games for 10 years now, and we shouldn’t be offering anything less than that. You get the game, you get the toy pad, you get 200+ odd level bricks. We think we’re offering a lot of value with that and there’s a lot of gameplay there. There’s also a huge offering [of extra content] if you’re a fan and want to get into that we support that. But if you’re only a fan of particular thing you can only get that.”


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